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  1. 15 hours ago, wierd_w said:

    Sounds like your IP Cop thinks that they are "RIGHT!", and wont budge.


    Consider reaching out to the AtariAge ops, and having them contact Spring. You have to make this as nasty for the IP Cop as possible, so that he/she sees the light.

    I am having to bring in people who should not be bothered with this crap.  The best part is the links provided by TeeSpring which tell you how to challenge or better explain these situations are either not active or hidden behind a login, which I can no longer do.  I have engaged my attorney over this to see what she things my remedies may be.  The issue with a lawsuit, if one were even permitted by their ToS, is the damages are near nill as I did not make a lot of money on the items in the first place and I never advertised.


    I am going to wait until Tuesday for an answer before I work toward arbitration, maybe send them a love letter.


    What really screwed me here is that I had two campaigns with the word "atariage" in them.  The first one I actually had to disable because I had made an error.  So the creation of the second one is what sealed my fate.  That and TeeSpring does not offer a way to delete these things, only to disable or hide them.

  2. On 6/9/2021 at 10:32 PM, leech said:

    I had weird stability issues when I first got my 4000D.  Tried new ram, and everything.  It would work most of the time, but certain things would make it crash.  Finally someone recommended a recap, which at the time my skills were far less than they are now.

    This just popped up on me at some point.  I sent it off a few years ago to Acil (Paul Rezendez) to get it fitted up.  I know before when I had a WarpEngine 4040 it would wiggle up from the CPU socket and cause all kinds of glitches.  Been really stable until it was not.


    There is also something else which could be a problem: my Deneb.  I have a bunch of libraries installed in the flash ROM to keep from having to restart multiple times during boot-up.  I suspect many of them are out of date, so I am going to clear it out the next chance I get and start from scratch, especially since I am upgrading from 3.9 to 3.2 (non Amigoids just had their minds blown :) )

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Schmitzi said:


    maybe you use links or refer to AtariAge and the anxious masterbrains are confusing that ?



    Holy smizmar, you just might be right.  The links included AtariAge.  I will bring that up to them for review.

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  4. 3 hours ago, masteries said:



    1.2 MB for IBM PC is the type of 5,25" disks I am searching for,


    I´ll take all the remaining disks,


    Sorry, my friend, but I am only shipping to Norte America.  I appreciate your interest.


    Otherwise, I have turned my office up-side-down. I can only conclude I put the disks into my climate-controlled storage right before the move to a new facility.  It is going to take me weeks to find them so I am withdrawing this thread until I have them in my grubby meat-beaters.

  5. 24 minutes ago, wierd_w said:

    Its probably just some overzealous content cop in their org, coupled with a lack of communication inside their org.


    EG, person tasked with stopping people from selling merch they dont have license to sell--- bumps heads with "No, totally has a license, but we just failed to annotate that on their account in a meaningful fashion."

    I found gold today, from TeeSpring's IP department:


    Thank you for contacting Spring. Your account was removed for containing material suspected related to Atari which are

      copyright/trademarked and not allowed on the Spring platform. Please understand that our current review standards require us to remove any listings that use unauthorized content whether featured in the design or elsewhere on the listing page.  For more information on our IP policies, please feel free to review our Terms of Service and our Understanding Intellectual Property page.
    Pursuant to our Terms of Service, by launching a listing through Spring, you agree that you own the rights (or are licensed to use) to the content in your listing. Additionally, you agree to hold Spring harmless from any and all liabilities, losses, damages and expenses arising out of your violation or any alleged violation of our Acceptable Use Policy or any other part of these Terms of Service.

    Related to Atari?  My TI stuff?  Really?  Prove it.  Either these guys are over-zealous or they are absolute morons.

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  6. TeeSpring locked my account and took down my TI Home Computer Apparel store for IP violation, even though I have a license from Texas Instruments.  I already submitted the license back when I started the store, and now I have to go through a process to get reinstated.

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  7. 1 hour ago, leech said:

    Nice!  Wait, is that Amiga on the Lake?  Their page still doesn't list rom options.  Hoping I get mine soon.  Was playing with my PPC set up over the weekend, and it started going into a boot loop randomly.... found out it was something to do with the CD drive, I disconnected that and it was fine... hopefully my ACARD-7730SA isn't bad... they are even mire ridiculously priced than when I bought it!

    Yeah, Amiga on the Lake.  I missed the "t".  There has been talk of when ROMs will be available, but I can burn my own ROMs from the files included on the CD.


    The reason the Acards are ridiculously expensive is because the company disappeared off the face of the Earth about two years ago.  I was distributing for a short time (several hundred units moved) when this happened.  I had an order for 200 more which could not be fulfilled.  At the time they were being produced on-demand with minimum quantity requirements.


    I was selling these to Texas Instruments for a while, and my buyer told me they had found what appeared to be suitable replacements.  I never tried them, myself, but I may dig that information back up sometime.


    Good luck on the troubleshooting.  I am pretty certain my problem is ChipRAM.  I replaced mine with an 8MB SIMM but that only had minimal effect.  Somewhere I have a dead 4000D mobo I dredged up with its 2MB SIMM intact.

  8. My primary opposition to eBay at this point is, as @Blazing Lazers says above, is fixing what is not broken.  PayPal is not perfect, but at this point in my minuscule selling career it is convenient and works in a way I could not imagine any better.  I have immediate access to money paid for items via my PayPal debit card or immediate bank transfer.


    I have dealt with some crap situations between both eBay and PayPal, but these are once-in-many-years things.  Yes, they are included in my list of grievances and why I am done selling on eBay, nonetheless.


    I like @Tanooki's approach with the buffer account, but at the same time this is a game I just do not want to play.  I want eBay to know that I and many other sellers are quitting because of this.  I do not know why, other than wanting a more direct piece of the pie, eBay would drop PayPal as a payment option.


    The 1099 requirement is not a creation of eBay, so far as I know.  This is new law passed as a package in one of the recent "stimulus" bills.  Omnibus bills are a problem of their own, and this right here is one of them.  This move is unfriendly to sellers who want to make sure items get new homes and a little dosh for the deal, buyers who want these items, the communities to which such items may belong, and the environment as more items will be placed into the trash.


    On the upside, this might help businesses like Goodwill and other thrift stores which outlet on eBay as more people take stuff to them rather than electronic waste recycling.

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  9. Big-box outlets pushing to dox private sellers.  Sounds something like legacy media outlets pushing to limit the reach of independent content creators.  Nothing nefarious here, just leveling the playing field, of course.  Now, move along.


    Meanwhile, WHOIS data is censored to prevent revealing personal information of individual registrants without jumping through hoops.

  10. 5 hours ago, tmop69 said:

    SDD 99 - The FinalPEB

    "These are the voyages of the 99er, Ralph. His five-year mission: to explore strange new technology, to seek out new ideas and new applications, to boldly take the platform where no TI has gone before."


    Do doooooo do do do do do doooooo.

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  11. 5 hours ago, stringfellow said:

    It seems that the shrink wrap continues to shrink or so I have heard. I remember it being advised to remove the shrink wrap to avoid box damage. I did this with almost all of my sealed games.

    From what I have deduced from experience, it seems to upon both the quality of the shrink wrap and how the items are stored.  To the former, the type of wrap which gets brittle with age seems to contract more over time.  To the latter, and seemingly irrespective of the wrap quality, storing in heat will cause the wrap to contract.

  12. 13 hours ago, x=usr(1536) said:

    I would not be surprised if we saw a push to end the use of cash (and related instruments) within the next 20 years.

    Recent studies indicate doing so would disproportionately affect the lower-income.  There are still a lot of people in our societies who eschew digital currency.  In the United States, depending upon to what survey and counting methodology you subscribe, between 7 and 15 million households who do not have a bank account.


    13 hours ago, 5-11under said:

    But yes, for private transactions, this sounds like you've got to track your income, but ignore your expenses.

    Ultimately for non-business sellers (most of us little guys) if you cannot prove the purchase price of an item you sell, you will pay income tax on the sale price, not the difference as gain or loss.


    3 hours ago, taxman said:

    The way I see it is that you take gross revenue and subtract out cost of goods sold as well as other fees like Final value fee etc. and you can deduct other expenses like supplies and mileage and come up with an "income" from your ebay sales. You would pay self employment tax on that income which is 15.3% (unless you exceed the cap for social security) in which case you would only pay 2.9% for medicare as self employment tax.


    You would also be subjected to both federal and state income tax on that "income" and pay at your marginal tax rate.

    This will push a lot of people out of selling. Not everyone selling on eBay or other marketplaces, which also fall under the 1099 reporting requirements, are businesses or operating as businesses.

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