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  1. no rush on my behalf as since it'll a few weeks or months before I'll even have time for this project anyway. but from what you say this would be a good thing to document for the Atari community in general anyway. I'm sure there are several others out there who aren't too crazy about the bended leg technique and would like an alternative. So a short topic, possibly a few pictures, would be enough.
  2. I would like to know more about your version #2 since I'm not a big fan of solders chip legs. I may or may not go that way put at least have it as an option. FYI, I'm about an 7 or 8 when it comes to modding computers, I've done a few Ataris, CoCo2s and TI99s.
  3. thank you. as soon as I have the hardware I'll try out your BBS. Love the old-school stuff.
  4. just had an Atariage user sell me one at a really good price. The next thing I'm going to do, when I have time, will be upping the memory. then I think I'm going to make a RespeQt cable if I ever find that old SIO cable I had squirreled away for this. Anyway, expect me to start picking brains off this site on how to best add memory to a 600XL in the mear future.
  5. you can pull a similar trick on the TI-99 and embed machine code with the BASIC code so both loads at the same time. the machine code is actually invisible to the user.
  6. @micahcowan sent me a personal message that I think all should know about as it has a bearing on how one can program in Applesoft in a virtual environment. His message: I found one additional "bug" I figured I'd let you know about. The bug may not have been due to your error, and will not actually affect the way the program runs: but if you do a "LIST 18400-18600" and look closely at the output, you'll find that there's a line 18430 that comes *after* line 18450. It looks like that line 18430 does belong after 18450, though, but the AppleSoft tokenizer I'm using in a Unix environment (I use different ones; today it was Mac OS) refuses to tokenize it back again when line numbers are out of order, so I changed its line number to 18460. my response: OK that's just weird. how I did this, and I do the same with all the ports, I use a program, in this case ciderpress, to import the text file I modified in Notepad+ as a BASIC file to the .DSK. on all other computers any lines out of sequence rights themselves when loaded the 1st time so I never bother to check. Well, learned with the AppleIIe BASIC looks like it will keep it out of sequence so I need to check that. Lesson learned. More than likely there is no checking for lines out of sequence when loading a BASIC program in Applesoft. Applesoft must just assume they were all saved correctly. Next time I'll take a little more time to check over the program and not assume it's all correct. Anyone else run across where the lines are saved out of sequence in Applesoft?
  7. you see the Plus4 port that was done on my projects page?
  8. FYI: I'm giving anyone who wants to port this MIlle Borne to other computer cart blanche. just maintain the spirit of what I wrote, leave in the REMS the list of other ports and who did them and tell me you've elected to do a port and then post it somewhere on Atariage.
  9. Mille Bornes for Tandy Color Computer 2 8/28/20 UPDATE: a bug was found in line 26300. I had dropped a zero from the GOTO, fixed. Also a suggestion was made to add (dots) while loading to have something to look at, done. If you want to fix the version you already have made the GOTO on line 26300 add a zero to make it 26500 instead of 2650. add this line to get the dots while loading: 2420 II = II + 1 : IF II = 10 THEN II = 0 : PRINT "."; Here is the card game Mille Borne in BASIC. I also uploaded it to colorcomputerarchive . It'a a non-graphic card game that you play against the computer (the computer plays a very good game). the game uses a 52×24 column utility so it might be a little hard to view on an un-modified CoCo. This is a translation I made from it’s original Atari 8-bit version to the TI-99 and now to the CoCo2. Oddly enough I found someone had also translated the game to the Commodore Plus 4 too. Check out the game manual in manuals/games section on colorcomputerarchive.com for the general instructions on how to play Mille Borne. Enjoy. milleborneV2.DSK
  10. I tried to port it to TI console BASIC and ran out of memory. I wonder if I would have the same problem with the MC-10. the program doesn't use that many extended commands so if it fits would be simple to port.
  11. @micahcowanfound a bug at line 26300 where I had dropped a zero from a GOTO. oddly, the same error was in the CoCo2 version and I never caught it. it's fixed. also he made a good suggestion about adding ....... (dots) while the game was loading the cards, added that too (thanks). SO the download on the 1st post is now is V2 of the game. if you have the old version the fixed line should read: 26300 NC=NC+1 : IF NC=TD THEN YR$(PR,KP)="" : GOTO 26500 and the added line is: 2420 II = II + 1 : IF II = 10 THEN II = 0 : PRINT ".";
  12. thank you. and thank you for the mention. very kind of you and i'll listen to the episode.
  13. I translated it from the CoCo by pulling it into Notepad+ on my laptop then did global replace for things like REM (' on the CoCo) and some of it came out looking a little odd. otherwise the CoCo to Applesoft was the easiest port I have done of the game. Worst was the 1st Atari BASIC to TI99. Atari BASIC is very non-standard in the way it uses strings. The TI99 version was an almost complete rewrite because. All other version been based on the TI99 version since.
  14. I does look like you can use video in the discord server. anyone have experience with that?
  15. are there any Atari groups coming up that we here could participate?
  16. that would be noon central, 1pm eastern. I'de be cool with that. in my case it'd be after church if we did it on a Sunday. I'm finding having these meetings on Saturday is starting to conflict with a lot other meetings so Sunday might be better?
  17. OK then, I manage our local retro electronics club Zoom every other month and I attend the TI99 Zoom meeting every few weeks. Both have about 6-8 show up each time. So I know how to mange one but I don't have a pro account for Zoom (needed if you have over 3 people. otherwise limited to 40 minutes). what we do for our local club is talk for 40 minutes log off then log back on for another 40. of course if someone has a Zoom pro or like to pay for one... I know a lot of you live in Europe. So we'd need to agree on a time that is OK for US and Europe. the TI99 group meets early afternoon on Sunday. Like say around 1pm Central Time USA. What would that be in parts of Europe? Also, would you want to meet monthly, bi-monthly, bi-weekly? any thoughts? also maybe just meeting at the already mentioned groups? any thoughts?
  18. there is a TI99 Zoom group, a local Commodore Zoom, a CoCo podcast group, is there any Zoom group for Atari 8-bit enthusiast?
  19. Ported Mille Borne to another system, Apple II. It's was a rather simple port from the CoCo2 that only took about and hour as both systems use a variation on MS BASIC. Found Applesoft rather fun programming environment, fast and feature laden. What I was not too keen on was the primitive editing (I guess I've been spoiled with the Atari's full screen editor 🙂 ) Anyway, It's posted here in the Apple II forum on AA:
  20. UPDATE: @micahcowanfound a bug at line 26200 where I had dropped a zero from a goto. oddly, the same error was in the CoCo2 version and I never caught it. it's fixed. also he made a good suggestion about add ....... while the game was loading the cards, added that too (thanks). SO the download on the 1st post is now is V2 of the game. Hello, I'm new to the Apple II scene. In fact I wrote my 1st Applesoft BASIC program (well ported) last night. It's a port of a game I ported from the Atari 8-bit for other systems, Mille Borne. Mille Borne is a card game that also goes by the name 1000 miles, the mile game and other like names. It's origin is in France and is a automobile card game where you play against an opponent putting down cards to make your way to the finish line. You opponent can throw hazards in your way to slow your progress as well as you can to them. As I said, the game originally came from the Atari 8-bit (where I got it I don't know). Then a few years back I ported it to the TI-99, then recent to the CoCo2 and then back around to Atari Microsoft BASIC (see my AA project below site here for those translations:) Anyway, here it is with some basic instructions for Mille Bornes. The game is text (It's my 1st Apple II program after all and I just learned Applesoft last night but it plays a good game). Enjoy Mille Borne Card Rules.pdf MilleBornesV2.DSK
  21. 'IF' I can reverse engineer it I'm going to compile it with a BASIC compiler. Even with Altirra or TBXL it's still takes way too much time to get running. OR, after looking at the code I might be able to speed it up with just a rewrite. For one thing the author seems to assume a 400 with 16k as min and reads everything from disk. I might be able to put a bunch of the stuff in DATA statements in the code which would speed it up a lot. I have also found other things I see that were just poor programming that might just speed it up. But my long term goal will be to port it to some of my other computers, the TI-99, MSX, CoCo, like I have done with the Mille Borne I got from the Atari 8-bit that I ported to the TI-99, CoCo and Atari MSBASIC (and working on an AppleII port). See my projects blog of the ports:
  22. wow, a lot more ways to mod the 600xl then I thought. I've done a good bit of soldering so I think I can get the setup I want with what you all have suggested, thanks. and just as soon as the people on ebay stop selling the 600xl for their equivalent weight in gold i'll buy one and mod it.
  23. I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE MANUAL TO MILLIONAIRE (he says in all caps excitement)! It just appeared on archive.org. I have checked that site several times and haven't previously found it, so kudos to who ever up loaded it. also have stripped the BASIC out of the Apple II version which is a little easier to trace (real variable names). now comes to see if I can reverse engineer this program to make it faster and better. it really was a good stock market simulation game, pity it was so poorly written. PS Atarimania has the disk but no manual. I tried to upload it to the site but got a bounce back as bad email. if anyone knows how to upload this to Atarimania i'm sure they would appreciate it. Millionaire_Atari_Version_Blue_Chip_Software_text.pdf
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