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  1. While the original yellow Atarisoft boxes have their unique charm, this certainly stands out as particularly attractive. Some of the best inventions are accidental.
  2. ISTR I had 1.3 in my Rev 5 motherboard, but 2.04 required a different ROM which could not be installed on the v5 without using a wire jumper somewhere. Though, by then I am certain I moved to a Rev 6. Anyway, this thread seems to support my memory. https://forum.amiga.org/index.php?topic=58337.0
  3. I would think that more of a possible Milton Bradley mascot, though, right? I like the 10-gallon hat as a representative of Texas, but was Tombstone City that iconic? It was included as the build example with Editor/Assembler, so maybe.
  4. About f-ing time. I should have time to check this new firmware out by this weekend. EDIT: hrmmmm this seems to have been floating around here for a little while as I already downloaded it. I think my disappointment pushed it out of my mind. I will remember this time and check it out.
  5. Holy crap, either Number 5 is alive or this is Roberto, the crazy robot!
  6. Truth, but at the same time, for better or for worse*, it allows people comfortable with a particular level of programming to write far more capable programs. * There are plenty of good arguments, on both sides, on whether BASIC should have ever been used as a teaching tool or continue as a viable programming language. Some people will say that something like Pascal is a better starter language, while others think C or C++, among other alternatives including assembler. I have to admit that programming in BASIC got me locked into some bad habits, and Pascal was far better for me. I moved on to 9900 and 6502 (more of the latter, honestly,) and have often lamented that my first TI programming book was not the Editor/Assembler.
  7. Take these with a grain of salt. There are two patterns to your value set. I used these two sets to calculate two ON GOTO statements. If you were using G as an array, I could calculate a subscript based upon those sets. This is how I would program what you have given. For compilation I would have to figure up a little more as numbers can only be integers and the check I make at 11580 and 11581 would always pass. 11579 EE=CLS(COL) :: IF EE>92 AND EE<128 THEN I=I+1 ELSE 11595 ! RANGE CHECK HERE 11580 E1=(EE-85)/8 :: IF INT(E1)=E1 THEN ON E1 GOTO 11582,11583,11584,11585,11586 11581 E1=(EE-87)/8 :: IF INT(E1)=E1 THEN ON E1 GOTO 11587,11588,11589,11590,11591 :: ELSE 11595 11582 G1=G1+1 :: GOTO 11595 11583 G2=G2+1 :: GOTO 11595 11584 G3=G3+1 :: GOTO 11595 11585 G4=G4+1 :: GOTO 11595 11586 G5=G5+1 :: GOTO 11595 11587 G6=G6+1 :: GOTO 11595 11588 G7=G7+1 :: GOTO 11595 11589 G8=G8+1 :: GOTO 11595 11590 G9=G9+1 :: GOTO 11595 11591 G10=G10+1 11595 ! THIS IS THE TARGET I dunno. I got crazy here, too. Another option, if using G() instead of G1..G10, assuming G() is DIMmed G(10): 11579 EE=CLS(COL) :: IF EE>92 AND EE<128 THEN I=I+1 :: ELSE 11595 ! RANGE CHECK HERE 11580 FOR E1=1 TO 10 :: IF EE=85+8*(E1+5*(E1>5))-2*(E1>5) THEN G(E1)=G(E1)+1 11581 NEXT E1 11595 ! THIS IS THE TARGET The EE formula can probably be optimized, too. I am probably just being cheeky at this point.
  8. How could you not enjoy an exciting game of badminton, or curling?? I find them especially uplifting after championship bowling. You are simply not living, my friend.
  9. If using RXB, I would not use RPT$() as you did, because for 10 characters the space savings is minimal (I think only one byte and only targeted toward this example,) but I also do not believe the function is any faster than a literal string. The latter, of course, would have to be tested. Otherwise, the HGET subprogram is handy but will not compile.
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