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  1. 9 hours ago, pokeystuff said:

    Just tested with the files supplied by @OLD CS1 here and the new version of CS1er (0.97b) read the file with no errors using default settings. It just worked on first try with no need to debug at all. Thanks for supplying the files to test.

    Do me a favor and try these files.  I was unable to get usable data from these files using the default settings.


    Sampling of original tape:Hickory, Dickory, Dock.wav

    CS1er output of good file: Hickory, Dickory, Dock(digitized).wav


    I then took the same original tape same file, applied noise reduction based upon the noise on tape between the leader and the sync marker.  It looks like it missed a few records as it read 152 out of 156 records, and every record shows a bad checksum. Hickory, Dickory, Dock(noise reduced).wav


    A few years ago I was able to get a good import of this particular tape, but damn if I cannot recall what all I did to get it.

  2. 3 hours ago, GDMike said:

    Sorry if this is self explanatory, but I've searched the forum on how to do this and didn't see anything.


    Does cl99 support cs1 or cs2, reading an audio file or Saving one?

    I looked under options and didn't find anything regarding enabling, and I didn't see anything like I do with setting disks. Meaning, setting a WAV file to cs1 or cs2 or something similar.

    Can someone enlighten me on this simple thing. Thank you in advance

    It is in the Classic99 documentation.  The CS1 settings are under the Disk menu, and only reading from CS1 is supported.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, digdugnate said:

    Total cost for lead/acid chassis replacement - $1637.15

    Oh, they are having a giggle with this.  I am running the same chassis I bought 10 to 15 years ago :)  I guess that means replacing the SLA unit with an LiIon?


    Probably worth having another look.  I imagine the heat output is even less, I might be able to bring my office in-line with the rest of the house.  Two degrees hotter in practice, one degree on average (night temp at 70°F kind-of skews the average,) is worth the electrical/energy costs alone.



    (Blue = house, green = office)


    I appreciate the info.  I will spend some time with my vendor in the coming weeks.

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  4. @digdugnate Yeah, I still use 9630s with SNMP and other monitoring utils (apcd and NUT.)  I am not a big fan of the outside system monitoring, especially after I spent so much time developing my own in-house resources.  They are not perfect, but they work well enough for me.


    I can see the shallow chassis being a benefit in my environments, as well as the decreased weight.  The SLA packs are good for about three to five years, usually on the high end for me as the UPSes are only there to keep the rack going until the building generator spins up.  I would like to see how long, in practice, the LiIon packs last.  It costs me about $140 to replace the batteries in one unit, so every three years or so that is not terrible, but if I can get longer service from the lithium batteries for a comparable price, it might be worth it.  Possibly at home, as well, to help keep the heat down.

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  5. @digdugnate I use the SM1500RM2U at the data center for my servers, and two of the SMT1500RM2U like yours on my home office rack.  The newer models with the LCD panel use a different power scheme internally which does not keep the main transformer energized all of the time.  This cuts heat output enough to change the ambient temperature in my office from around 82°F to 78°F -- the office used to stay around 6-8° hotter than the house, but now only about 2-3°.


    I looked at the LiIon stuff.  They seem kind-of pricey for the same power output as the SLAs.  How have they been for you guys?

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  6. On 1/22/2021 at 10:41 AM, Peter W said:

    Did you check for any resistors embedded in the "sense" wire that might be covered by heat shrink in the harness of the BP24BPG?

    from viewing other UPS mods on the web, this would be something to look for.

    I am trying to do a similar mod, but instead i want to connect 2 large AGM deep cycle batteries to the BR1500G, while getting the unit to display the correct runtime with the added batteries...

    do you have any photos of the BP24BPG harness in detail?

    Yes.  I detected no resistor in the sense wire of the BP24BPG.  I do not have any additional photos of the external battery pack harness, but I can do some if needed.


    I expect that the unit will display the correct run-time when using the deep-cycle batteries.  With no special configuration, the UPS is able to calculate the difference between the two-battery and four-battery packs.  The former it is not designed to work with.


    Sorry for such a late reply -- I do not recall getting a notification of your comment.  Hope all has gone well with your project.


    Oh, BTW, it is not a shrink-wrapped wiring harness but rather it is molded.

  7. Putting some thought into the conversions of X and Y from {-4,0,4} in each to {0..4}, the original formula was developed a long time ago and I just left it since it works. Nonetheless, the duplicate calls to SGN() in each conversion has nagged me. I have been sick the past couple of days and last night, in a bout of physical exhaustion and boredom, I had a go at it.


    can be optimized as


    Each conversion is 6 seconds faster per 500 iterations in TI BASIC, and 12 seconds for both together over the same period, roughly a considerable 2.4 seconds faster per 100 iterations.  This winds up being noticeable and makes the joystick feel almost as responsive as the keyboard.


    Breaking down each direction, the original X conversion calls three functions, two of which are duplicate, three maths, in three priorities.  The new conversion calls one function, two maths, one comparison in two priorities.  The original Y conversion calls one additional math over X, while the new conversion calls one less math than the new X.  I do not have a list on-hand of the speed of each function or mathematical operation in TI BASIC so I have no literals to provide, just the anecdotal execution results.

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