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  1. Brian O

    Brian O

  2. Just bought a CIB Pitfall 2 from Atarian7. Not only did he sell it for a great price, but he shipped it quickly and was in excellent shape (just like he said it would be) when it arrived! Definitely recommended.
  3. Holy crap, it’s easier to buy Uranium than a boxed Pitfall 2.

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    2. Brian O

      Brian O

      @thanatos — that’s what we call “not helping”

    3. thanatos


      Heh, sorry. It's actually the only Atari game box I have from my childhood. Don't remember why I saved that one and no others.

    4. jaybird3rd


      Just keep your eyes open. I managed to pick up a NIB Pitfall II for the Atari 5200 for about $40, less than two years ago.

  4. Made some tweaks to the box art and cart, just to see how it would look.
  5. Al Bundy would have been proud of you. https://vlipsy.com/vlip/married-with-children-al-bundy-shows-bud-how-it-works-KoLZABf6
  6. I couldn't agree more. There are so many talented illustrators on the forums. It would be a shame to box them into one template style.
  7. Galaga! Holy crap. I guess since I already have Ms. Pac-Man, I can get rid of my arcade cabinet!
  8. At this point, just call it the Atari Psych!
  9. Ninjish Guy is such a fun, frustrating game.

  10. Has any additional progress been made on Rally-X?
  11. Did old Atari games sometimes come with mismatched colors? Or are people just cobbling carts, manuals, and boxes together? For example: https://ebay.to/2IMaGBk

    1. xucaen


      I have a couple of carts where I actually bought the boxes and instructions separately, I never thought to check if they all matched.. (I think they do though. ;-)

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