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  1. I think you release what you want to release, but perhaps wait a bit longer to do so. This way if there any bugs to be fixed it gives you plenty of time to see them. Rom sales are also a great idea.
  2. I'm figuring it out as I go. The game is not as bad as some reviewers say it is, but it does have it issues. If you like a slow action game where you need find hidden switches and you don't mind going back and forth in a level to do so, then this game is for you.
  3. I'm selling Defender of the Crown demo cartridge for Intellivison https://www.ebay.com/itm/202902248130
  4. I hope Kai wins. He has so many great games.
  5. I listed my LTO Flash for sale: http://ebay.us/cT9QVb?cmpnId=5338273189 Comes with TNT Cowboy (rom) - pre-installed on LTO Flash. Happy to email TNT Cowboy rom as well if purchased.
  6. Does anyone know how to beat City 4? There are two sides to this level with 3 platform elevator in the center. I see dashed green lines on the right side where you can destroy the blocks, but I've not seen a green switch to trip. Also up until now switches usually remove solid color lines.
  7. Did anyone ever write a better manual for Hyper Force? The game is a little confusing. Such as: 1) After killing a bad guy they sometimes they leave something behind to pick up. Is that for health or weapon power up or both? 2) I think the weapon upgrade purchased between levels only lasts until gone or you go to the next level, depending on which occurs first, right? Does the weapon upgrade disappear if you lose a life? Can you have more than one weapon upgrade? 3) What is capsule on the upgrade/buy screen? 4) Can you keep buying the same weapon, does it help or just waste money? 5) If you buy a weapon it seems to come with ammo, but there looks to be extra ammo one can purchase, does the extra ammo do something for the entire game or just that level? 6) In general is there a good description for the upgrade screen? 7) The manual does not even mention if you keep running into the indestructible gray metal orb that there will be a count down from 100 to exit the level. In general the game has its faults, but at the same time its sort of fun. I just wish the manual better described how the game behaves.
  8. Purchased. Now just waiting for AA to ship.
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