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  1. Might need a custom bootloader for that, to swap the drives in the BIOS.
  2. That's similar to what I did with my PS/2. I boot PC DOS 7 from spinning rust and the CF is D:.
  3. Especially since Nintendo had US arcade rights to R-Type.
  4. I like how the MSX version of King & Balloon handled the speech, given the PSG wasn't really up to the task (although Bosconian did keep the "BRAST UFF"). It used chirps that vaguely sounded like "herupu!", "sankyuu!" and "bai-bai..."
  5. Might be a trick doing the "BRAST UFF!" though. xD
  6. config.sys: device=c:\dos\ansi.sys autoexec.bat: echo off path c:\dos prompt $p$g This is pretty basic.
  7. It's an example of an "educated correction" - a lot of pronunciation mismatches come from this phenomenon. It gave us the "s" in island and the "b" in debt, along with the spelling "Stephen" - stuff that makes no sense. It isn't a phenomenon exclusive to English either, as French has some of these types of words too ("temps", for example). And yes, it's the explanation of "colonel" sounding like "kernel" too. The spelling in Early Modern English was, actually, "soder", which can still be seen in many copies of the KJV translation of the Bible at Isaiah 41.7.
  8. I can read a little bit of Japanese. Seems to be the usual warnings you find on alkaline batteries, about putting them in backward or throwing them into fire. The best I could try to read that.
  9. Puzzle Bobble commodore 64 version 0.99 - YouTube Even though I don't have a 64, I'm waiting for this with bated breath.
  10. Bubble Bobble and Puzzle Bobble both sound like they'd be a good fit for the 7800. Someone's been working on a C64 port of the latter which is looking to be so close it even has the Neo Geo POST sequence.
  11. Did anyone mention the Apple version of Attack of the PETSCII Robots?
  12. Indeed it was easy to work around MECC's protection, and a lot harder to copy Sunburst.
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