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  1. Is this still available for sale? Started to refurbish my Intellivision units and want to buy this one... Thanks....
  2. Thanks for your help! I'm *thinking* about $100 plus shipping on the loose one (has box, no manuals, etc.). Trying to figure out how much someone would spend on the new one...
  3. Always, but PayPal ultimately favors the buyer and the money is now just pulled from your account and the buyer doesn't have to return the item. I have a couple of PM's as well - my day off this week is Wed. and I will post pics and extensively test the units (not much a CD-I collector and just got a couple of games and loose table unit a couple of years back at the Midwest Gaming Expo). Trying to find a fair price on these things but can only find some person in the UK selling them for outrageous $. Want to help out fellow collectors and will sell for a lot more reasonable. Make offers after you've seen the pics.
  4. ^^^ mean people - not my type of customer.... WOW - tough crowd... two - one NEW, other used in box (not complete) My eBay ID is gkarris if you want my ratings... People only want money orders because on eBay, PayPal favors buyers. Buyer scammers are getting items, then telling PayPal they never received it - they keep the item and get the money back... Will get to the pics this week which will have all the info...
  5. Hello! I used to sell on eBay - put recently got buyer scammed (as well as a friend of mine). Don't want to sell there anymore (they get to keep the item and the money... ). I've got 2 Philips CD-I Portable Units - one New In Box an the other used with just the box (I'm keeping the used Complete In Box for my collection). Any interests? I will need to take US Postal Money Orders only (since I was scammed on eBay/PayPal). Thanks!
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