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  1. Hi there, I have for sale some nice reproduction Multi cart Super Mario all star all 4 games in one cart 150$ shipped Adventure Island all star 4 games in one cart 150$ shipped And This ONE 200$ shipped
  2. Hi for sale Alien vs. Predator Atari Jaguar New Factory Sealed mint asking 135$ shipped
  3. bitrate i am speachless very impressive collection ,by the way do you have Korean 3DO Goldstar Alive model 1 for sale ?? respect for the one and only 3do god
  4. hi this is a pic of the system and it was getting hot like hell where i marked in red before when i used the wrong power now that i got the original power its stay cold
  5. hi its not smoking anymore and when it smoke the cover shield was on i couldn't see from where it smok only for 3 sec i quickly unplug it isent there a fuse or something that should blow on this thing??
  6. hi long time reader first time poster i need some help i got a Colecovision PAL with a scart cable from a friend without a power supply i read alot that its impossible to find a working one so i went to the next best think and got an arcade switch power supply with the 5+ 5- and 12v i was so existed to tried it out and by mistake i wired the power wrong and end up with small white smoke ..... i was so frustrated i ordered a new power supply online i got it today and when i turn it on i got black screen with a weird buzzing in the speaker and if i put donkey kong thats the only game i have it give me blue screen any idea?? i can post some pic if this will help thank you
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