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  1. I just posted clear red and blue for pre order here: https://www.game-tech.us/product/saturn-case/ Not sure if the case maker wants to do another run of smoke, but I keep asking him to... Purple and clear are still available as well, but limited qts.
  2. If this does happen, what is the fix?
  3. Please don't read in to this that i'm angry or combative, i'm not, mistakes were made, i'm just trying to get through this... I can't make people come back to me first for help, they know how to contact me, there's a contact page on my site, but yes please tell them to contact me. No I don't visit the FB or dicord regularly, sorry can only do so much... Oh and no my boards were gold fingered not HASL. I think the owners Vec was just dirty and left marks, but it cleaned off. I had the order in around Dec 16th, so yes before the warning posted on github, but yes I was aware of it before I shipped. I just still think it's not the whole story... I keep thinking about all the things i'm seeing that can't be explained by the solder mask. Ok first the cart detection issue didn't come up at all, that I know of, until I did the FW update, all 100 of the boards i prog'd and tested never failed to detect, and i wiggled each during final boot, which you'd think would show a solder mask issue, all booted fine. Both my Vec and the customers Vec showed the roms crashing and not booting issue and both showed it fixed after fw update. Are there other complaints i'm not hearing about, like not detecting, on the FB and discord?
  4. Also seeing this in changelog: - Made the contacts on the edge connector thinner (1.52mm) and made sure they were spaced properly (2.54mm). Maybe they are too thin now? How wide are the original contact pads? I also noted obvious line in the contacts made from the console's fingers, all were on the contact pads, none were out on the solder mask...
  5. Nope pin 32 isn't connected to anything on the vextreme....
  6. I sold all the 100 I had made, which BTW were made before any solder mask warnings were put out, but i've only had one returned with roms crashing or not booting. For this one berzerk would crash during play and pole position would not start. I was able to recreate the issue, cleaned the cart, and my console, and issues persisted. I updated it's firmware to v.23 and that fixed those issues totally! Solder mask was not cut back. Now the only known issue seems to be cart detection, sometimes his console will not know the vextreme cart is there and will boot straight to built in game. I could see this still being a solder mask issue, but not on all pins, could it be just pin 32 of the cart?
  7. Or swap between a set of ntsc and pal cpu/ppu chips in your console, no need to mess with the crystal if you aren't using composite video output and only hdmi since the hi-def nes kit supplies the necessary clock signal to the cpu/ppu.
  8. I asked Kev about them a few weeks ago and the hold up of course is his time. He still has to design the 'shell' that will surround at least the bottom of the pcb to open the mini's doors so they don't scratch or catch the pcb.
  9. I'm trying to get Simius to let me handle pre orders and shipping etc through my website store: https://www.game-tech.us/shop/ I've got all the kinks worked out after doing about 800+ hi-def nes kit sales!
  10. Pre-oders sale page is live, has been all day and looks to be holding up no problems so far. https://www.game-tech.us/product/hi-def-nes/
  11. Hi-Def NES update - kits ready for sale Sunday July 3rd
  12. We both talk about it, you just have to watch a vid on my channel or his that is only the one of us in it and you'll tell us apart I guess.
  13. I pestered Kev in to making it happen and helped where I could, mostly on the installation end of the mod. I am selling the kit for him so he can concentrate on other projects like the zimba3k etc. My brand is not on the kit anywhere other than in the list of ppl he thanks, but yeah I did a lot of vids about it. Kevtris did some too...
  14. Fixed, my name has little to do with it. lol
  15. The universal version is now done and for sale - http://www.game-tech.us/shop/ Vid of the testing of the boards I had fabbed and assembled by pcbway:
  16. Kevtris posted an update video last night: Biggest news is the next batch of kits has been ordered! There is also a small firmware update, v2.25. http://blog.kevtris.org/blogfiles/HiDefNES%20Update%20V2.25%20final.nes This fixes a few games and interpolation.
  17. In case anyone was going to bug Kevtris about it, i'm loaning a working bally astrocade to him, so that's covered!
  18. Following, interested to know what you figure out!
  19. Info is on the website http://www.game-tech.us/mods/original-nes/
  20. I'm selling pre-modded consoles on ebay and on my website, but diy kits are not yet for sale.
  21. Kevtris posted an update to the hi-def's firmware, only 30-40 consoles are out there right now so this mostly just applies to them: Weeeelllll, here it is. I received the everdrive yesterday and loaded V12? firmware onto it (the version before the "fix" for the HDMI adapter). Thinking this was going to be a "worst case" test. It worked perfectly with the games I tested- I tested about 6 or 7 different mappers and all is well. Reset even worked properly. Before, the error messages wouldn't show up properly but they do now (i.e. no SD card). FDS is working properly now, and so do MMC5 games (i.e. reset works there too, and no need to use a game genie). I sent it out to a couple people and they could apply it properly, though one person has problems. He was using a powerpak, and his MMC3 file was different than mine- I think he has the savestate mappers. This caused the update to not work. It reported a data corrupt error and refused to flash the firmware. I gave him my mapper 4 file direct off the CF card on my powerpak and then he got it to work properly. I don't know anything about the save state mapper, but I assume it cannot load 512K PRG ROMs, because it uses some of the RAM for the savestate part? I could be totally wrong but that's just my first guess. It works on some everdrives, but some people had issues. Anyways, here is the update: http://blog.kevtris.org/blogfiles/HiDefNES%20Update%20V2.00.nes To use it, load this ROM on a flash cart (or burn EPROMs? hehe), run it and then get into the Hi Def menu, select "save and update", then "update firmware", and follow the on screen prompts. It will check the update for integrity, and then flash it if it passes the check. Cycle power and it will use the new firmware.
  22. Excellent! Thanks for the update, will spread the word!
  23. The TG-16 only version of the kit is ready to buy through my site. http://game-tech.us/temp/turbografx-16/ The site is being worked on so this temp page may disappear at any time, but when that happens it should be viewable from the main domain, game-tech.us. Shipping is only set up for US and Canada, not much need for this kit in other countries anyway. I only have pri mail for US and economy for Canada for now.
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