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  1. if he consulted on a port, I feel, there would be more reference to what was being ported and why the direction was taken. this reads in a more straight forward fashion, little justifications. More like, maybe, TI handed him the 990 code and said, modify this and do it this way with these tools and we want it to look like this when your done.
  2. thinking about it, the trend in the industry is to eventually remove the ScrlLock key completely from keyboards. emulations such as the XT could be a real problem for you all. I remember some early DOS software that even used the ScrlLock key not to mention your MAME MODE key.
  3. my last laptop does not have a Scroll Lock key. I'm noticing that the Scroll Lock is vanishing from keyboards. I've redirected on that keyboard so no problem but is the MAME group have any plans on making a new hot key instead of Scroll Lock?
  4. that's how I ended up with a black Alps in a beige TI. the beige mitsumi keyboard in the beige TI degraded past repair-ability and I had an old black Alps from a busted system that I cleaned up and out in the beige TI. honestly if you never seen a TI99 you wouldn't know it didn't come with a black keyboard. a lot other computers did in that era.
  5. got it and the Cyc. it so long I didn't want to commit unless I knew it was worth my while. thanks, i'll look into it.
  6. have a TI99, familiar with hex, binary, etc... (got a degree in computer systems) went through most of the red 'learning assembler' book back in school many years ago with a mini-memory cart on a real TI99. now just getting back into the TI99 programming.
  7. there is probably 1/2 dozen books in .pdf form floating around the internet that are tutorials on learning TI99 assembler. I now want to learn (actually re-learn) assembler but can't decide which book to use. any suggestions of a book that might have really helped you learn? (post the .pdf if possible)
  8. I've got a beige TI99 with a old black keyboard installed which i think looks rather nice. other way around, just don't work though.
  9. good point. FYI on your FYIs. I marked them. good info, thanks.
  10. while I'm on a roll and speaking of really pointless a long time ago in a city far, far away (Atlanta) I hooked up a NanoPEB to the internet using a RS232 to ethernet adapter. mostly worked but that was before Stuart's (?) web browser so mostly useless. the hardest part was configuring the RS232>ethernet device. had to go through 3 of them before I found one still in working order.
  11. I once had an old IBM wireless serial mouse. had a battery life of couple months and only work line-of-site. boy we've come a long way. Admittedly, kind of pointless. But honestly, what's the point of any of this stuff? the more pointless, the more fun. 😁 I mean what the point of a HDX connection to your NanoPEB to transfer files when you can just take the CF card out and use TIDir? still, it can be done!
  12. I might not be seeing it but I don't see the club area off the main forum page like blogs or the other areas. am I just not seeing it?
  13. i thought so I just couldn't remember where I saw it. must been your article I read. I have a Microsoft mouse like you mentioned so it should work. going to have fun this weekend playing with the mouse and HDX on the NanoPEB. 😊
  14. so if I get this right, the HDX looks like a HD as device HDX1. to the TI-99. it can also use the PC printer and clock through the NanoPEB serial port. another question about the serial port (nanoPEB and otherwise). anything on using a serial mouse with the serial port of the TI99? I remember seeing something a long time ago but can't remember what was said.
  15. I can't believe I actually dreamed about doing this last nite. 😁 anyway, there's a way to hook a real PEB to a PC using a serial cable. can the same thing be done with a NanoPEB ?
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