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  1. I know some projects use mini din type connector from Sega Genesis 2. That way one can buy pre-made scart cable and you don't need to make one. Would that be possible? or Genesis 1 DIN video connector if space allows.
  2. for US orders will game ship from US or Canada?
  3. Great to see you are in beta testing phase. Do you think producers of Jag homebrew games will sell rom releases?
  4. sounds like a neat project.
  5. when is Marc going to open up ordering?
  6. grips03

    Wanted JVC X'Eye

    Wanted JVC X'Eye Send PM if you have one for sale
  7. Some of my MiSTer issue turned out to bad memory. That has been fixed, but some games like StarForce CV on MiSTer still lock up. WoW now works.
  8. The one documented in the manual handout?
  9. Anyway to add game cheats via LTO Flash?
  10. I have the O2 box protector and it's very nice.
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