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  1. So I have a CX2600 model that has some issues with a controller port. The left port always registers the button as being constantly pressed or not pressed at all. The joystick still works fine. I've tried multiple controllers and none of them work in the left but they all function in the right. I was wondering if anyone could help me diagnose the issue and potentially find a solution.
  2. that isnt the as my model, mine has a little metal plate on the left side thank anyways
  3. Mys light sixer has some problems. The button on the left controller doesn't work. I've tried 5 controllers and over a dozen games and the button wont work. It will work in the right controller port though. I went ahead and cracked it open and I found something very odd. It seems some parts are missing. Can anyone tell me what parts are missing and where I can get them.
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