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  1. I will probably do the same, but I think these won't make it to retails shelves just to the backers and maybe to some pre-orders at stores, so won't get a chance to make it to the bin.
  2. It now seems likely that backers will get something, but how long do you think Atari will be able to afford to run the servers required for the online component? If we are generous and say they might have 15,000 users at most what kind of servers will be require and how much will it cost to rent, we know they will have to outsource it like everything else they do. They will need to support the online store, online multiplayer games and any systems updates. If the OS is a modified Ubuntu it will need to updated whenever there is a security update for Ubuntu. Atari isn't in a great position financially they so can't take a loss on the console for very longer before they will closed down the servers.
  3. I'm in this demographic, as are many others on this forum. We have enough emotional attachment to the original legacy of Atari that we visit an Atari forum, so by your logic we should be the target audience and even we don't want it. If you're feeling nostalgic and want to play the old games there is so many options already. The new Atari VCS will include Atari Vault which I got on Steam on sale for about $2. There is also the Atari Flashback collections on consoles. They should have just released a official CX-40 joystick that can connect to existing consoles and bundled it with Atari Vault, even though I have original Atari consoles I would have bought that. I spend a lot of money on my hobbies, including retro gaming but $300-$400 is beyond what I would spend on an impulse buy. If this is aimed at Gen-Xers many of us have other responsibilities that come first like kids, mortgages, car repairs, etc.
  4. This is a great idea! I love the cartridge slot on the marquee area of the arcade machine. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
  5. The NDA that is stopping the Historian from telling his full story will expire before this thing is released.
  6. I have purchased some NTSC consoles from the AtariAge Marketplace forums and had them sent to Australia. It was several years ago, I got a Jaguar and a 2600. I cant remember how much I paid but it was definitely less than eBay prices at the time. For the power supply you can get one from Jaycar that lets you select voltage and has interchangeable connections.
  7. I have Atari Vault but I have never used the online multiplayer myself. I would like to try it though.
  8. I think they are trying to respond to the Amico update about having exclusive versions of Atari games.
  9. I hope this help. Sounds like an interesting project. If you are looking to improve the CompuMate it would be great if there was a way to use a modern keyboard, and maybe load and save via SD card.
  10. Princess Rescue (boxed) Boulder Dash I know there was only 250 copies of Boulder Dash but I think there was even less copies of Princess Rescue.
  11. Batman Group have ported Pinball Dreams to the Amstrad CPC and it is amazing. Here is some videos but it looks even better on the CPC monitor as it was programmed to take advantage of some hardware quirks. Very impressive for an 8-bit computer. Also here is a teaser of their next game:
  12. Also they are paying another company to be their spokesperson (https://uberstrategist.com/). They have are paying for this disaster to continue.
  13. Andrew Werner has blocked me from seeing his posts 😂 This is what I see:
  14. https://www.gamesradar.com/au/antstream-arcade-review/ Doesn't sound good. Input lag, bad video compression and excessive data usage.
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