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  2. My toys ATARI Falcon + 14mb ram ATARI Falcon+14mb+CT60+CTPCI+Ethernat
  3. I'm very sad, I'm biker too and I'm affected a lot My condolences to her family.
  4. You can read about here http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=17879&p=184080#p184080
  5. hi, finally I fixed it. I adquired a TT030, and it come with mega keyboard. Changing the cable, it work ok It seems to be a conection problem
  6. <unsolicited advice>You should express your interest through the posted forum link. This will guarantee that your request will be heard.</unsolicited advice> Cheers, T. As soon as I figure out how to write that in German, I'll get right on it I use the google translator to write in German And to understand it too. anyway if there are not at least 15 people interested the guy's not going to make it
  7. If any interested in: nova graphic card adapter for Atari TT, or Atari Mega Ste. and/or magnun TT board. You can go to: http://forum.atari-home.de/index.php?topic=8250.0
  8. Really a great work I'm very happy. And I hope that it will not happen again
  9. I would choose option 1 or 3, it is important for me to try not to lose all posts!
  10. The keyboard works fine in the mega st. I´m thinking if the TOS (spanish or german), has something to do with what happens? (...in the near future I have to change German TOS by Spanish) Thanks anyway, and certainly when I have a little free time. I'll try the cable and connections.
  11. Yes, I can access to the page, and there is the info about progress. Well done!
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