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  1. Nope. I already "The end"ed. Though, I will say, I am seriously disappointed by some of the C64 versions of some of the Atarisoft games. Even the oft maligned TI-99 versions are better.
  2. All C64 versions are superior. The end.
  3. We should have let him have at that machine with some tools. I will be missing all my friends this year, as well. Phuq 'em. Just to be fair, the same thing could be said about me posting on AtariAge and not Facebook. The difference being that Facebook is the devil.
  4. Thank you for cross-posting this information. Frankly, that Jon is here and providing information as well is the only reason I would be inclined to attend future Faires. I am not on Facebook, and if the organizers are only going to post on Facebook then they are obviously and deliberately ignoring me and do not need my attendance or donations. AtariAge is not the devil.
  5. COVID is not the only reason for closures. Pre-COVID many of them were closing due to Evanston rejuvination. I think I posted a couple of news articles a while back about these happenings.
  6. If it does not hardware-bang and uses Windows APIs for accessing the serial port, there is a good chance it will work. Worst case, you load and older version of Windows on a dedicated or dual-boot machine, or run in VirtualBox.
  7. IT was to keep up with Google Chrome. Chrome was incrementing version numbers by whole with every release. Decimal releases were becoming confusing to the layman and Chrome was on version 22 while Firefox was on 8. Chrome MUST be much better, right?
  8. I think the compiled version works well in this iteration. If you come up with a better system, maybe a sequel? I'm not saying it's aliens... but it's aliens, again!
  9. It happens. But we just might poke fun at you, anway
  10. On a real system, this surprisingly does not have much impact. I have had the sync header fade out almost to nothing and the TI will still catch it.
  11. On most recorders, yes. Some will pull PLAY down with RECORD when pressed alone. I have seen some which have the RECORD button as a post embedded into PLAY.
  12. Also (most codes are listed in the Users' Reference Guide in the appendix.) 127 = FCTN V 128 = CTRL , 129-154 = CTRL A-Z 155 = CTRL . 156 = CTRL ; 157 = CTRL = 158-159 = CTRL 8-9 (here begins non-definable characters) 176-183 = CTRL 0-7 184 = FCTN , 185 = FCTN . 186 = FCTN / 187 = CTRL \ (found in Classic99, not confirmed on real console) 188 = FCTN 0 189 = FCTN ; 190 = FCTN B 191 = FCTN H 192 = FCTN J 193 = FCTN K 194 = FCTN L 195 = FCTN M 196 = FCTN N 197 = FCTN Q 198 = FCTN Y
  13. Any anti-virus which utilizes behavior analysis will by default find executables outside of "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" suspicious until determined otherwise. Most of the time the executable may take a while to launch the first time as the security software runs the binary in a virtual machine to determine if it does anything bad. AVG (Avast) cyber-capture will allow the program to interact with the user for a while, then kill the VM and restart the program proper if it determines it does nothing malicious.
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