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  1. It's definitely shaping up to be the bee's knees as far as Arkanoid ports go.
  2. I think the Apple ][ could do a pretty mean Wizard of Wor.
  3. The math one ALMOST sounds like Meteor Multiplication by DLM.
  4. That might also help if someone feels like doing Arkanoid 2 which has moving blocks ;p
  5. There's also a Suntory version.
  6. I think there's a switch somewhere under the keyboard? It's just ISO-646.
  7. Also in general you might be interested in MECC and DLM's Apple ][ games.
  8. You may be thinking of the Mastering Math series. http://3.buric.co/mastmath.zip
  9. Well, if the C64 can do it...
  10. Never heard of it and can't find any matches on Asimov.
  11. Well, there's the ownership of the physical property, and the ownership of the copyright (I hate the term "intellectual property", as it confuses three unrelated things) to any of the code in the ROMs.
  12. Been there. I deliberately gore those sacred cows. Three words. Dragon. Ball. Z. My friend and I took a lot of heat for releasing the broadcast audio for that because people were making money selling copies of it, and we killed their golden goose.
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