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    RETRO GAMING-I am a member of around fifteen retro gaming and arcade collecting forums ,I also listen currently to around eight retro gaming podcasts and do own a small collection of items,I share my one bedroom flat with seven arcade machines lol.
    Also interested in some history,science,wildlife and drinking real ale.
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  1. I was born in 71 so as a kid games were hand held / tabletop LED,VFD and LCD but my first console in the early 80`s was a good old Atari 2600 woody 6-switch so that is my vote.
  2. For something a little different from all the arcade action stuff look out for Stupid Invaders which is more or less a point and click 👍
  3. It was between the original and number 3 which seems a little cliché I know but In the end I voted for SMB3 and the results showed I have brought these two titles level in the poll. I can fully understand this as I had to think for several minutes before deciding between them.
  4. Phoenix , Astro Blaster (ARCADE) and Yie Ar Kung-Fu (C64)
  5. I have always played games on older systems through the years regardless of what I have owned at the time but I almost completely gave up with modern games during the PS3 era, once a game of interest did actually appear they often seemed infuriating to play and it simply was not what I would call fun. So I U-turned to look at systems and games I had never owned or simply missed and this has been one of the best decisions I ever made, exploring old systems and games unfamiliar to me is far more interesting than trying to find or having to wait for a half decent game to arrive on modern gen. I still do purchase the odd FPS game of interest on steam when they appear for a good price like Doom or Farcry 4 but I consider my self 95% retro .
  6. A few do sort of change every so often but currently- Burger Time Venture Dreadnaught Factor River Raid Night Stalker Scooby Do`s Maze Chase Shark! Shark! AD&D TOT AD&D CM Swords and Serpents
  7. Still playing Missile Command ,not only a good port but actually better than I remember it to be.
  8. Combat Warlords Outlaw Millipede Adventure Ms.Pacman Haunted House Escape From The Mindmaster Sky Diver Skiing
  9. As with most of us there are many things but for me I miss the VFD,LED handheld / tabletops like Galaxy Invader 1000 , Astro Wars and Missile Invader and I had an L.C.D mini munchman (Epochman)
  10. I am leaning towards a racing game as there is not enough , Pole Position for the 5200 is okay but perhaps something could be ported like P.Position II, Sprint/Championship Sprint, or something in the style of Outrun or Victory Run
  11. It would be when I got my VCS in the very early 80`s,It had such an impact on me that I have always had a thing for both the VCS and Atari since. I liked most Atari arcade games that I saw in the arcades especially Battle Zone ,Paper Boy and X-Y bots but my interest in the home 8-bit computers came much later and mostly through emulation as I did not encounter them much where I live in the UK., The ST is the only model I am not too keen on.
  12. Kangaroo , I think this game gets much more bad flak than it deserves.
  13. The heavy sixer then the Jr , I quite like the Jr from Atari Ireland with the black metal horizontal strip on the top cover instead of the regular shiny one.
  14. 31 Kid Chameleon and Mazin Wars (Mazin Saga:Mutant Fighter)
  15. 1. Raiden 2. Trevor .McFur 3.Cybermorph 4. Humans...er sorry I mean Dino Dudes 309
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