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  1. Those pics look sweet! If the CD was able to be made I would have ordered two of each. One set I would have painted black on the inside so it would have a high gloss look to it.
  2. I can't believe no one said Joust. That is my favorite.
  3. I prefer the light sixer as well. Mostly due to the switches, but I like the light version because the ® is level with the text. Symmetry is one of those things that can irk me if it is off.
  4. This is going to be a great release I just know it! Right up there with Stella's Stocking!
  5. More props to Austin, got some flawless N64 carts from him!
  6. Bought a disassembled Jaguar controller that I plan on making a tempest controller from. Only $5 shipped and as always it came packed with LOTS of bubble wrap. He really is a great guy!
  7. That's just a matter of peeling the end label off again or printing it so that a small slit can be there. And don't worry about the label ripping and such, I intend to use Post-it Picture Paper. It's glossy, a little thick (so it won't rip when pulled off) and the glue is strong enough to hold it but is made to be peeled off. It's great for this use.
  8. Since no one answered your first question I will. The MicroSD version's card does not stick out. It's nice and flush with the end so it can becovered with a label. Once I have everything the way I want I intend on covering it all up, it'll look great!
  9. Austin is Awesome. I got a bunch of NES carts along with other games and freebies! I bought from him before off of this site and it's always been a very pleasant experience. Everything came packed with lots of bubble wrap, including a partially broken controller (that looks brand new) for me to experiment on at no cost other than extra shipping. He never ceases to impress!
  10. PM sent. Thanks for directing me here Austin. I know I'm trying to cut down on purchases but my box dissolved when a radiator leaked, so I can convince myself that I have a reason.
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