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  1. I'm using the same encoder as juansolo, so my settings are the same.
  2. Rebooteroids bonus stage certain is very slow with rotary. Does the game support switching between standard d-pad and rotary to overcome this? Otherwise how are people playing the bonus stage with rotary controller?
  3. Thought I would share a picture of the controller I use for Rebooteroids, it makes playing this game much easier. Current high score is 160,580 (#31). Normal B button is fire. Right brown button (A) is thrust. Left brown button (C) is hyperspace. This way the pointer finger can hit thrust or hyperspace, which has been faster than moving the right thumb. The red button at the bottom is for rapid fire, which is not needed for this game. Brown buttons are: ADTS25NV (Digikey). Held in with hot glue.
  4. Adjusting trim fixed the issue. Not sure I like rotary control, but will spend some more time with it.
  5. I built a rotary controller tonight using PEC11R-4015F-S0024 encoder (24 PPR). However rotation is too slow in Rebooteroids game. I made Rebooteroids rotate rate the highest it could be and its still too slow. I did not adjust rotary trim setting in Rebooteroids as I'm not sure what it does. Would 32 or 36 PPR help to speed up rotation?
  6. Is it expected that AA could fulfill the amount of the orders they have with the number of carts being sent?
  7. Increasing color setting on TV helps. I'm going to try more TV and OSSC settings.
  8. Does anyone else have TMS-RGB mod with OSSC? Can you post pictures of the colors with the above games? I'm most interested with Ms. Pac-Man. I do have a spare Citrus3000psi RGB board, so might swap back to that and see if its any better with OSSC. My current Coleco with Citrus3000psi RGB is not so good. I think its the memory going again on that one. Did anyone ever make replacement CV system boards?
  9. For the Intellivision arcade controllers I use to make I used a Xilinx CPLD to convert what arcade buttons, joystick and keypad sent (common ground) to what the Intellivision wanted. The single AA battery usually lasted quite long with normal usage. Perhaps a passive one could be made, but at the time the CPLD seemed like the way to go. It would certainly cost less if power/CPLD was not needed. 16 directions is not really needed IMO. I think people would like a 4/8 switchable arcade stick with built in keypad that required no external power, and perhaps rapid fire too
  10. Thank you making TMS-RGB. The install is very easy to do. Very clean wire routing, solder points, etc. I installed the TMS-RGB today and on the PVM it looks better than the Citrus3000psi RGB Colecovision I have So I took the TMS-RGB Coleco up to the Sony LCD I use with OSSC and tried Pac-Man Collection. With Ms. Pac-Man the orange ghost and the red ghost are almost the same color. And the pattern for level 1 is orange. If I play PMC with F18a the pattern for level 1 is red. And red ghost and orange ghost are easily not the same color. Anyway to adjust the colors on TMS-RGB to be more like F18A colors? TMS-RGB board is from: Mobius Strip Technologies RGB is cable is plain wire. L9 has been removed. First photo is TMS-RGB and 2nd photo is F18A. Both use the same TV.
  11. I noticed some use plastic knob and some others use metal. Which works best? Also some are smooth and some have diamond texture. Which works best? Right now I'm thinking of using: ‎OEJNI-90-2-7‎ (Digikey or Arrow). Diameter = 23.5mm Height = 15.88mm Metal / Diamond texture or OEJNI-90-4-7 <--same as above but matte black
  12. Wired and where its mounted. I've wanted to mod a controller for Rebooteroids to see if I can get higher score. Does controller retain d-pad?
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