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  1. Tea mixed with lemonade is called an "Arnold Palmer." I call an unsweet tea mixed with sugar a "Caitlyn Jenner." If you enjoy sweet tea, I think you understand.

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    2. OLD CS1

      OLD CS1

      @Osgeld: Yeah, I am not a big pop-culture fiend. You might say I live under a rock since I do not watch TV or listen to the radio, nor participate in social media. Plus, when I came up with that today at the office I decided to run it through a Google search to make sure someone else had no claim it, and lo! Seven months (apparently) and no one had posted anything that Google picked up. Well, since Google knows all and sees all, I assumed it is a fairly original way to describe trying...

    3. ls650


      Huh? I don't get it either.

    4. OLD CS1

      OLD CS1

      Have no fear... I shall blog about it sometime this weekend.

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