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  1. If the BIOS can't support 1.44 MB drives, a loadable driver called 2M-XBIOS (for XTs) and 2M-ABIOS (for ATs) can fix that. I used it on a 5160 once.
  2. The most my Apple //e (platinum, so 128K stock) had was the AppleColor Composite //e, two Unidisks, a Super Serial Card, an ImageWriter II and Z80 card. A joystick and a Mockingboard would've been nice too.
  3. I rather like PC DOS 7, which is what I installed on my PS/2.
  4. Sculptured was really good at ports, me thinketh...they did the SNES version of Mortal Kombat II.
  5. The XEGS is what the 5200 should have been.
  6. I have a SB16 in my PS/2 Model 30/286. It's a Vibra PnP, so I need third-party port arbitration software since the official driver needs a 386.
  7. That happens when the computer crashes into the monitor (BRK opcode) - prolly went off the rails somewhere. That's unusual, AppleWorks doesn't generally do that.
  8. Arkanoid itself existed on the Mac.
  9. To the OP: Replacing a Dallas clock chip in a PS/2 I bought. (It was socketed.)
  10. It's prolly a retronym from after the toploader came out. In the 80s, "toaster" referred to the all-in-one Macintoshes.
  11. If I were looking for a second sound chip for a 78, I'd go with the AY-8910.
  12. I mentioned the Dina because didn't Sears sell a rebadged version of it?
  13. I'm OK with sound chips. Coprocessors...only if they're around the same power or maybe just a little step up, like the SA-1 chip. I tend to feel like putting an ARM on a 2600 or 7800 cart is kinda cheating.
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