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  1. I would like a complete controller, if still possible to order one.
  2. Also get voice module. Really adds a bit to the games that use it.
  3. Killer Bees, Forbidden Lands, Haunted Woods, Air Assault, Astrododge, Stairrunner, all the Mages games
  4. I remember Paypal holding up my order due to ordering MTE-201. Perhaps it is something other than an Intellivision test cartridge?
  5. Use citrus3000 rgb circuit. It works very well.
  6. Great review. Looks like 85 have been shipped out. ~500 more to go, at least for me.
  7. For every other rgb enabled platform I use Retro Gaming Cable (RGC). For the Jaguar use RetroAccess cable. It does not have the random sync / wavvy lines issue I saw with RGC.
  8. How long will it take to get to order ~600?
  9. Retroaccess makes the best jag rgb cable.
  10. Just seeing this now. I've not tried it. I know it works great on G7000 and O2.
  11. Wanted Videoac G7400, Tutankham, Flash Point, and Robot City
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