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  1. Working intensive on my entry. Lost some time because of a one-week sickness. In case you try to squeeze every byte into your lines, you are able to figure out how many bytes are free in each line by adding as many "!" characters as the line will still fit without throwing "* Line Too Long". This will show you how many tokenized bytes are still available in each of your lines. And if you have space in one line but are low on bytes in another, you can replace a hardcoded number by a numeric variable. 2 CALL CLEAR :: CALL CHAR(100,"1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234",R,"1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234") --> * LINE TOO LONG But this fits: 1 Q=100 :: R=Q+4 2 CALL CLEAR :: CALL CHAR(Q,"1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234",R,"1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234") Also you can skip remaining zeros on Character Definitions like this 1 CALL CHAR(33,"0") defines the Character 33 as completely empty.
  2. I like UNO. There is a spin off card game called "O'NO 99". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O%27NO_99 For its name alone it would make sense to have a TI-99 version :)
  3. Here are some challenges: Hex-Bus Wafertape Drive Hex-Bus Rs232 Interface Hex-Bus Video Interface Sideport - Hex-Bus Interface for the 99/4(A) Sideport - P-Code Interface Sideport - Video Controller Sideport - Speech Synthesizer with Speech Module Interface PEB - Video Controller Card PEB - IEEE-488 Bus Controller Card PEB - EPROM Programmer Card MBX F18A Video Chip Infrared Analog Joystick Support as planned for the 99/4 and supported by Monitor/Gpl system software. CC 40+
  4. kl99


  5. Thanks for the many replies so far. I thought it is just me being so stupid, but it seems there is a problem. The test program for CALL IO in the RXB Doc seems to work fine. It is only covering hitting special keyboard keys though. It could also be related that the GPL IO routine was written when there was a 99/4 only, and infrared analog controllers were in the supported list. As far as I know even the actual real iron of the 99/4a emulates the 99/4 keyboard, so I wonder in which layer of emulation the joystick fails to work. The description of the 9901 interrupt mapping is different for the 99/4 versus the 99/4A, as we know the keyboard was replaced: Further the 9901 I/O mapping for the 99/4A features a before unused CRU bit 21 for Alpha Lock, which could be by mistake always checked by a TI-99 Emulator, even on a 99/4 emulated machine. Maybe the GPL Programmer's Guide give a clue on how to properly use the GPL IO routine to read the joystick. Will have to read and try a bit further it seems.
  6. Hi, If I put this in RXB in Classic99, I would expect it check for Keyboard L Line and Joystick Left Input. I am interested in Joystick Input in this test case. 100 CALL IO(2,16,8,A,B) 110 CALL HPUT(2,1," ",2,1,A,4,1," ",4,1,B) 120 GOTO 100 I have connected an actual Gamepad to the USB Port and have configured it in Classic99 for Joystick #1. According to Tech Data Manuals, the TMS 9901 has Address: >0008 CruBit: 4 9901: INT4 Pin: 8 Function: Keyboard L Line, Joystick Left. For me the result is that the Joystick movement and the Button has no impact on A and B values. They keep showing 226 and 255. So I wonder what am I doing wrong? Or is it a limitation of the Emulation in Classic99 or a bug in CALL IO? There are so many things to consider: Alpha Lock Bug, 99/4 vs 99/4A Keyboard, 5 Keyboard Modes, Infrared Analog Joysticks in the System Software and Documentation, Wired Joysticks. There is a SCAN Routine in GPL and one in Assembler, there are certain locations in Ram that store the XPOS and YPOS from the Joystick. ... Can anyone give me some hints here?
  7. Hi, I was asked by blackbox to send best wishes to all on atariage. Is there anything we can do for blackbox? I assume it is connected to the used operating system, not the browser, is it?
  8. great job a wonderful extension
  9. Whoever tries to quickly update the Screen, check out CALL MOVES from RXB. You can establish sort of scrolling pretty easy. Yesterday I got my code down from over 20 lines to 8 But there are main features missing still It is fun
  10. Hey Rxb What about expanding HCHAR and VCHAR by allowing a negative repetition number? If the number is negative, it reverses the direction. HCHAR by default repeats to the right. If negative it would repeat to the left instead. VCHAR by default repeats downwards. If negative it would repeat upwards. Just an idea from reading your RXB documentation.
  11. I guess then a lot speaks for using the advantages of RXB. Cool. I am on programming something already, will switch to RXB then
  12. thanks for all the work Stephen and others.
  13. While some consumer NTSC TV sets support a PAL signal on their normal Video Inputs (Video Composite In, Y/C In, YUV In, Hdmi In, ...), I doubt there is a single one that can decode a high frequency modulated PAL signal (output of the PAL modulator) back down to a low frequency PAL signal. For this you would require a PAL compatible TV Tuner. You have a higher chance to have success if you use the output from the 6 Pin DIN port directly. It is a YPbPr PAL signal. With some luck you might get an awesome flawless picture by going in to your Multinorm TV on its YUV Input. Or you modify a PAL modulator to output a low frequency Video Composite signal (still PAL, but now low frequency!). The downside of using a PAL TI-99 is really the different speed when playing games. I wish you the best!
  14. would this change if you use the AC-9201 for powering the unit? The Wafertape drive had a similar issue, where stability if ever could only be reached via non-battery mode.
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