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  1. after i add a few more software files my next idea is a classroom page. this is where I lump together all the websites, videos, books etc.. on a subject such as learning GPL or Assembler or Forth. might also be a good place to put how best to play some games. an idea in formation.
  2. are you saying GPL was used on the miniframes?
  3. we have a 8-18 and couple 71+. nice see interest in the TI99 extends from cradle to grave. 😁
  4. ADDED A SEARCH FUNCTION TO SEARCH ALL THE FILES! sorta. Added a basic search function on the sidebar in Software and Documents. To search all files click the link to SEARCH to the LISTING.TXT text file at the top of the sidebar. Then use your browsers search function, with the text open, to find the file that you want to view or download. note: I was going to use the build in search function in G-Drive but it turned out to crap. I would have had to make all kinds of changes to the permission and if you weren't logged in with a gmail account you could search at all. way too much trouble when the above way works just fine. only down side is i'll have to manually update the file each time I add files. but since I add files in large bulk, not really that much trouble at all. an added bonus is people can download the listing for offline searchs.
  5. Also added Atariage TI99 forum topic https://atariage.com/forums/topic/267055-new-to-the-group-ti-994a-faq-hardware-and-software-resources-read-first/ to FAQs
  6. Added a new FAQ section. It links to some awesome resources for information on the TI99: arcadeshopper FAQ, nouspikel tech pages, ninerpedia and TI99/4a-pedia. https://ti99resources.wordpress.com/faqs/ if you know of any other FAQ/wiki/resource that you think might be added to this page just let me know.
  7. wow, there are so many things that could be. as every one said, start with the power. the old Atari power supplies had lots of reliability problems. testing can be a problem as you really need to test with a load. be sure you still have +5 with in the machine as it's on. or just replace it with a modern one anyway. they're cheap these days. then things get complicated. it could be a capacitor gone bad. which? best to check them all for bloating or leakage. Capacitors are the next problem area as they tend to wear out. Some people just replace all of them as it's not that expensive. next, check the memory chips. that doesn't look like a memory chip problem, but you never know. lastly the various VLSI chips like GITA and ANTIC.
  8. looking over this stuff, in concept anyway, the TI99 could have been a real decent low cost educational game machine, more along the lines of the Odyssey 2 or Mattel Aquarius. A game machine wouldn't need a full fledged keyboard or a dedicated I/O for things like disk drives, printers etc... or much internal memory since everything was to be on Cartridge. GROM would greatly speed up development of educational games cartridges (which really didn't need to play fast) due to it's simplicity and the BASIC would have to be just good enough to learn on. The TI99 was heads above the 2600 or intellvision in graphics or speed. offered some decent joysticks and speech module with the intended modules they might dominated the game console market.
  9. the problem with the alt character set change on FLASH is only in the Apple IIe enhanced I have found. I know there is a soft switch that turns off the alt character set but I haven't got it to work for some reason. it's probably because I don't understand how soft switches work.
  10. the manuals and the software I maintain in separate folders. Multiplan docs are: HERE Oh, I didn't have the templates, so thanks. All the software and it's docs are maintained in two seperate folders and pages. I'm starting to question the wisdom of that design and might put both software & docs in same folders under one heading. my very long term goal is like the website Atarimania. separate page for each piece of software, books etc... but that will take a long time and many, many pages.
  11. You can actually already do that. I just haven't figured out a good way to implement it on a webpage for use. but it should be in, in some fashion, in a few weeks (i only have time for the site on the weekends).
  12. I do believe I'll do that, thanks.
  13. There something annoying in MAME/MESS that, maybe I just don't get and may have a reason for. When you remove a .DSK file after you closed MAME/MESS which MAME/MESS was attached to, (say you just want to put the file in another dir) when you restart MAME it creates a blank file .DSK where the file previously was with the previous name.
  14. Now over 1200 views by hundreds of people on my https://ti99resources.wordpress.com/ site since inception. Trying to figure out what I want to do next. Decided against adding FAQ as other sites I link to do better jobs. I am going to post the rest of the TI99 and Atari games with manuals, if I can find them, and will start a section of games, which there are a lot, without manuals.
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