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  1. Hey Ax, Still looking for SMB/DH carts? I have maybe 20-30. Let me know if you are interested and I can get you an accurate count. BTW, I closed my shop a while back, and am sitting on quite a bit of common stuff (Lots of NES, PS2, Xbox, some SNES & N64). If you need any other misc. stuff let me know. I need to get it out of my tiny apartment. Thanks, James
  2. Some Rares in this sale. 180 games and some misc. Master Builder, Obelix, Atari Video Cube etc... eBay Auction -- Item Number: 110781415997 Thanks, James
  3. Ya, if it's under warrenty, don't pop it open. It's not hard to open them up if you have the right tools. They sell videogame tool sets on eBay for like $20. It is much easier if you have one of these as on the back of the machine there are multiple tabs that have to be depressed at the same time to get the case apart and there is a special tool for doing that. The tool sets are nice because they contain all the tools you will ever need to get into any system/cart ever produced. Well worth the $20 if you are into gaming.
  4. I have sold almost every homebrew I have ever bought. 90% of the homebrews I bought, I bought on the second hand market anyway. I usually try to sell them here first, but if there is no interest I move them over to eBay and sell them auction style to let the market dictate the price. I guess I have treated HB's as any other game I have ever owned......once it's mine I'll do whatever I want with it. My collection has never been static, it changes with the seasons, so I am always buying, selling, and trading etc....What I may want to add today, will be trade 3 months down the road. To each thier own.
  5. I see no one has mentioned any racing games. Both Blur & Burnout Paradise are easy racers that are non-commital. You can play for 1/2 hour or all night. Easy to pick up, fun to play and hard to put down. Blur especially is cool....think Mario Kart w/real cars, cool track designs & pretty graphics.
  6. Here it is cleaned up. The inside of the drive was just as bad as the rest of the machine. Got it back together and it works good. It just amazes me that some 360's can be abused like that and work fine while others that have been babied get the RROD. Anyway, he owes me $30 and box of Q-Tips
  7. So, this guy drops his 360 off at my shop & tells me for some reason it won't read games. Wonder why! Hopefully I don't get blastomichosis cleaning this forest out of here. I can't believe it even ran w/o overheating.
  8. I am bored again so I thought I would list some Nintendo stuff. As always, the more you take, the better deal I can give you. I hate sending out carts one at a time, so I am going to give discounts based on the number of carts wanted. If you take 3 games take 10% off. If you take 4-10 carts take 20% off. If you take 11+ take 30% off. Shipping is extra except for the GC lot which it is included in. All the GC games are Complete w/manuals etc. Discs are all in VG shape. Pokemon Colosseum - $10 Mario Sunshine - $10 Mario Kart - $10 Resident Evil 4 - $8 Resident Evil - $10 Metroid Prime - $5 Dirt to Daytona - $5 NFS Underground 2 - $5 Soul Calibur II - $5 Batman Vengeance - $5 The Urbz - $5 Take all of the above for $65 shipped. Check the pic for label condition. I will sleeve all of these when I ship. Rad Gravity - $8 Mega Man - $30 Mega Man 2 - $10 Mega Man 3 - $8 Contra - $15 Gargoyles Quest II - $15 Kirbys Adventure - $8 Darkwing Duck - $12 Mike Tyson - $12 Metroid - $10 Destiny of an Emporer - $5 Mario 2 - $5 Mario 3 - $5 Castlevania - $5 Castlevania 2 - $5 Castlevania 3 - $5 Double Dragon II - $5 Ninja Gaiden II - $5 Ghosts & Goblins - $5 Tecmo SB - $5 Lode Runner - $5 Tetris II - $5 Battletoads - $5 Paperboy - $5 Paperboy 2 - $5 GI Joe - $10 DK Classics - $10 DR. Mario - $5 PacMan - $5 Adventure Island - $5 Double Dragon - $5 Silver Surfer - $10 Alien 3 - $10 All of the above are $3 each. Thanks!
  9. Just a heads up, beware with getting a used one of these from anyone but a trusted seller either here at AA, or other sites. I have recieved 2 of these in lots off eBay, and both were non functional upon reciept with the same issue. The directional o-ring was poorly designed in these units. They tend to break very easily and I have had no luck repairing them. Since they are specifically designed for this joystick, getting just the o-ring is impossible. I have seen new units on eBay, but they are too expensive IMHO. They look cool, and I plan on making a set of desk lamps out of mine so they won't be a total waste
  10. A large flat rate box from the U.S. to Aus. costs $58 to ship. A large flat rate box holds 56 NES games w/o sleeves. That adds about $1 per game on your end....not too bad actually. I don't have a ton of SNES games as I just sold the bulk of what I had, but I would estimate that you could get 70+ in the box. Obviously, buying in bulk would be the way to go for you if you wanted to spend that much
  11. Just saw that this went up on eBay today eBay Auction -- Item Number: 350500708119 Wish I had some extra dough
  12. Needed some funds so I thought I would through this stuff up here. All prices include shipping withen the U.S. DSI System w/charge cable. Unit is in VG+ condition. Color is charcoal. $75 Master Builder for the Atari 2600 w/manual. NTSC version. $45 GBA unit in box with paperwork. Unit is in VG shape and has the battery cover. Box is VG+. $25 Xbox 360 Console only. Elite, works great. I replaced the drive recently. Have been playing it for over a week with no issues. I will include a power brick and A/V cables for an additional $25. Price on the console only would be $80. Various 2600 games. I am not going to price all these out. Make me an offer on what you want including shipping. I will not ship for anything under $10 so be reasonable...I mean don't offer $2 on 2 commons and excpect me to cover the shipping ok? ok. Lot of three CIB Mario games for GBA. All three are in G-VG condition. $50 for the lot. Wireless Sony brand PS2 controller. VG condition. $20 I will add stuff to this throughout the day, so check back later! I will NOT hold items......It gets too confusing. First come, first served. As soon as PP funds are recieved, I will remove the items from the post. I will list the 2600 games that sell as they go as well. Thanks!
  13. Crazy lady selling super rare NES! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 200652322747
  14. I would be interested in Pirates if it is complete w/map and all goodies. I don't even have my old C64 anymore, but that is one of my favorite all time games and would be cool to own again!
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