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  1. Putting some thought into the conversions of X and Y from {-4,0,4} in each to {0..4}, the original formula was developed a long time ago and I just left it since it works. Nonetheless, the duplicate calls to SGN() in each conversion has nagged me. I have been sick the past couple of days and last night, in a bout of physical exhaustion and boredom, I had a go at it.


    can be optimized as


    Each conversion is 6 seconds faster per 500 iterations in TI BASIC, and 12 seconds for both together over the same period, roughly a considerable 2.4 seconds faster per 100 iterations.  This winds up being noticeable and makes the joystick feel almost as responsive as the keyboard.


    Breaking down each direction, the original X conversion calls three functions, two of which are duplicate, three maths, in three priorities.  The new conversion calls one function, two maths, one comparison in two priorities.  The original Y conversion calls one additional math over X, while the new conversion calls one less math than the new X.  I do not have a list on-hand of the speed of each function or mathematical operation in TI BASIC so I have no literals to provide, just the anecdotal execution results.

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