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  1. Nah. I just turned 40 last month.
  2. It needs at least a 128K //e, and I think it's too big for a single 140K disk.
  3. I thought Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga used a Z180. I think Raiden ran off two V20s.
  4. Which is why I regret having bought a Hyperkin Genesis pad, back before I knew they were scum. But I *needed* a replacement 6-button Genesis pad...
  5. If you can dig up a Unisys CWD-4002 (486) or 5001 (Pentium), they make nice DOS machines, but you will need an ISA sound card to really make the most of 'em. Oh - and they're too small to fit CD-ROM drives except via the parallel port, so you'll be relying on networking.
  6. Yeah, I would really dig a 104-key board with Model F-style keys.
  7. When I went to CEC in Mattydale, NY in the 80s they had a big arcade room. One opened in Wappinger Falls, NY ca. 1994, I went there...TWO. VIDEO. GAMES. That's all they had. Also that place was tiny.
  8. I think it's called "j'adoube" ?
  9. ProDOS-8 2.0x does a CPU test. With a 65C02 it'll even run on a ][+.
  10. For one, the original firmware is a bit buggy and the later revision is better behaved.
  11. I have Japanese MS-DOS and PC DOS disk images somewhere for AT-compatibles (DOS/V)... *looks* Looks like MS-DOS 5 and 6.2 plus PC DOS 5 and 7.
  12. The Japanese pronunciation is "Guradiusu". However, it makes more sense to me to say it "GRAY-dee-us" in English.
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