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  1. Bought some of Ianoid's Vectrex box protectors. These things are highly recommended; a must for any serious Vectrex collector. Fast shipping and great communication. Thanks!
  2. Oh my that Sega Set is very nice...Oh my...
  3. Thanks! I missed out on Cebus' Nomad, but still got a few things from his thread. The Phantasy Star II is pristine, and the hintbook is a fun retro read. I will beat this game (when I have time)
  4. I'm not questioning that at all. Lots of screaming children with no regard for history, value, or preservation - no good for our classic machines.
  5. I've been. It's pretty decent, however LOTS of hardware (which is almost all playable, a plus) was broken. I would say 40% of what I tried was faulty in some way. A shame, because they have some really awesome displays. Most notable are: Lots of Parappa the Rapper merch, US, UK, Japan all represented Freeplay Arcade - DK, Missile Command, Galaga, the usual suspects, Vectorbeam's SPACE WAR Playable Famicom 3D Glasses, Neo Geo AES, Jaguar, Japanese Turbografx-16 and Dreamcast games 10 Player Saturn Bomberman - this was awesome to have 9 other people to play with for once Computer Space, the one player and two player models on display (no touching!). The two player model was turned on Original Miyamoto 'Jumpman' sketches +tons more I had fun, well worth a day and $12. Anyone from the Portland/Metro area should check this out.
  6. Craigslist: Nice looking, great working Sega Nomad w/ battery pack Game Gear Rechargable Battery Pack (works with Nomad) Model 2 Sega Genesis AC Cable (works with Nomad) Phantasy Star II CIB w/ hintbook Phantasy Star IV w/ Manual Genesis Game Genie Midway's Arcade Greatest Hits loose Beyond Oasis loose Winter Olympic Games loose Risk: The World Conquest Game loose all for $50 - before this lot, I'd have paid $50 for a loose Nomad!
  7. PM'd Jason... Thanks Richard! You thought of everything!
  8. I have a pretty wide collection, and find myself most consistently playing Vectrex. One of the best things about the system is that all of the intellectual property (aside from a few homebrews) is public domain, and has been since 1994, when Jay Smith of GCE made it public domain. This was the first system do free itself of copywrite issues, and because of that has one of the most knowledgeable, active communities. Check out these websites for lots of cool Vectrex stuff: http://www.playvectrex.com/ http://www.vectrex.nl/ http://www.revival-studios.com/
  9. I used a test program on the Test Cart rev. 4 included on Sean Kelly's multicart. Does anyone have a VecMulti-compatible ROM for this, btw?
  10. bought a CIB Commodore 1530 Logo Dust Cover from peedenmark. Packed well, shipped fast. Thanks!
  11. Bought a CIB C64 Moondust from Ed off eBay. While he lives in Venezuela (so shipping takes forever), he has a lot of cool stuff and packs well. Quick communication, I am very satisfied.
  12. FRACK. I'm always missing out on Infocom stuff PM sent
  13. Yeah that Bandai Kousokusen is pretty much impossible to come by. It pushes multiple thousands of dollars if it is ever available. Still a very nice collection, add some homebrews!
  14. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 220757151715 OH MY
  15. Oh man. I grew up with a Sega CD. It's commonplace for me to get strange looks when listing off my "favorite games ever" list, I'll say that much.
  16. Got some cool new stuff for sale or trade. Don't hesitate to make an offer, but I feel the prices are pretty reasonable. PM me with any questions. Atari Jaguar Official Gamer's Guide - $12 +shipping A fun guide for any Jaguar player. Covers a good number of games from beginning to end. Pretty beat up, but binding holds together well and no pages appear to be missing. PAL Vectrex Game: Scramble - $10 +shipping Comes with cart, box, and photocopied manual. Box is in pretty nice shape, no water damage or crushing. PS1 Black Label Suikoden - $25 +shipping pending Very good condition. A classic PS1 RPG. PS1 Games Lot - $18 +shipping Ridge Racer CIB (broken jewel case), Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV CIB, Space Griffin VF-9 CIB, Loose Army Men 3D Sega CD Games Lot - $4 +shipping Microcosm CIB (cracked jewel case), Loose Bouncers, Loose ESPN National Hockey Night 2 NES Games - $4 +shipping Loose Mystery Quest, loose Tale Spin. Tested and play fine. 2 Genesis Games - $4 +shipping Loose Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, loose Mortal Kombat. Tested and play fine. Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro Joystick - $4 +shipping Works for Windows 95 Machines. Cool flightstick.
  17. Beautiful collection. The only major holes I spy are Polar Rescue, Star Castle and Pole Position, but not many people have those complete in box. Do you have any interest in lightpen games, 3D games, or homebrew games?
  18. I am only 20 years old, and have taken Twin Galaxies records for games that are older than I am by almost a decade. There is no way gaming skill derives from genes. It is pure time investment, practice, and motivation. Ask Michael Jordan why he is the greatest basketball player ever. Practice, a love for the game, motivation to win. Why was Shakespeare such an influential author? Sheer volume of work, relevance in every time period, and time invested. Any talk of genetic superiority eases the discussion back to racial superiority - an idea which has been proven false time and time again. You just have to throw down enough quarters to figure out what's holding you back, and progression will follow.
  19. Bought Lunar: The Silver Star for Sega CD from HatefulGravey. Awesome transaction, game was perfect and shipping in like two days :thumbsup: awesome seller!
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