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  1. 3c. I moved a cap to the top and pushed some parts higher on the board. But its a really the same thing, just a slightly different layout.
  2. Try Raiden or joystick test rom and try left /down (diagonal) with black keypad button controller. You have Gray keypad button controllers in the picture. They are not the same.
  3. Thick cord ones tend to be the Gray controllers. Just look at the keypad button color.
  4. Has anyone tried to produce a new drop in d-pad for the black button Jag controller? If yes, any luck with making the diagonals work better? Mainly down and left is hard to engage, but it would be neat if it worked better for the all the diagonals.
  5. Not sure it would work with this game. I'm making a Twin Stick for Total Carnage. Twin Stick will have rapid fire for games like Raiden too.
  6. I was making a Gray controller today and wow. I was really amazed how good Raiden felt with the dpad. Hitting the corners was not bad at all. I thought it was quite good. I can now make it past stage 3 with single life. This game was meant to have rapid fire.
  7. I've modded 4 Starwander Pro Controllers (SPC) today. I'm going to re-write the installation instructions to perform the steps even better. I have 7 Pro Controllers left to sell, then I'm likely to switch to Twin Stick project. Once hockey starts (Sept) I'll most likely take a step back from projects until next summer. So if you want one this year I would recommend not waiting because hockey will get super busy and use up free time. I can now make it to stage 3 without losing a ship in Raiden, much more fun to play with rapid fire.
  8. Production pcb works fine. Built one controller tonight. Will build up a bunch of pcbs tomorrow.
  9. Production pcbs are here. I'm going to test them out tomorrow. If they look good I should be shipping controllers/kits out towards the end of the week.
  10. What button color? Clear/White red Red Clear /Black Clear/Red Black
  11. I highly recommend people test the Starwander Pro Controller before modding. I found one today with wire 12/left and wire 14/up with a short on the top pcb where the ribbon cable connects. The up/left issue sort of looked like the pcb leveling issue, however if you remove the pcbs from the controller and just press the rubber pad for up it would press up & left on the Jaguar joystick test program. Re-flowing the solder for these two wires cleared the short. There was also a small metal piece inside the controller. All very fixable, but much easier to do before modding. So far quite a few of the Starwander Pro Controllers have stripped internal screws. The one most at fault is the single screw holding the top pcb in. This does not matter as long as the screw can be placed in the hole and does not fall out, because the back of the controller case presses and prevents the top pcb from fall backwards into the controller. The same is true for the bottom pcb as well. Please understand this has nothing to do with the RF 2.0 kit, but since people will be opening these controllers and modding them I'm trying to provide as much details about them as possible.
  12. Cases, joysticks, etc are here for the first batch. Top panels arrive tomorrow. I still need to order some parts, but its getting closer.
  13. Parts from Digikey arrived. Production PCBs should arrive on July 27th. If everything goes right I'll start shipping next week.
  14. You would add a second Jaguar game controller PCB with its db15 cord. I'll check to see if there is space for it. The problem is that is not how the Total Carnage works, so you would also need to add a switch to select which input the 2nd joystick is connected to based on the twin stick game you are playing. Namely the first controllers keypad or the second controllers d-pad. Its shame Lamatron did not do what Total Carnage did as the Total Carnage joystick configuration makes for a less complex device which is cheaper, requires less hardware, less cabling, uses less ports on the console, etc. Total Carnage came out first, so the controller template for a twin stick game was already there. Missed opportunity. Now if someone said they wanted 50 Twin Sticks a pcb could be produced to do this, but for 1-5 Twinsticks its just makes no sense unless someone wants to pay for the development of it. Dev cost would be around $400 and then each twin stick would be around $40 more than it already is.
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