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  1. have you ever played rocky or caveman games? i need games where they are at least designed with some effort, like kirby which is amazing.
  2. i see. there seems like there are a lot of games on the nes that just seem unplayable. honestly, i was around during n64 so thats why i am asking
  3. This isnt about which system is better, i love both of them. however, i want to start collecting for one and am not sure which of the two has more "junk games" (ie back to future). any opinions?
  4. Hey there. PM me with any questions or anything concerning games/systems. SEGA SATURN system plus cords plus controller w/NIGHTS and GALACTIC ATTACK-70 dollars SHIPPED OR Best offer PS1 BL Xenogears-COMPLETE-$45 BL FF7-no instructions-$50 BL Chrono Cross- $10 BL Parappa the Rapper- $20 GH Final Fantasy Tactics- $30 GAMECUBE BlACK GAMECUBE with controller+ wires. Includes viewtiful joe, rogue leader, Metroid prime,ssx tricky, AND SMASH BROS for 60$ shipped. Legend of zelda ocarina of time/ Master quest- 30 shipped
  5. The tutorials I found are either outdated or just very confusing. Can someone please walk me through this like a baby? Oh, I want to use free software please,I heard toast is good but it isn't free
  6. it sucks, i wish i was a little older so i could have experienced it ( i only got the 90's version of the arcade). So many good games! i need to start getting cabinets for my garage or something.
  7. nice! it sounds like it was an amazing time. any other recollections?
  8. Hey there, i want this aimed more towards the veterans here that actually experienced retro arcade games during there time. in 1985, what games were in your arcade? If this does well i would like to do 1990,1995 etc. Help educate me!
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