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  1. CPUWIZ, Long time. I hope you get out of the Hospital soon! Miss you and hope you are on the mend! Would love to hear from you! Sending prayers and healing vibes your way!! If you ever do communicate on FB Look me up - Jack S. Kortkamp -AT
  2. Thank you and I will be posting soon. More to come
  3. Getting back to 2600 hacks

    1. CPUWIZ


      Remind me, if I forget again.



      Will do - Crazy Climber Turd slingers tell me when ro re remind you then ill owe you one

  4. Atari Troll is back. Retired out of military - Back to hacks slowly. Just wanted to say hello. No more borgwars lol. Once i get new PC configured will post somemore
  5. Better late than ever but Im back LOL
  6. Simply amazing Nukey! Love the intermissions on this one as well!
  7. Jamcat, Your hacks are awesome and very clever as far as the graphic designs! Look forward to seeing more! Cheers
  8. Is every hack going to be available out there. I had too many of the Borg as we all know but I did have a few different titles such as Custers Viagra (no diff than ET extra Testicle or suc man) Turd Slingers and Helo Wars?? Just curious is all. I have enjoyed all the new ones that have been posted to include Nukey Sheys and AATWONG'S Cheers
  9. @Stan or Albert, is there going to be a huge hacks update? Just curious is all! Cheers and take care Atari Troll
  10. Still looks good NEO....awesome work!
  11. Sent you a PM Neo....just a status check...or curious if this is a dead project
  12. Like NE146, this game got me hard to play-LMFAO....Nukey I love everythi ng you have changed about the game. I especially like the SOS after a level has been cleared. Cheers dude
  13. I disagree this hack has some good potential....You could change the clown looking dudes to maybe something like mario and change Leather face to wario or something.....just an idea... Cheers....some people need to keep the opinions to a constructive one atleast Cheers
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