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  1. A minor flood lost me my original GB Brick and a couple games. Nothing big though, and I've only replaced the Brick (but a friend might be reacquiring me the games).
  2. Hmm indeed. Us Apple ][ fans know that the computer RPG as we know it originated on our machine, with Akalabeth→Ultima and Wizardry - both originating on the ][ - becoming the ancestors of every JRPG in existence. But vIdEo GaMeS bArElY eXiStEd BeFoRe ThE nInTeNdO... (not you)
  3. If the game sets the CGA flags a certain way, DOSBOX turns on composite emulation. Think it's 640x200 mode with the color burst enabled.
  4. IIRC, Ms. Pac-Man supports CGA composite.
  5. On PC DOS and MS-DOS 2, you need "echo <null>" (i.e., a literal null). Dunno if that works on the Portfolio.
  6. They're all beat-em-ups, that's about where the similarity ends.
  7. I think any Lemon or Gamebase-like site for the ][ should use Asimov as its backend.
  8. And a lot of the Apple ][ community is still in the stone ages, me thinketh...
  9. DOSSHELL might've still been on the supplemental disk for 6.22, like it was on 6.20.
  10. Apple II Access is decent, at least.
  11. Might need a custom bootloader for that, to swap the drives in the BIOS.
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