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  1. "What's in the box?" "Pain."
  2. Nonetheless, I think it is an interesting exercise to see what can be done with alternate hardware. Why do we climb the mountain? Because it is there.
  3. If you are into the heavy machinery, industrial, garage-type tinkering, check out AvE (Arduino versus Evil.) Mind you, he also does some electronical stuff, as well. Remember: keep your stick on the ice.
  4. You are not alone, @xabin. I have a bunch of LCD games from BITD which have not gained any value over the decades. Mass-produced Radio Shack games just do not bring the premium one would think. My V-Tech talking baseball and football games pull no more than $10.
  5. FWIW, this type of device is specifically well-suited for the Commodores or Atari 8-bits. Both use a proprietary digital interface to their tape decks, whereas the 99/4 and 99/4A use audio so a simple MP3 player is adequate for these purposes.
  6. I have no console to test these. Frogger comes with half a box. Pay shipping. Shipping to US and Canada, only. Payment via PayPal.
  7. There may be plenty of "research" out there, but the question still gets asked here. The links you provided may prove to be helpful to some. But as previously stated, there is no single thread or resource here which goes through this. Again, the question gets asked over and over, and people spend money on what they think will work and does not. Hell, even when I picked up devices in the past I did research to determine if they would work and wound up having to take the dive myself -- there was no detailed information on how my Onkyo would work with old computer composite other than "it works," but I had to find out on my own exactly how and any caveats. In my experience it is also unfair to say that one device, at least in the consumer space, working on one source will work the same for all sources and I cannot subscribe to your Beatles and amplifier analogy; different devices behave differently for different systems and to say the TI composite output is equivalent to the Atari 130XE or Commodore 64 composite output ignores the subtle differences and nuances in the circuity which generates the signals in the first place, and how components can produce wildly differing results as they age. An example can be found here, in which the poster describes replacing the 10MHz crystal to correct a problem with color synchronization. As another example, my Dell UltraSharp 2001fp looks much better using Commodore composite input than the TI. I had a mini-monitor which worked just fine with the Sega Nomad but showed the TI video in B&W, and this device was tossed in frustration without any notation for posterity. The request is neither for additional research effort nor to imply anyone should become invested in doing so. I neither begrudge nor eschew outside information and work already done. This is a thread for our community to relate their individual successes or failures with specific devices with the TI, and optionally how it may work with other platforms in their repertoire, neither at the expense of work from other communities. Not everyone peruses outside of a few sources or a single source, web searches do not always return gold, and digging through heaps of information in chain-linked forum posts or articles does not suit well for everyone. Thus, my idea for this, a single thread from which I can build a spreadsheet to place in the FAQ.
  8. Two mostly successful video capture devices. StarTech SVID2USB23 I used this at last year's VCF-SE for the Dragon's Lair high score contest live-stream. I works with OBS and a number of other video capture programs. The capture produces clean video and I did not notice any tearing. The only problem I have seen with it is the top of the screen tends to jerk laterally a bit. EasyCAP I am not sure where I picked this up and it is not marked with a model number, though a quick search turns up DC60. It works but not as well as the StarTech. It also seems to require its own special software to select between the composite (CVBS) and S-Video inputs, otherwise the default (S-Video, IIRC) gets used. One can tell I was not as impressed with this device and have not used it as much as the StarTech. I cannot recall which software came with or was recommended for which device so sometime this week I will run some additional test captures. ULead Studio came with one of them (I believe the EasyCAP) and using it to capture from a Commodore 64 resulted in interlaced input and out-of-sync audio. Captured graphics demos "Marquee" and "Lines" from the TI-99/4A did not seem to be interlaced and no audio was present to determine if loss of synchronization was a normal thing. The EasyCAP is usable for quick-and dirty, necessity, or budget, and the StarTech worked perfectly fine for the live-stream, but for quality work I would prefer to use something like the RetroTink or Kanex Pro (the only two composite-to-HDMI converters in my repertoire) and capture the HDMI output.
  9. Yup, and honestly that is about what they are worth. I would not spend more than $25 ~ $30 on these devices. Again, they are only around 400 lumens. Good for very specific situations, but neither for general use nor presentations. I actually kept mine to see about upgrading the LED with a bright one as technology improves.
  10. Another failure and three successes: Fail: Unbranded 3.5" TFT LCD for backup camera Success: Pyle PRJG45 LED mini-projector See here. Success: Pyle PRJLE33 LED projector* See here. Success: Sony Bravia KDL-40EX653 via component cable Shown by Asmusr. See here. (For those who were at Chicago Friday 2019, this was in use playing games on the dark side of the room.)
  11. I did the same search in a browser I never use for general purposes and an AtariAge result did not appear until the third page. In any case, the date of the post shows up in the Google results, which means people are not paying attention and resurrecting way dead threads. Maybe out of pure hope, maybe out of ignorance.
  12. My first disappointing failure to report is the Naki 55726 automatic composite source selector. I purchased mine for about $18 on eBay. It cannot lock onto signals from my TI, NES, Genesis CD-X, or Atari 7800. Back to the good-old mechanical selector for now.
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