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  1. I saw a 2nd wafertape drive in the photos, so get the 2nd unit
  2. i bought this wafertape drive prototype with some offer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-RARE-Texas-Instruments-WAFERTAPE-Drive-Engineering-Prototype-CB-Wilson-Est-/203112991821?fbclid=IwAR02WGfrrDxn-Pidn4Okf8cO1l5kAoOLU30jTxmSRZTRLQxfItVDS5CuPKg&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=rqkMaNvlgW7YayHt%2FpGX0Jkg3GQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc
  3. I am sorry to announce that we have to cancel the International TI Meeting for 2020. There will be no TI Meeting in Vienna in 2020! Therefore the 35th International TI Meeting gets delayed by a year and will take place in Vienna in October 2021. The European TI Group leaders were discussing the pandemic situation and decided this as the best solution. To have at least some TI event, I will jump on a proposal to do a Virtual TI-99 Meeting on the weekend of 2nd-4th October 2020, with aiming to have actual presentations by people, scheduled in a fixed program. It will take place online, the platform is yet to be decided. So anybody, who has something to show, please reach out to me as organisator. If you aim to help in the organisation, please do the same. Thank you, Klaus
  4. when I added TI Basic decoding support to Web99 it was interesting to see, that the ordering of the lines in memory is reflecting the order you entered them in the Basic Interpreter. So if you enter Line 200 before Line 100, then Line 150, you will never have that sorted in memory, not even when storing to tape or disk as the SAVE command does a memory dump program image. So if you do experiments, please consider entering the lines either ascending or descending to have no impact of a not sorted Program or LineTable in your test results. I suggest Classic99 for testing as it allows clipboard input and you can sort the programs to your needs for each testcase outside on the PC.
  5. while I see what you aim for, one advantage of version control is to have it in readable format. so if we commit a TI-File, it will be a binary file on the server and therefore not very readable. I uploaded one assembler source code file for the 99/8 as an example in two formats https://github.com/kl9900/TMS9900Family/blob/master/Consoles/TI-99/99-8/Rom/DISVAR80/ASSMSUP https://github.com/kl9900/TMS9900Family/blob/master/Consoles/TI-99/99-8/Rom/TXT/assmsup.txt if you want to commit or check out directly from/to a TI machine (TIPI or some other Device), we should aim for some bridge software to generates the right file format out of the text files.
  6. yes, feel free to go forward (commit) some proposal structure.
  7. Let's really aim for having it all in a git account in dedicated repositories. First step done. https://github.com/kl9900/TMS9900Family
  8. Wow. Simply wow. After many attempts Piero had success in reading out the operating system disks that I send to him. It is in KryoFlux DiskSystem Format and can not directly be used yet on the machine. So far the disk format (DSDD, 1.153.152 bytes, 288 bytes per sector) is not supported by the Gotek system and Piero has some write issue on his FD1000 that blocks him from creating an actual duplicate disk. But he is on both, getting the Gotek Authors to support this Disk Format (next to the already supported FD800 SSSD 256.256 bytes Format). I am on writing a Windows based tool to analyze the Disk Images. See fd800-tifilelist.txt to see which files on FD800 images it already identified. But you can use a Gotek Device already to boot your DS990/1 with FD800 disk images. From 15th August (home vacation) I will also work on my DS990/1 system to get it finally running.
  9. the seller is from Austria (Europe), not Australia. Even though that person is from my home country I don't know him.
  10. This is another spectactular preservation. Thank you so much! I wonder what is the best way to compare all these docs with existing sourcecode, be it in scanned or in digital format. For any digital files like the ones from RXB for Extended Basic we could make a "print out" and imitate in that the font and spacing in it to have a SDSMAC like format. TIcode99 could be of help to recalculate any missing addresses. Any difference should then be easily spotted, we could even think of some automatic png comparer if we get the formatting exact. There is a Product359 Design Spec pdf within The Cyc by C.a.d.d. Electronics. But again, this actual printed source can be used to find errors or missing parts in it. So big thanks for this!
  11. the TI-990 is using "/" as Seperator for the File Extension in its CATALOG programs. With the option of not having a File Extension as well. examples: TXLIB/OBJ TXLINK/SYS TXLOBJ/LIB WUMPUS
  12. kl99

    SDD 99

    very nice progress Ralph!
  13. thank you very much for preserving this for the community!
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