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  1. I would have to say when I found "Super Corba" my favorite game in the arcade and on the 26600.
  2. The worst games for me would have to be: 1.Street Racer 2. Brain Games 3. Porky's 4. Pac-Man 5. Demons to Diamonds 6. Battlezone 7. Mr. Do
  3. I would have to go with my Top Five Atari games of all time: 1.Kaboom 2.Circus Atari 3. Warlords 4.Chopper Command 5. Super Cobra Five games I'd want on my deserted island.
  4. I would love ta see: 1.Super Pac-man 2.Spy-Hunter 2 3.Galaga 4.Adventure 2 (second vote for that) 5.and Haunted House 2.
  5. Ken, lets not forget all the badge you could get for proving you got the high score on a game. I remember get a Kaboom one for taking a polaroid of my televison screen.
  6. Very cool, I did having a retro-arcade that doesn't need to be on my computer here at work. heheheheh.
  7. Thanks Joel for the scan. It helped out a lot. Tikiphantom
  8. Sadness, I was hoping there was a least a proto. Yes, spider-man is one of my favorite games too. Tikiphantom
  9. I want to know if this game from parker bros. ever made it or was it lost to big crash? Has anybody ever see this game or is there a file on some other website of it? Tikiphantom
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