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  1. Down to 1 pre-modded gray keypad button controller left.
  2. gooddealgames is a great place to buy homebrew games
  3. Can you try OSSC? Would it support NTSC Intellivision?
  4. Down to 2 gray left, boxed and ready to send. I found 2 non modded repro pro controllers, so could mod them, send PM if interested. RF kits are now build to order, send PM if interested.
  5. Cool I'll wait to hear back on that if you don't mind posting. Anyone know the name of the other one?
  6. Does anyone know if Crayola RGB works with Intv 1?
  7. Well that is good news, I have used 3 other Intv RGB mods, not a single one worked with OSSC. Confirmed not working with OSSC due to sync issue: Juice / Fred Kono RGB Bruce Abbott RGB Emerson RGB What are the two that do?
  8. Would be neat if sync worked on OSSC.
  9. For sale - $450 SNK vs. Capcom SVC Chaos - NeoGeo Neo Geo complete MVS kit - matching serial numbers - purchased new many years ago. Also includes shockbox with insert. Send PM if interested. grips03
  10. So are people winning at this game using ST cheats?
  11. Now at level 5. This level is very unforgiving.
  12. I can now get to the second boss on level 4. Would be nice to see level 5.
  13. 235,170 new hi-score. Finally made it to the second type of bird on level 4.
  14. To me the current sound is distracting. Sounds like the hero has wet shoes or something, hence the request for an option to turn off.
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