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  1. I am a VAR for a company out of Oregon which makes video equipment for professional A/V installations. It used to have a line of down-scalers which were "commercial-grade." At least, not the one-chip consumer solutions you pick up from China, &c. I have a good bit of equipment left over from a job which never paid me and this is one of the pieces. It has a really good composite and S-Video output. There are some equivalents out there I have seen, just never bothered to note the names -- with some exceptions, just about all A/V small equipment are made by just a handful of manufacturers and re-branded. Anyway, I am holding onto this device like it is gold.
  2. News media: probably for eBay, as its policies are not as friendly as its likes to portray, and this bit about "using Asian law." You might get one of those "Guy On Your Side" types to help out. Maybe. Have all of your documentation ready, including all communications from eBay. In particular, if you can show they never asked you to provide return shipping. 4chan: NYPA Police: Might be worth a shot, but you need something substantial for them to act on. Likely, they will tell you this is a civil matter (which it primarily is.) Personal visit: and do what, exactly? If he's adept at getting free stuff by flouting eBay's policies, he is likely ready to flout the law and get a restraining order against you, or file harassment charges. Maybe calling and talking to him might be the best way, but be prepared to back off and take it to the next stage... ...which is: go talk to an attorney. Find out exactly what the eBay policies mean to you and the buyer, and what just happened means to you and the buyer legally. That eBay made a policy decision against you may or may not be a matter of law (a legal decision.) The guy ostensibly possesses something illegitimately outside of the eBay shenanigans.
  3. Get a good look at that stuff, ere it be the last time ever seen.
  4. Wow, more problems than I originally expected. The power connector to the mainboard is loose (the on-board connector I expect to be fine from having been looked at by Acil during re-capping a while back,) and the CPU socket seems loose, too. Ah, old equipment is always so much fun. Booting now, nonetheless!
  5. Apparently the MSX does 2400bps with FSK, and is capable of 3600.
  6. A deal even Indiana Jones could not pass up.
  7. I was happy to find today that removing the power supply and hooking up a bench testing unit seems to have resolved the issue of not booting. I have not done a post-mortem on the old power supply to determine the fault. I might be able to connect it back up and check voltages, but the unit is very old, anyway. I have been needing to move to something like a picoPSU, anyway, and this might be the gateway to doing so.
  8. I mean, people with low post counts resurrect 10 year-old threads... I hazard to say they ain't gonna follow rules
  9. That is interesting. A tape should not have trouble with up to 1200bps as that is just FSK. This unit says "phase shift system," which, to me, implies it should, if we are working in the realm of modem audio, faithfully reproduce 2400bps, which is 1200baud with PSK. I have never tried recording a 2400bps session, mostly because most 1200baud modems and up are "smart" and will not transmit without a carrier being present, unlike "dumb" 300baud modems. Now I have to go down the rabbit hole. ISTR the "Kansas City Standard" originally supported 300bps via FSK, but other manufacturers went their own way with rates like 600 and 1200 from a different standard or proprietary encoding.
  10. The length of the tape is based upon the 2.4cm/s speed. So an MC60 is 30 minutes per side at 2.4cm/s, or 60 minutes per side at 1.2cm/s. The extended play speed worked fine, but on some recorders/players tends to introduce a good amount of wow. As usual, tape quality has effects, as well.
  11. Not getting to the PSU tonight. I was thinking, though, that while I have the system stripped down I might as well install KS3.1.4 ROMs and get on that train. Especially since I bought the whole package, have yet to install, and KS3.2 is upon us. Moving from my 3.9 install, all the patches, and all the modules installed on the FlashROM is going to be fun... almost like re-learning my system.
  12. Well, my Amiga 4000D has stopped booting. It was running fine after all the work I put into the memory. Now it sticks at a green screen. The boot-up diagnostics indicate the green screen is missing or damaged ChipRAM. Being that it is the ChipRAM I just replaced, I popped in another 8MB stick and I get the same results. After swapping SIMMs a few times and pulling the Deneb, I no longer get a green screen but the screen stays black and the power LED flashes. Rinse, repeat. I did find an interesting thing I have not seen documented anywhere: with a ChipRAM SIMM installed, the power LED flashes six times before the system reboots; without a ChipRAM SIMM installed, the power LED flashes 10 times quickly before rebooting. I found a forum post which indicates U212, the RAS/CAS GAL, a GAL22V10B, can be implicated in these behaviors. Reseating on-board FastRAM, ChipRAM, and RAM on my CyberStorm MK-III, as well as re-seating the accelerator has had no effect. The next thing I am going to try is replacing the power supply. Currently I am using an micro-ATX PSU with an ATX adapter for the 4000D.
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