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  1. I have 3D Crazy Coaster (cart, manual, 3D wheel, wheel sleeve) and 3D Narrow Escape (cart, manual, 3D wheel) up for trade. Here's my want list: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/185873-wanted-vectrex-stuff/
  2. ooo it's dusty, but if I had seen that I would have bought it in a heartbeat. If it works, you got yourself a steal, if it doesn't, $90 is not that bad. Worth the risk imo to get a 3D imager. Lucky, lucky guy
  3. Hello, I am very interested in buying one of the Atarivox adapters, and Richard referred me to you. Do you still have any of these left? If so, how much are you wanting for one? Thanks,

    -Jasper (I would have sent this PM but your inbox is full, sorry!)

  4. ...no emulation can make up for the absence of Vector graphics.
  5. I do not know Glenn. Could you get me in contact? I PM'd you my email, Richard, thanks!
  6. Bumptrex for the Sextrex
  7. Here: http://vectex.itherm.cz/ This is the most substantial attempt at a Raster Vectrex display. Doublecheck the differences between Vector and Raster displays, and you will see why it is very hard to do. I want to see someone wire an Asteroids / Star Castle monitor to a Vectrex! Juts don't tear apart a working Asteroids or Star Castle machine to do so. -Jasper
  8. I would love a cart/overlay! PM incoming.
  9. My Vectrex collection is near complete. Overly complete, if you take into account some oddities I've accumulated (homebrew stuff, mint sealed system, etc). However, I need a little help tracking down the last couple of pieces. Some are pricier and harder to find than others, some are just things I've procrastinated to the end. There are things I need (Mr. Boston, Minestorm II, etc) that are not listed, because I am not in the financial situation to make any legitimate offer right now. However, if you see something listed here, I am willing to pay market value (or work out an even trade) for it. These things are: Hardware VecVox / Atarivox Adapter Games Pole Position - Manual Starhawk - Manual Dark Tower Repro Overlay (pending) Misc. "High Performance Machine" Pamphlet HP-3000 Service Manual Vectrex Press Release Folder/Paperwork Minestorm T-Shirt made by Jeroen Sanders YASI System Wrap Vectrex Dogtag/Keychain DJ Hype - Bag of Brayqs LP This case: http://www.atarihq.c...ectrexStuff.jpg (top left hand corner) Thanks for your help!
  10. PM sent. That case is crazy cool, I just wish it had pockets for overlays. I love that it has (still has!) a key.
  11. No thanks, I already have a cart, manual, overlay. Just need the box/inlay. Please, pictures of that distributor box would be cool!
  12. I know this, I just don't collect UK CIB games. If he has Heads Up! Action Soccer, I would make an offer on it. Pics of the Wooden Case? Has John sent you those Overlays Mayhem?
  13. Thanks a ton, for everyone's suggestions by the way! This has been bugging me for awhile.
  14. YES! It was Netrek. It had to be an early version of it, but THAT is the game I played all those years ago The shape of the spaceship, and the circular shield seem very familiar, as well as the in-game planets. The only thing that makes me question it is the the wikipedia article makes no mention of a cloaking device, but maybe I was wrong about that. Even the bullet pattern seems familiar. It's funny that my memories would overlook something as crucial as, "it was Star Trek related", haha. I possibly had little to no comprehension of what Star Trek was at that point.
  15. PM sent. If you aren't interested in these items, there are many people who would love to have these. One question though, are they PAL?
  16. Xpilot is the closest I've seen. It's probably it. The more I research this, the more I'm coming to realize I may never nail down exactly what I playe all those years ago. EDIT: ehhhh after watching youtube videos I'm not so sure...There was a lot of emphasis on that cloaking device. I don't remember CTF gametypes
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Control is close...but I still don't think that's it. A little older?
  18. no no no...We are talking 94-95. A lot like Space War / Computer Space, just running on a Mac II or something similar... EDIT: Actually, I recently played Vectorbeam's Space War, not Computer Space. Computer Space was on display, just not playable. Edited my original post, still looking for this game!
  19. I am very young compared to most people here. No need to point such things out. I was in Kindergarden in 1994-95. I remember the computer lab was run by a friend of mine (at the time)'s father, who had installed a LAN space combat game on every machine. He would allow a group of us to go in after school and dogfight. As far as I remember, this was my first exposure to multiplayer gaming. My memories are insanely fuzzy (try to remember kindergarden for a moment), but this is what I remember: It was a black and white game. I don't think we were playing on monochrome monitors, but it is possible. I do know that our computer lab wasn't anywhere near top-of-the-line. Each player had health, shields, and fuel to worry about. There were powerups to refill these stats. I *think* killing an enemy gave you more fuel. I definitely remember a cloaking item, which was the most coveted item in the game. Would render your ship completely invisible. I had lost this memory to the depths of time, until I recently laid eyes on Vectorbeam's Space War. Memories came flooding back, I had played Space War, just an updated and LAN-multiplayer version of it. I remember being blown away, looking at a friend's screen and watching my own ship fly around. Sorry this is incredibly vague. If you have any ideas, they would be much appreciated.
  20. *cough* Joust Evolution *cough* (I understand your hesitation, just ribbing you haha) Steven, you should really try somebody to dump those ROMs. Richard H. or Mayhem are both very trustworthy, as well as Martijn Wenting (a countryman of yours). You could even have them dump it, but not release it to the public...it would just be informational to have someone analyze the prototype source code. Thanks!
  21. Wow, amazing find. Please, pictures of everything would be great! Especially that wooden case! Never heard of the name variation Dr. Flip...kind of like how Pitcher's Duel was supposed to be Batter Up! for awhile.
  22. Perfect transaction. Cebus knows how to do business. Highly recommended: great shipping, great stuff, great prices
  23. rmaerz! You're missing out! http://www.furyunlimited.com/_sgg/m1m2_1.htm Warrior, War of the Worlds, Sundance...I, Cyborg is even back for another batch. George Pelonis is about to have lots of my money
  24. This is EXACTLY the collection centerpiece many Vectrex diehards are looking for. You should have no issues doubling or even tripling your money, even at $1k. Lucky guy.
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