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  2. Hello AtariAge, it has been a while! For sometime now I've been fiddling around with continuous integration (CI) online services for my C++ projects in GitHub. As I was going about that, I came up with the idea to create a small bB toy project in GitHub with CI services for all three major platforms (Linux, OSX and Windows). The goal here was to offer a base project to people who want to use GitHub to create their bB applications. At each git push you do on the repository, your batari Basic app will be compiled in Linux, OSX and Windows using the bB compiler. That is good if you are doing collaborative work: people can work on different platforms and make sure no one is breaking builds/things apart. For more information and details on the build system, take a look at the project's README file. Here is the link: https://github.com/benvenutti/batariBasicTestProject Suggestions are welcomed! Well, that's it! Best regards, Diogo
  3. I am back for little while...

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      Didn't notice you were gone, but where'd you go? :P

  4. Dear Weekend, where have you gone?

  5. I bought some 2600 games from phattyboombatty. All went pretty well! Really fast shipping, awesome package and good communication
  6. Hello there, just wanted to say that a version of Batari Basic for XCode will be a delight! Thanks in advance for this!
  7. I bought ten 2600 carts + 7 manuals. His communication is awesome. Description of the products match perfect what I've received. Actually, the condition of the game/manuals is amazing. The packing was really good too. Awesome deal, great seller!
  8. A minute of delight... hello Atariage, it's been a while =)

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      Hi Diogo!

  9. Same thing here... I ran into this video when I was doing some research on the TIA sounds and "wow, I can make my own games?"
  10. Nice one! It gets really quite messy with tons of default.bas.bin. OFF TOPIC: by the way, hello AA, it's been a while since the last time I had actually spare time to come in here. AA rocks
  11. hey, nice start! It's really good to go slow but solid steps =)
  12. Hey there, been quite away from AA the last months (busy at work) ... but at least once a day stopping to see the batari forum! Really enjoyed your effort. Gotta agree that it has a cool Megaman feel to it. Nice job!
  13. Just got some 2600 common games from Ax in the mail box today. Description and pictures matches perfect what I have in hands. Awesome seller!
  14. so busy... no time for the 2600 =(

  15. so busy... no time for the 2600 =(

  16. Nice effort! Have you thought about a bigger display? Congrats
  17. The Video Touch Pad has rubber buttons like 99% of modern remote controls, but they don't stick out beyond the plastic of the case; they're recessed. Because of its angle and the stiffness of the overlay, I found it difficult to use in my usual coffee-tabletop playing position back in the day -- I had to press so hard to make the buttons respond, that the controller would start to slide away. So I hacked out the centers of the buttons on the overlay! I believe the Keyboard Controllers and Kid's Controllers use click domes similar to those inside the joysticks. This plus their being flat instead of angled, should make them generally easier to use. The Kid's Controllers are relatively huge, so if you want small and lightweight, go with the Keyboard Controllers. Hey, thanks! From that I will probably go with the keyboard controllers since click domes are probably more interesting than rubber buttons for music making.
  18. There´s also the Marketplace here in AtariAge. I got my system there.
  19. I think it might be possible (I am not a fully capable programmer), but I do believe it´s always the same issue: the TIA frequencies. So the converter will have to make decisions on how to approach the not-available/not-close enough frequencies. Also there´s the timber question. If your loops are, let´say, percussive ones, you will have to program the sounds using different distortions sometimes. For example, a good sounding snare might be achived using two different TIA distortions: one for the snapping sound and the other for the body sound of the snare. I am not saying it´s impossible (please, don´t get me wrong - I would love to have a MIDI2TIA converter), but in a a first moment it looks like a pretty challenging quest. Nevertheless, it would be a really good feature for Visual bB! =)
  20. Awesome work! ... man, looks like the new batari will be a killer
  21. really interesting... it sounds really good and I liked how the tones of the 2600 are really bright when staying in tune. I have no idea how he managed that. I mean, he explains but I couldn't understand much. All in all, awesome
  22. Oh, I didn't know things were that complicating when it comes to reading the keyboard controllers. But it was just more of a curiosity for me, keep rocking the new batari
  23. I know this is an old thread, sorry... I've never seen a Keypad nor the Video Touch Pad, but I'll have to get one of those for my Synthcart in the nearby future. I know they both work the same, but do they feel the same to use? Does the buttons have an audible click to them? Do the weight the same? If someone out there has used them with Synthcart, what would you recommend - keypad or video touch pad? Any feedback on this would be great, thanks!
  24. Just wondering... any chance for the new batari to natively support keypads?
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