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  1. Well, a.out is really a thing of past but you can always do one of 2 things: compile your own kernel with a.out support enabled or install dosbox and run original Atari dev tools inside it. It is available as binary package for most Linux distros I suppose. I highly doubt that any other available assemblers do follow all of idiosyncrasies of MADMAC and ALN. I recall that one of MADMAC clones (was it RMAC?) has been rewritten using original Atari source code but the source package has been missing Jaguar support. On the other hand it has been ages since I've used any of Jag dev tools so I may be very wrong here.
  2. Your request will be honored. If you like to advertise your projects at Jaguar64.eu you are more than welcome to register and post links to your projects. This is actually the reasonable way to achieve exactly what you want, the way you want.
  3. Yup, I still have your Procontroller and it is doing more than fine I haven't talk to Belboz directly yet, but honestly I dislike reddit page format and it is just reddit, without any additional features that JSII used to offer. We are trying to rebuild the community with giving them more than just a forum. This is why we are offering github (slowly populated) and email boxes for example as a start. The wiki poll is going on on J64 forum but the target is to rebuild and store all relevant Jag info under one address. Cheers
  4. Very good point. Please help us to store all the legal files in one place. That is why we have github - it is easy to download all the archives with single clicks. Wiki is another option and we have plenty of storage space and bandwidth right now. In order to download files from JSII you needed to click on all particular files you've wanted to download. With git you can get whole archive clicking once and thanks to github you even don't need git client. I would highly appreciate you help (and in fact everybody else) in pointing out legal files that could be distributed. If you like this idea please help.
  5. Thank you for kind words. What we are doing is we are not tring to copy exactly JSII, that would be pointless since we all now know how it ends. Instead we try to take all the good things and add many other and move forward. The idea is that since J64 is a new initiative all users have unique ability to shape it into something that will suit us best. You can't do that easily with well established forums like AA for example. J64 is not to be connected to any particular group or devs. We want to hand over the power to the user as soon as we get a proper base.
  6. Dear Guitari Thank you for registering in Jaguar64.eu forum. Your account is already activated so feel free to post I have nothing against AA and Jaguar64.eu users will be still visiting AA due to several reasons including J64 lacks other Atari consoles and computer subforums. I'm old AA user but I've felt like at home at JSII and not AA. This is why I've donated the space and domain for a new forum. Don't want to split the community since it has been done long time ago anyway - this is just a fill up for an empty space after JSII. All the best
  7. Dear friends, Like many of you I find JSII closing down to be a huge loss for Atari Jaguar community. My registration number on JSII was 49 and before JSII I remember JS and other even older forums and mail lists. I do understand and fully support Jay decision to close down JSII, especially when I’ve found out about the background of the whole situation. In this place and moment I would like to thank Jay Smith for creating JSII and keeping with all of us for such a long time. THANK YOU JAY! JSII has been unique place that will always have a place in my heart. However missing JSII and not being able to even browse the forums any longer has left me as other JSII member without great place we all loved and had great fun. As a true Jag fan, although one who did not have time for it recently (which turns out to be a good thing after all since I’ve skipped all that nonsense drama), I can’t just agree that there will not be a place like JSII any longer. Therefore I’ve created Jaguar64.eu forums – I’ve been hosting this domain for number of years already trying to put it into good use and I think finally it is high time to exploit it. I don’t want to do it alone, but with all of Jag fans and members of JSII who are now scattered around different forums and communities. JSII members: I give you http://jaguar64.eu forums and I would like to see our JSII community to unite again under new name. I honestly invite you all there! Let’s stop crying over what is done and move forward to not blew away what Jay build for us for years. Jaguar64.eu besides small number of forums comes already with few exciting features: * Email boxes from @jaguar64.eu – if you like to have this address there is already a poll about it. Current hosting options allow me to do it so why not take advantage of it. * Jaguar64.eu on github – yes, we have a github account already starting to be populated. Please help us with it but also if you have a great Jag project and you are looking for an option to host it, this is the place to do it hopefully. If you are new to git don’t worry, Jagdev forum contains all the instructions you will need. Also if you feel we need another wiki there is a poll going on over the forum and it can be setup with just few clicks. Since I want Jaguar64.eu to be community effort run by true and real Jag fans I’m sure there are plenty of other options and opportunities we can exploit. Just let me know about your ideas! I’m sorry for this long post – in short: if you are missing JSII and looking for a new place that could be a JSII replacement in a not very distant future please give a chance to Jagaur64.eu. Together we can rebuild JSII community! Best Regards
  8. To tell you the truth I though I will have some time during Xmas to play it but all the family came to visit us and... the rest is history. Now I'm extremely busy so it will have to wait till next weekend for being fully tested
  9. Thanks Al for helping Jay.
  10. I guess there are very few CT63 users around here... Out of curiosity - does rdbjag works on this setup?
  11. The original device that stood behind GameSharks and Game Genies was Action Replay - on some platforms like GB it allowed you also to modify game that was loaded into memory. This was important ability considering it was also able to identify difference in memory during game play so it was possible to find simple counters like lives, energy etc. so with a bit of work you could find your own cheat code if there wasn't one in the game itself. In case of Jag I don't think we will see anything like this with exception of emulators. It wouldn't be easy to do it considering that some code might be run by 68000 and other parts are for GPU/DSP for example. I forgot: some of this funcionality is already implemented in BJL and Alpine but you need game image first.
  12. Hi justclaws, I just got second one today
  13. Hi Gaztee I have to agree with Starcat and others - it's very sad that your are selling your consoles. On the other hand I understand your point of view. I have few cool machines I haven't played for ages due to lack of time. Anyway good luck and hope to see you still around... Cheers,
  14. All the best in 2005 guys! Cheers,
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