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    Programming, TI99-4/a, SNES - I write games such as Parsec 2600

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  1. send it to me. if you want to add the software for the BBS I have space for it.
  2. i'll take one. Howard - large, I like 'em a little baggy.
  3. Ugh, I didn't think about creating a tinyurl, thanks. but done printed out and piled the flyers at Game Over. only made a few, though, so the next batch I'll put the tinyurl. By the way, the manager of that Game Over has a TI and he will try to attend.
  4. created a flyer for the event. The Game Over in Selma (SA suburb) will have a stack to hand out to customers. flyer1.odt
  5. anyone got the manual for Myarc Extended BASIC II that came with the Myarc memory card? We just got it emulated on MAME
  6. well, I guess then I better finish it. And yes, the Atari version I have does play a mean game. Oh, I still have my Mille Bornes cards too.
  7. Wiki makes it sound worse than it is. I play the 2 player version, simple to program.
  8. Never heard of either game, I'll look into them. I enjoy programming games of logic & luck. speaking of card games, I working on Mille-Bournes card game. It's another translation from a Atari 800 game I did years ago.
  9. it's on the blog but I'll post it hereuno.zip too. have fun. and if you find an error, let me know. it's LOADs with the KXBII package to get the multi-color text. See my blog on more of the KXBII package. includes manual.
  10. funny you should mention Uno. I just wrote one. simple, but plays a good game
  11. ordered the 40 pin socket. should be here in a week.
  12. Here's what I got on the MAME/MESS disk if anyone interested. dirmame.txt in short Geneve, Gram Kracker, Myarc XB II, P-Code, TI 99-2, TI99-8, Tomy Tutor & Standard TI-99/4a with disk, cartridge, manuals etc.. One thing I don't have is a manual for the Myarc Extended BASIC II that came with the MYarc 128, 512k memory card. Anybody got a .pdf copy of that? AND, anything else?
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