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    where the wild things are..
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    well, i was raised on gaming..my first console the atari 2600, my first computer a commodore 64..so i love them both. i'm also an artist, as well i love reading, and making music..no really i do music too..production through technology..i don't really play an instraument.
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    well, i'm playing two games, on xbox 360...afro samurai and final fantasy 13.
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    not sure...
  1. i wonder why the sky is blue....and i'm made out of pixels...i must be in an atari cartridge...

  2. braiiiiins...send more braiiiins!

  3. braiiiiins...send more braiiiins!

  4. I was wondering if i could get a cartridge version of this somehow, i had no way to make it to the convention...unfortunatly i'm stuck in IOWA....so please tell me i can get a cartridge version for pretty cheap....as i assume the ones sold at convetion will be ebay'd for at minimum $100.00. give a little help to the fans that can't afford to travel around the nation to conventions...please
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