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  1. I made some twin sticks using total carnage setup and they work well. I never had time to release/build more of them. I will likely in the next couple of years. Plan is use total carnage setup. I would at least put that as option in your game as TC is pretty popular game. I might (10% chance) add a second pcb/cable for this other game I can't remember the name of that forces the person to use both controller ports, but it gets super expensive due custom pcb / two donor controllers, etc. Closer to $500 vs. a total carnage only twin stick being like $300-$350. Plan is for both to have rapid fire 2.0 build in as well. Yes prices I know are crazy, but if others can build for less please do, shipping and low volume are killers.
  2. For control its best to copy what Total Carnage did. Much easier/cheaper to make a twin stick that way. It also leaves the 2nd joystick port open in case your game supports two players at the same time.
  3. I sell via eBay as well, which might be easier for UK. I think I have 4 or 5 controllers left for sale.
  4. In general I would recommend either the stock gray keypad button controller or reproduction pro controller. The stock gray is easier as the internal ribbon cable is much better. I would pick which one based on the d-pad you like. Don't use stock black keypad button controller, as the d-pad does not like the angles as much, so not good for games like Raiden.
  5. Is there a reason the controller d-pad is inverted? You press right, but the character moves left?
  6. Just let us know when to order. And thank you for all you do.
  7. Use RGB https://www.the-nextlevel.com/odyssey2/articles/g7400guide/rgbmod.php then buy SCART to HDMI adapter like ebay item # 392861584293 I sell G7400 SCART RGB cable in my sales thread or just make your own cable.
  8. I have (5-6) reproduction Pro and (5) gray keypad button with RF. So if you want a pre-modded controller let me know. I'll have RF kits for DIY modders to install, but won't be stocking pre-modded controllers.
  9. I tend to like vertical shooters more, but would be interested.
  10. I have a reduced price rapid fire reproduction pro controller for sale. Its in the picture below on the left. Noticed the band where the cable comes out is missing one level at the top. Its should have 5 like the right controller, but this one has 4. Everything else about the controller is like stock. I'm selling this one for $89 + shipping. Let me know if interested.
  11. As of now I have 3 people interested in a pcb. Still thinking about how to proceed. Either way it requires a new pcb run.
  12. I don't play any other Jag games where I even look at the highscore, so partially working EPROM pins could certainly be the issue. Zerosquare, I see the pins in question. http://romlaboratory.dbwbp.com/romlab/jagconn.htm
  13. Thanks Zerosquare. I did try the A and 0, button combo on boot and its not that (that is quite noticeable).
  14. This thread is about me borrowing a console. Which should prove if its my console or not. You think its the controller for some reason. I think its not, do to using scope and never seeing what you are saying. Only seeing one score removed, not all highscores. Knowing that the gate only allows B to be changed, and the RF mod only uses pin column 3. 0 could not be produced by the mod. If the gate on the mod board messed up it could produce B,1,4,7,*, it really can't produce 0. I would recommend you ignore the thread, as I think you are upset about someone borrowing a console, as they think their console might be broken as Al already replaced the cart.
  15. You are describing a short on the ribbon cable connection. Its common on the repro pro controllers due to bad soldering job. This is not the issue here.
  16. I used a scope while developing the rf mod, so yes with a scope I never saw any strobing. Also from your description it seems all the highscores would be removed, not just one. In earlier versions of Rebooteroids I saw beta testers reporting static sounds. I'm not sure if root cause was ever found, do you know?
  17. Strobing is not possible. RF code is written in such a way that the RF mod does nothing by default. RF also only works on B button, not A button, this is controlled by a logic gate. When a highscore is deleted, it does not delete them all. Example first time playing new cart Al sent I get 179K. Send time playing I get 190K. Now only 190K is only score listed besides the default one built in the game.
  18. Do you know why the game deletes the high scores, its seems very random.
  19. Say it costs $20 or less to ship to me, but I give them rapid fire 2.0 kit ($30) and install it ($20-30) for no cost to them, and then mail it back at my cost ($20 or less). The way I see it the person doing the loan is getting a rapid fire kit installed for $20 or less and I get to see if the console is the issue. This is the only game the has strange static sounds and loses high scores. Al replaced the cart and the game does the same thing. I'm going to replace the power adapter and video cable today. I already tried different speakers/amp. I compared to Youtube and it makes different sounds.
  20. I think my Jaguar might have an audio issue, but perhaps not. Would someone loan me Jaguar for a week to test Rebooteroids game with the console? In return if you mail it with a working Jaguar controller I'll install a rapid fire 2.0 kit in that controller (no cost to you). You pay shipping to me in CT, USA. I pay shipping back (USA). I would not need any audio or power cables. Send a PM if interested.
  21. Looks cool. Could it be used to make Gunlord on Jag?
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