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  1. Picked up the modded 7800 from the Post Office this weekend and am not disappointed. The mod is done with professional quality and precision. I have been having a great time playing a bunch of my 2600 titles while I locate my 7800 controllers, and it is fantastic!
  2. I created you a short URL in my system pointing to this thread if you would like to use it: https://locu.li/994ATX (the URL token is case-sensitive)
  3. Quick bump as we are three months from the closing date for booking hotel rooms under the event group.
  4. As much as I am drooling over this, I am already building a 520ST system, but I am interested in knowing about the expansions you have in the third photo.
  5. Something I have wanted to do since I was a teen. On my list of "never got around to do." Have a bunch of assets done up but never put it to keyboard.
  6. This Rick? http://intellivisionaries.com/author/rick/
  7. No other claims on it. PM me with your mailing address and I will get it all ready for you. @save2600 I fear too many thrift shops would eventually, if not immediately, toss it out. I hate to dispose of good tech.
  8. Shameless bump. I would rather not have to throw this out.
  9. I play it just fine with a Speech Synthesizer and Matt's 32k.
  10. I expect the full size unit will have some sales difficulty at first after people watched the Mini go from $70 to $30 in such a short time.
  11. Yeah, I picked up a cheap Q*Bert on eBay to sacrifice for my cart.
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