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  1. Hi Lee, I just received my copy of the fbForth 2.0 Manual and thumbed through it. Fantastic job sir!
  2. I decided to pull my TI out of the closet and get caught up on the going's on. Imagine my surprise to see this thread! This is unbelievable!
  3. I received my new power supply and tested it. I was able to get 5.21v DC on pins 1 and 4 but got 2.6v AC on pins 3 and 5. This totally puzzled me until I removed the 1.6a fuse and found that it was blown. I guess I expected a blown fuse to not show any reading because that was what I experienced when the 4a fuse was blown. Anyway, I replaced this fuse and now everything works. Thanks to everyone for their help. I'm going to continue learning about the innards of the C 128.
  4. Yes. I notice mine is very different from any images of 128 PSUs I have seen on the internet. I have ordered a new one which I will promptly inspect before plugging it in.
  5. I replaced the fuse again. I am going to leave the PSU plugged in for a while to see what happens. This is because the last time I replaced the fuse I did plug it into the C128 which caused a load hum through the monitor speakers. However, the fuse blew after I had unplugged it from the C128 and while I was testing it with my MM. Anyway, I get 5.21v DC when testing pins 1 and 4. However, I only get 2.54v AC when testing pins 3 and 5. The troubleshooting continues.
  6. Roger that. It would be helpful if I had a known good PSU. I'll keep working at it.
  7. What about the goop in the top image. Is that normal?
  8. Here are some images of what looks like a problem.
  9. I am in North America. I have virtually no experience with electronics but I do have a digital multimeter and I am more than willing to learn, though it might take me a while.
  10. It blew while not plugged into the 128. Couldn't that be attributed to using a 2a 250v fuse instead of the proper 4a 125v fuse?
  11. It lasted for about 10 minutes and then blew
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