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    Listening to jazz and fine incense (yes, "listening to incense"! -- it's a Japanese art form!!), Atari gaming: 2600, 7800, 8-bit, beginning beer homebrewing and incense making, psychology/self-help books, Buddhism, disc golf, and studying early Basic on the Altirra emulator using an old tutorial book from 1982!
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  1. Actually never played this before. It's kind of fun. Sky Diver: 20
  2. RIP Diamond the dog. Goodbye dear friend.

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      Its never easy to lose a close and treasured friend but they will always be with you.


  3. Gorfy

    USB joystick

    That looks like the Stelladapter I purchased from AtariAge years ago. It's too bad they don't make those anymore, but it's good to know that a similar product can still be found. I'm always paranoid that my Stelladapter will break some day and I won't be able to play Atari via emulation with real joysticks. By the way, cool icon, Orange808! Is that from the Bunuel/Dali collaboration?
  4. Man, one little chop by the mummy and you're done! Ghost Manor: 3,350
  5. I haven't played these before either. Room of Doom: 3,600
  6. Does this game require two-button function? I currently don't have access to my 7800 and am relying on my Stelladaptor and 2600 controller.
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