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  1. My distaste for Jeff Bezos goes back to the "One-Click" patent. I believe it was an abuse of the patent system and should have been rejected. Thus, I have and will never knowingly support Bezos or Amazon. Everyone has their hang-ups; this is one of mine.
  2. I dig it, and we do not hold anything against you... just a bummer, man.
  3. I was interested but holy cow! Shipping: GBP 31.68 (approx. US $41.48)
  4. Re-iterating this point. QI consoles do not necessarily have the GROM-only checks against the GROM port. Consoles, whether QI or not, can have the v2.2 operating system which ignore ROM-only cartridges.
  5. I have been considering getting a second one. You wanna make a deal?
  6. DSDD 5.25" floppies are not impossible to come by. You can pick them up on eBay for anywhere between $1 and $2 each in packs of 10, sometimes more. I actually have quite a stash. For example, https://ebay.com/itm/273878443965 (high shipping cost) https://ebay.com/itm/173723429403 (free shipping) https://ebay.com/itm/143675616429 (reasonable shipping, one of my old favorite brands) If this works out for you, I predict you will stick with the real thing for a while but then hunger for more or better. On the plus side, even if you stop writing to real disks you will be able to read real disks into D64 format. Whatever floats your boat.
  7. The cartridge port address space does not appear at the expansion port. Ah, I see... a FG for side-port carts, not a FG to bypass QI problems at the cart port.
  8. +1. I understand Ralph was trying to figure out the issue, but I have not kept up with whether that has been sussed out or not.
  9. @bluejay I expect the XU1541 cable to work on any machine. TBH, the drivers are finicky, like they often do not reestablish the device connection if you disconnect the USB cable. Otherwise, this device has been amazing. If you are not hot-and-heavy to invest in something and willing to experiment, I have that XM-1541 cable available. I can also let you try out a spare XU-1541 so you can try before you buy one. TBH, I am not patient enough to walk you though the driver installation (usually pretty hands-off,) but I could probably just get them running with a remote assistance session.
  10. Indeed. Just putting this out there: I have an XM-1541 cable (XE-1541 modified to "multitask") here I am not using and probably will never use again.
  11. If you decide to go this route, get one of the many XU1541 cables available. The included CBM tools can work from command line or GUI, and they work great. This also allows you to stay within a modern Windows environment, no DOS or 9x required. I have an XU1541 on my desk connected to a stack of 1571, 1541-II, and 1581. Quite handy, though I am not using them as much as I used to. Works great with my Indus GT, as well.
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