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    Listening to jazz and fine incense (yes, "listening to incense"! -- it's a Japanese art form!!), Atari gaming: 2600, 7800, 8-bit, beginning beer homebrewing and incense making, psychology/self-help books, Buddhism, disc golf, and studying early Basic on the Altirra emulator using an old tutorial book from 1982!
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  1. Hi Gorfy ... Tom Hanks Hello GIF

  2. Like this game quite a bit. Hopefully, I'll find time to play some more Score: 36,800
  3. Stampede: 888 Never should have quit the Marlboros
  4. The key really does seem to be to take your time and not rush. But I'm having a hard time learning that lesson. Small improvement (after much play): 37,400
  5. Stargate: 33,200 Fun game, but I don't expect to do well on the higher levels without the use of my old crutch, smart bomb.
  6. slight improvements (I suspect all my improvements will be slight at this point)... Pacman: 2,635 Mrs. Pacman: 40,640
  7. Hi good people! I'm ready for some lockdown Atari. Hope everyone is safe and well. Pacman: 2,388 Mrs. Pacman: 36,880
  8. Actually never played this before. It's kind of fun. Sky Diver: 20
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