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  1. Sure, parrots are great, but nothing lures like a lady!
  2. Received a couple of days ago and it is fantastic. Perfectly cut, perfect fold points, almost completely invisible joint, nice and thick. Thanks!
  3. https://stexpanded.fandom.com/wiki/Pac-Man_dreadnought
  4. Nothing to be concerned about. Just the Y3K release.
  5. In my book, that kind of copy protection rules. Take Spyro, for instance: https://www.ign.com/wikis/spyro-year-of-the-dragon/Pirated_Copy_Effects Also, ignore that the wobble of PlayStation discs is significant, and just enjoy the show.
  6. I have one which has never been flakey, and a second which is only flakey with a specific SD card. This behavior is consistent across five consoles.
  7. VCF is only two weeks away, and I want this shtuff (you know what I wanted to say) out of my living room. For this long weekend, anything claimed and paid is 40% off.
  8. Thanks. Yes, for all. I can send you the updates to check out and see what I can do for the other levels.
  9. I did these a while back. You will need Rasmus' SoundListRipper to load and play them. I can post the audio later if desired. I never got around to other levels.
  10. This should be re-done now that 1.0 has been released.
  11. Should be possible to parse an RSS feed.
  12. Just a quick "boo hoo, woe is me," moment of self-pity so I can get past it.  Been sick the past few days (no coof, just a run-of-the-mill sinus infection,) so I have been wanting to do a little programming on my down-time.  But my back also decided to tweak, so now it hurts to sit at my desk chair or pretty much any useful position, and my laptop has something wrong with it that keeps cutting off the screen backlight.


    Already replaced the laptop screen, not good so it is something with the motherboard so I found a full replacement which should be here tomorrow.  I am on the mend, only experiencing fever at night, normal temp during the day, and my back is starting to feel better.  So, there, got that off my chest.

    1. Retrospect


      Not a nice set of circumstances. Hope you get better soon!


    2. GoldLeader


      Get well soon!!

  13. Stipulating this opinion, it is still not what we are discussing.
  14. Just going to say that millions of people are doing it wrong. There are a number of unprivileged directories from which executables should never run. Solaris has for a couple of decades, at least, had protections against running binaries from /tmp or any other filesystem you want (like web site directories) to prevent exploitation and compromise. Google exploited this weakness in Windows to bypass administrative restrictions on installing software, and now everyone does, including ransomware. Yes, Microsoft violates this rule, but Windows checks for MS signatures before doing so, for better or worse.
  15. It is, but also difficult for everyone to benefit.
  16. I have an H: drive, which is mapped on all of my computers and "Available Offline," for a share on my NAS. The big thing is making sure things are consistent between stations (file paths, &c., no big deal.) Everything is under "H:\classic99".
  17. Never heard of it, either, but I hate to see another hobbyist site vanish.
  18. Will give you time to work up an even better exhibit for next time. That games system is pretty cool, too. I have never seen one of those.
  19. Completely forgot about these. I will be putting in my order this weekend for some SuperSketch protectors and hopefully get them in time for VCF-SE. Would absolutely love to have protection for my MBX system, too.
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