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  1. Oh dear - someone is a little bit too sensitive, eh? Yes - you started a new thread for software preservation, that's great. Definitely the right thing to do when you are talking off-topic on another thread. The topic was focussed around floppy preservation - so there was no business talking about software preservation (which is completely different). Yes, of course I like many others appreciate the work of Pera and anyone else who fixes stuff and makes it work from hard disks - it's the best way of playing all those old games. It is a nefarious act - as it always has been - given it's essentially ripping out protections, modifying code and redistributing it. We accept it on the grounds that it's likely to go unnoticed, but still... what choice do we really have? My choice of language aside - the purpose of that particular thread is to focus on preserving a true digital representation of the original disks in a forensic process. These images are not so likely to be used directly for playing games, however will be of interest to anyone studying old computing techniques around floppy disk production and copy protection. People like Pera also benefit by having a source of original untouched disk images for fixing issues or providing more HD compatible games. There were two people causing an issue in that thread. Both have been dealt with - one decided to run off to another forum demanding attention. Man up and move on. @ParanoidLittleMan/AtariZoll/Pera - You know, I'd have far more respect if you'd simply said "Yeah I accept I was being a bit of a dick, sorry about that - but I have taken offence to your choice of words". At least then we could have had a conversation, a virtual beer and sorted it. Instead I get PMs full of why I'm an arsehole and some kind of trial by witch-hunt on another forum. Not cool man, just not cool.
  2. Ahhhhh yes - I also had the Discovery Pack as my first ST for Christmas when I was about 12 I think. It wasn't new, Dad got it second hand through the local paper, but it had never been used and still smelled like a new machine. I remember going through all the books that came with it and trying everything out. I burned a lot of time playing Carrier Command. I traded up to an STE a year or so later. That machine turned out a lot of coursework during my final years at school. I can still hear the Epson LX-100 screeching away as it pulled through the fanfold paper, preying the damn thing didn't jam up into a screwed up papery mess.
  3. Here we go again... I am going to make one reply to this thread and one reply only, then I'm done with this discussion. Like other admins and moderators the world over, I see my role as one of server and software maintenance, protecting content and generally trying to keep the forum at AF as informative and useful as it can be. Sometimes, we have to step in and provide mediation. Mostly this is easily resolved, sometimes it's less than easy. Today is Good Friday - I wanted to spend the morning with my 5 year old daughter - I ended up having to deal with adults behaving like 5 year olds. I was drawn to a thread from a user asking for support on an issue with Steem running a Dbug disk. The first reply in this thread was a random post from Atarizoll (Paranoidlittleman / ppera / pputnik / PP / Petr) with an out of context quote regarding some accusation about a piece of his software on a third party web page. Alarm bells start to go off. Apologies to AtariZoll by the way, I didn't realise that quote was about Floimage - I had assumed since the thread was about running a game compilation on an emulator, that your comment was somehow tenuously linked to that. It appears I was wrong and your comment had absolutely no link at all to patched games or indeed the poor OP's request - it was just a cheap shot that could have been fired from any thread. And you think I'm shallow? For those who don't see what goes on, this is because we try to do a good job of tidying this crap up when it has kicked off in the past. That tactic appears to have not worked in the 10 years or so we have all attempted to keep the peace between feuding parties. This time, I have had enough - I don't know about others, but I'm fast approaching 40 and left this kind of BS behind at school. Just so you have an idea, when a user is banned from the forum, it's not an action that is taken lightly. When that same user re-registers again and again using new pseudonyms, we see it a mile off, it is discussed and we often take the view that we will give the guy a chance to prove he has matured. I was the main person who backed AtariZoll on his return to AF after his last hiatus. There were other admins and mods who were less than enthralled. But I try to see the good in people and believe that after suffering a ban and taking some time out, he may actually have the ability to rise above and ignore the bluster. AtariZoll does great work, there's no denying it, people like what he does and he can be very helpful. So can CJ, SHW, GGN, and a host of other developers still taking time out of their lives to do something for the scene. As I have said to others, I find it incredible that grown men can't deal with their differences directly. Especially relating to an issue that matters very little in the wider context of the world, universe et al. This bickering has been bubbling away for nearly 10 years and quite frankly Atari Forum is not the place for it to play out. You either open dialogue directly and fix your issues (have a beer FFS!!), continue with childish retorts on your own webspace, or just concentrate on your own thing without paying attention to those with whom you have issues with. The bottom line is I won't tolerate it on AF. People may wish to search on this stuff in years to come, none of this bickering is going to matter to them. It won't matter to us once we're all dead either.
  4. Are you booting straight to TOS? disable your AUTO folder, any ACCs and Desktop.inf for a start.
  5. Sounds like he has a CT60 in there. If I was him, I'd hang on to it.
  6. JayMSA will do it: http://phoenix.inf.upol.cz/~opichals/jay/
  7. That little barrel takes 12V from your Stacy and converts it to the power required by the EL sheet (generally >=65v AC). I imagine there must be some 12v kicking around in the display area somewhere (Darklord??) - failing that, you can tap it off the internal power supply that sits in the centre of the main board.
  8. Better pictures needed I think. Do you know where this came from? It's an Atari board so that narrows it down to SH204/205 or Megafile
  9. Great result. Glad to hear PayPal have some common sense
  10. Did any of the floppy drives actually use the 12v line? I'm suspicious about the older big button ones in particular.
  11. Yup - otherwise a good thought. Maybe you could add something like a NMV0512S?
  12. You need to strip down the keyboard and resolder the ports. It's a very common problem with nearly all Atari STs and Falcons
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