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  1. There is a tool for sending an Apple ][ disk image over the tape port too (think it's called c2t) but I haven't used it. Also, at least on an Apple ][, DSHD disks won't hold a write reliably.
  2. It works the same, but you enter and exit it differently.
  3. The enhanced Apple //e, probably. Upgrading a //e to enhanced is apparently just a matter of switching out some ROMs and upgrading the CPU.
  4. I was trying to come up with a Perifractic-style PCBWay joke but I'm just not clever enough. But that's a good one. 😜
  5. I installed a 1.44 MB drive (using a standard ISA controller) in an IBM 5160. It only booted from a 720K disk; to use 1.44 MB required a BIOS patch (2m-xbios.sys) in config.sys.
  6. I consider the Pentium/133 that I own to be "Meta-Retro" - it's old enough to be retro, but new enough to emulate most interesting systems.
  7. I know PC DOS 7 is capable of loading more of DOS high (DOSDATA=HIGH,UMB and COMMAND.COM /H) than MS-DOS 6. Dunno if that would help.
  8. My old Plat had a GTE 65SC02, for what it's worth.
  9. Yeah, the ][+ and the original //e lack the mini-assembler. (it's F666G on the original ][ and ! on the 65C02 systems.)
  10. It is. Some AMD 5x86s are marked "X5" and some are marked "486DX5".
  11. A shame, I bet the C64 could do a really nice game of Joust given the Apple ][ version.
  12. The earliest Integer ][s did have only 4 colors in hi-res mode. But that was an update within the model (like DHGR support on the //e).
  13. They should be on Asimov and/or in 4am's collection of clean cracks.
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