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  1. I may have asked this previously, but I can't find it. What would need to be done to add rounds to Activision boxing? A 10-round version would be awesome.
  2. Holy crap, this is Flappy Bird levels of frustrating!
  3. An old TruTech CRT. My kids say that when they get close they can hear a loud ringing, but I don't hear it. Must be my old ears.
  4. You need to go get a second opinion, stat.
  5. Does anyone have an Illustrator die line for an Atari 2600 box that they can send me?

  6. Would anyone be able to create a .bin file that contains music to American Bandstand: 

    I'd like to put on a cartridge and have it autoplay when inserted into the console.



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    2. Brian O

      Brian O

      @Random Terrain You are the best. Thank you!

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Here's my first try at getting as much as I could to fit in 4k:




      I'm not completely happy with the length of all the notes and the spaces between them, but at least the data is there to adjust. Since I'm using data for both channels, there is a lot of "0,0,0" space holder data for many notes, so there is space to add other notes playing at the same time or tiny sound effects. Here's an example of the data for one note:




    4. Brian O

      Brian O

      Holy crap. This is amazing. I don't even think it needs to be adjusted. I love it.


      I owe you one!

  7. Anyone know the paper stock/weight used for Atari 2600 boxes?

    1. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      You need micrometer calipers to measure how many mils thickness it is. Probably around 10 points just a guess.

    2. Brian O
  8. Nice job, @graywest. Hard, but fun!
  9. There seems to be a PDF version on GitHub: https://github.com/mad4j/hobbit-art/blob/master/resources/books/Retrogame Archeology.pdf
  10. Me too. The Freedom Tower is great, but I wish they rebuilt the WTC. My wife's uncle-in-law worked on the towers and made a small scrap book with pics of them being built. Pretty cool.
  11. You're right. Most of the city scenes were filmed in St. Louis. https://www.movie-locations.com/movies/e/Escape-From-New-York.php
  12. Very cool! I’m guessing somewhere in CA? I think the majority of the movie, ironically, was filmed outside of NY.
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