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  1. There are at least 25 good games for this system. Below are my top 12 favorites: Ninja Gaiden Shadow of the Beast Dracula the Undead Blue Lightning Klax Toki Super Missile Command/Asteroids California Games Rygar Turbo Sub Robotron Ninja Gaiden 3
  2. Thanks for the great info folks! It is useful.
  3. Thanks Zerosquare. It would be interesting to know if there is actually a difference in terms of visuals.
  4. BTW how do you know which version of the Jag you have? Is it true that there is noticeable difference between the two (in terms of visuals)? Apologies for my naive ignorance! 2d Gamer
  5. I understand that the title of the article is "25 Best Game Systems." However, since there were only (roughly) 25 game systems to choose from in total at the time the article was written, a 24 out of 25 for the Jag is a pretty low score.
  6. I can't really think of any systems they ommitted from the list (other than handhelds).
  7. There are at least about 15 good games for the Jaguar. I don't agree with this article. http://www.ign.com/top-25-consoles/24.html
  8. I am assuming that the "Stage" section in the "High Score Screen" is there to keep track of the highest stage you made it to (in addition to your high score, of course). However, I noticed that sometimes even when you lose your last guy on a certain stage (say 1-7 for example), the "Stage" heading will claim an earlier level (like 1-5 for example). From what I gather, the first digit is supposed to indicate what "loop" you made it to and the second digit is what "game level" you made it to. Anyone know what's up with that? Like why the High Score Screen sometimes "underestimates" what level you died on? 2d Gamer
  9. Hello, and welcome back. I certainly hope you don't "give up" the retro gaming, thing. We certainly don't want to lose a fellow gamer. Do what you gotta do, of course, but I hope you keep up the gaming lifestyle!! Sounds like you got a nice collection. Best, 2d Gamer
  10. Hello fellow Jaguar fans. I have a question about Flashback. What is the difference between playing the game on Hard instead of Easy? Is it tough to beat the Hardest setting? Also, are there any differences between the Jag and SNES versions of this game? Some have said yes and others say no. Thanks, Darrin
  11. Thanks for the info folks. I did it again and figured it out. 2d gamer
  12. Does anyone know how to clear a game's battery back to factory default? I know how to do it in Raiden, but not Rayman. Maybe every game is different? 2d gamer
  13. I FINALLY beat the breakout mini game and it said something about "infinite continues." However, nothing seemed to happen after the message. I still had my zero continues left in the main-game I started. Any ideas how to actually "turn on" the infinite continues? Is it supposed to "save" automatically?
  14. The way I see it is that it is not cheating. Anything within the domain of the game is fair game. Cheating is using cheat codes or special controllers. The downside of repeatedly going into levels for free lives (like any Mario game) is that it's pretty "boring" having to beat a stage over and over again just to rack up lives. And the worse of a gamer you are, the more time you gotta spend "making up" for your mistakes. It's kinda like "grinding" in RPG's. Nothing in life is free, as they say. And grinding in RPG's takes LOTS of time (time is money). Using a car-jack to jack up a car isn't cheating for the same reason.....it takes longer to jack up a car than to lift it with your bare hands. The price (or downside) is the additional length of time it takes. That's how I make sense of it. Same with re-loading a saved game. You still have to overcome the hard part of the game eventually. Reloading a save state is not the same thing as holding your hand. You still gotta perform like a pro eventually.
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