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  1. well then, a challenge, "hello world" in a p-system on the Geneve. that is, if the documentation for the TI-99/4a P-system can be used with the Geneve p-system.
  2. guess I should 'at' @9640News since it's listed as myarc code. looking through it I found it marked as UC pascal and a date of 1991. so it looks like a port of the p-card stuff for the geneve. I wonder how you copy files to it since the p-system files are a FIAD.
  3. I have no idea how I managed to miss seeing this before but I came across a PSYS directory in some old Geneve stuff I have. From what I see it's the P-Card(p-system) from the TI99 for the Geneve? It looks to be when I run but I haven't any documentation on it. Anyone had docs on it or used or know about it? psysgeneve2.zip
  4. this isn't on ti99resources but my project blog site. It's a batch of MAME/MESS packages for the other 99 systems.
  5. A bit back I had these MAME/MESS packages posted on ti99resources.wordpress.com/ but decided with the limited space I have on that website to just concentrate on the TI-99/4 and TI-99/4a. So I posted them to an Atariage thread. But since things, over time, tend to get lost in those threads I'm re-posting them here with updates. Notes: The .zip files come with everything you need to get the MAME/MESS emulator up and going except the current MAME/MESS. The emulator has been tested with MAME/MESS .235 and works down to version .225. get MAME here: https://www.mamedev.org/release.html and MESS here: https://messui.1emulation.com/ MESS is just MAME with the top menus put back. I have the ROMS, CFGs and INIs in a MESS directory you will need to copy into your MAME/MESS so that the emulators will work. Be sure to keep the name of the MAME/MESS directory as MESS so that the execution batch file will work. The emulated computers: Tomy Tutor - Cassette and cartridge only. Myarc Geneve 9640 - I have it booting into 2 hard drives. There is a lot more related files in other hard drives in archive. Myarc MyXBII - also boots to a hard drive. P-Card - Boots a boot floppy. Be sure to have the switch for the P-Card turned on in the switches. Only use the disk created to the p-card I have included. others may not work. TI-99/8 - Boots to floppy. Only use the blank SSSD & DSSD disk I have included as others may not work. This is a resource intensive emulator with using the Hexbus; I5 or better. TI-99/2 - Cassette only. Stick with the way I have it set up & don't use the MAME/MESS configurations of the Hexbus & the 32k memory expansion. Both I have had issues with errors on the 99/2. After all, who needs more than 4k anyway. So here you go, have fun. HLO TI99_Geneve.zip TI99_MyXBII.zip TI99 PCard.zip TI99-2.zip TI99-8.zip Tomy Tutor.zip
  6. A while back I ported over my Mille Borne to AppleSoft BASIC on the Apple II line. I posted it on the Apple II section of Atariage for anyone who was more Apple II savvy to modify and the offer was accepted and a github improved version was created: https://github.com/micahcowan/a2millebornes/ Now I'm finally getting around to posting the new github v1.5. Some nice improvements were made such as inverse video to text based card game. v1.5 github posted below, enjoy. A2-mb15.dsk
  7. that's what I figured about the 99/2 thus the ? On the other hand the 99/8 seems to work well. thx.
  8. playing around with the 99/2 with the memory expansion got a odd ,error? to see how much memory you have left in 99/4a BASIC you can run this little program: 1 A=A+8 2 GOSUB 1 you eventually get a MEMORY FULL error then print A gives you the memory left. If run the same program on the 99/2 with no 'memory expansion' get about 2k in A. But if you run that same BASIC program with the expansion the program never stops.
  9. all fixed. (revised) TI Homecomputer Awareness Program Children-Level-III Instructors Guide Computer Advantage Club.pdf
  10. 1600 views, 525 visitors in a year and a half. Also now the 5th most visited TI99 resource on Google.
  11. the hardware was essentially the same with only minor tweaks, both off-the-shelf Motorola. But they used different drive formats so disk weren't exchangeable. I 'think' also tapes couldn't be swapped. BASIC was ever so slightly different, just enough to annoy & keep Dragon from being sued by Tandy. In reality the Dragon was a better machine due to it's more standard ports.
  12. it was the same as the Dragon 32/64. Were they available in Germany?
  13. next section eventually coming, Music.
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