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  1. 21 hours ago, RXB said:

    Documents is beyond stupid, millions of people complain about this but Microsoft refuses to fix this.

    Linux and Unix do not have this problem.

    Just going to say that millions of people are doing it wrong. There are a number of unprivileged directories from which executables should never run. Solaris has for a couple of decades, at least, had protections against running binaries from /tmp or any other filesystem you want (like web site directories) to prevent exploitation and compromise.  Google exploited this weakness in Windows to bypass administrative restrictions on installing software, and now everyone does, including ransomware. Yes, Microsoft violates this rule, but Windows checks for MS signatures before doing so, for better or worse.

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  2. I have an H: drive, which is mapped on all of my computers and "Available Offline," for a share on my NAS.  The big thing is making sure things are consistent between stations (file paths, &c., no big deal.)  Everything is under "H:\classic99".

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  3. 29 minutes ago, theatarifan2k said:

    Either but since im in texas shipping maybe more than normal.

    Yeah, you are probably right.  I will bow out for now, see if someone else wants 'em.  Thanks.

  4. Just now, mvancopp said:

    @OLD CS1, thanks for the tip. I went back and tried a new SanDisk and Verbatim SD card (the original is a Gigastore) but they did not work either. Failed with the same symptom. 😞 



    I have had good luck with the smaller SanDisks, 1GB and under.  I have a bunch of 256MB SanDisk microSDs that I like to use.  Others can point you in the direction of larger ones that they know work well.  The 8GB I have problems with is a SanDisk Ultra SDHC Class 10.

  5. If you will part them out, I am interested in "Mortal Kombat 2" and "Kong: Skull Island."  I already have all the rest, and those are some of the top Jackie Chan movies you have there!

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  6. 11 hours ago, mvancopp said:

    Did your AVR update behave as @JJB described, light up for a short period and then off, or did it behave the way @dhe described (and I experience each try), flashes quickly seemingly without end?

    The former.  My updates all went without a hitch.  That said, initially I had problems because the original SD card I use is apparently not ready as quickly as the FG99, so it did, then, do the flashy-flashy thing.  Once I used a better SD card, all is well.

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  7. 1 hour ago, senior_falcon said:

    That's sort of like when the airlines begin pre-boarding, which I guess means you get on the plane before you get on the plane.

    Nothing quite so amusing nor insightful.  It is a superstitious practice of "rolling the ones" out of a die, based upon low probability of rolling ones multiple times in a row.  There was even a cottage industry of selling "pre-rolled" die.

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