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  1. Support "Right to Repair."

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    2. desiv


      I fully support the right to:  Open it and try to repair it myself, only usually doing slightly more damage to it, before I take it to someone who can repair it for me...

    3. OLD CS1

      OLD CS1

      As someone who uses "retro" or "classic" computer platforms and has been using the same Sony Ericsson phone since 2009, I am fully supportive of my ability, both permissive and practically, to repair my own and others' equipment.  That should not be taken away from us for these ridiculous and nebulous claims, especially by companies under the guise of "protecting their intellectual property."

    4. x=usr(1536)


      @OLD CS1: exactly.


      Incidentally, for anyone else reading this: the reason why both my wife and I feel as strongly as we do about right to repair has a lot of reasons behind it, but the big one involves John Deere requiring one of their techs to go on-site with a tractor or other agricultural machine after certain parts have been replaced and reactivate it in the field (no pun intended).


      Here's the problem: no tech, no start.  Or, the machine will start, but won't perform the functions it was designed for beyond 'drive it to where the tech will look at it' - or it'll be hobbled in some other way that makes it Not Useful or Usable.


      This is utter bullshit, because John Deere is now screwing with the food supply.  Everything they're doing to farmers aside (and, believe me, I am not saying that to be dismissive of what they're doing to farmers; but I do want to concentrate on this one giant core issue that affects anyone who eats), the food on your table may not be able to get there if they can't get a tech out in time.


      Apologies for reposting this link, but please check it out.  It's not just a code repository; it provides a decent synopsis of the problem as well as external references that go into better depth than I can here.



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