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  1. 12 hours ago, Tursi said:

    Nah, the sprite engine isn't using the transparent color for the unset bits, so I think it's okay there. That's literally only there to support the video overlay function -- which is hard-wired out on the 4A console. So we certainly could have used it as an actual color.

    Sprites do not use color 0 but it does serve a purpose for character set color in BASIC, in that the screen color can show through without requiring CALL COLOR or equivalent.  I figure we are proposing an alternate palette, anyway, so it would need to be unlocked somehow.  I was quite happy with the VIC-II palette, and always jealous of 8-bits with 256 (or 240, whatever,) colors.


    But if we are going that route, why not a user-definable palette?  Nonetheless, the 9918's quirky colors are part of the charm of the TI-99/4(A).  A new palette, even if user-selected, starts to stray away from that charm, and perhaps raises the question of what it means to be "TI."  Of course, what was it like transitioning from OCS to ECS and EHB mode on the Amiga?


    I dunno; philosophy aside, a modified rainbow across 16 colors would work nicely for me.  I like the three levels of green, red, and blue, with magenta as the bridge between red and blue.  I believe n extra level of yellow toward an orange or brown would add utility.

  2. 17 hours ago, Bill Loguidice said:

    Genuine question, but how do you figure? It has worse sound and only 5 levels versus the 16 on the other versions. It does have a big advantage in one way and that is that it's on a ROM cartridge rather than a disk, so no load times (it also happens to be the one version I still own boxed - in fact, my current copy is still sealed).

    No, I have to retract that statement.  After posting I went to look it up as I got the tune caught in my head, and it was not the CoCo version I was thinking of.

  3. 3 hours ago, wierd_w said:

    The Halt and Catch Fire instruction was for the 6502, right?  One of the "Undocumented Opcodes"?



    I hate when old stuff works its way into the popular lexicon because it makes it damn near impossible to search for the old stuff.  In this case, I had to search with the qualifiers "-tv -show -series".


    I also remember an error code about a printer jam and it asks something like "is it on fire?"  I recall this was something about a particular printer's wont for jamming paper under a hot head.  Maybe that is one of those urban legends.


    Wikipedia is unclear, as expected.




    This fun article:




    And this for the 3D printing types:




  4. Neat.  I have only ever seen the 80186 in modems and some old router.

    6 hours ago, tschak909 said:

    virtual 8086 mode that allowed for existing 8086 software to run in a virtual machine (and thus the trick you always saw in Windows of an MS-DOS prompt that would run alongside Windows, just working)

    This leads to a pet peeve of mine, that so many people still insist that the Windows 9x kernel is just a DOS "shell" when, in fact, as 9x boots it "elevates" DOS to a virtual environment.  This has been published in Microsoft technical documents for a couple of decades, and Mark Russinovich has explained in great detail, but people still throw that old myth around.

  5. 2 hours ago, elmer said:

    I apologize ... I had a brain-fart and confused the old 1702 monitors (without RGBI), with the later high-resolution-capable 1080/1084 monitors (with RGBI).


    So you would have absolutely *needed* to buy a new monitor if you wanted to see 80-columns on the C128 .... at an extra cost.

    Only if you need color.  The RGBI port of the C128 has a composite line (pin 7 IIRC) that is usable on standard monitors, though it is only monochrome.  I remember seeing the cables at some computer stores, and I want to say you could order one but I have not recently seen an ad from the period with one shown.  I made my own.  The output works just fine with 1702s and others, especially the old Apple green monochrome (which is what I used for quite some time.)

  6. There are still a large number of websites reliant upon Flash.  In fact, most of NOAA's websites are using Flash for animated satellite and RADAR.  A lot of on-line video applications are using Flash rather than HTML5.  The other day I uploaded an h.264/aac MP4 to AtariAge and it played back to me in Flash.  Otherwise, I come across websites which have not been refreshed for several years which still have Flash even if used just for animations (annoying animations) or damnedable advertisements.


    While Flash has massive issues with stability and security, it does make sense to use Flash players on the web for video as HTML5 is limited in its supported CODECs which pushes de-facto winner and losers in media formats for the web.  Still supporting plug-ins for alternate media players would seem to be a reasonable alternative, though players like VLC have their own issues.

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  7. 15 hours ago, arcadeshopper said:

    Send me the source I'll stock them

    There are several sources ranging in price from $.33 to $1.75 each.  Mouser, All Electronics, eBay, etc.  But all have some minimum order requirement or shipping costs make it ridiculous to buy a single chip and I do not have anything I need to order to pad one up.  I figured any one of us around here has a better way, even if just throwing the chip in an envelope.


    14 hours ago, RickyDean said:

    I will look in the morning and let you know. Since I live in Se georgia, shipping should be fast and free.

    Thanks.  Let me know.  We have one electronics store in town and I was thinking about giving them a call Monday while I am calling around for a replacement timer for my dryer.


  8. Could I suppose someone here has one single 150ohm 16-pin DIP package for floppy drive termination?  I have an IBM drive that will not read, and I suspect the missing termination package is the problem -- but I cannot order them anywhere in reasonable quantities.  Yeah, I can get them for like $20 for 50, but WT* am I going to do with the extra 49?

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Ed in SoDak said:

    When you visit WhataKowinkydink bring along a cassette recorder and do some old-skool software pirating!

    Pfah.  Need a dual tape deck with turbo dubbing.  Mine was an Emerson CTR-930.  It might not produce high-quality copies via its dubs, generational loss and such, but it was way faster than loading and saving on the TI :)

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