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  1. Well alright then. Thank you for the replies and insight.
  2. I'm somewhat new to this sort of thing so don't laugh too hard. In the game lot I recently purchased I recieved a sealed copy of Kangaroo. The box and shrink wrap are in pristine condition. It looks like I bought it new at the store today. I know it's a common game but I'm just wondering if it is worth anything to keep it sealed indefinately and buy a loose cartridge to play. ...or should I open my first brand new 2600 game?
  3. Shoot. That is a bummer. The odyssey controllers are very hard to find alone. That's why I was looking at one of these controllers. Well, if I've got to buy a original, I'm going to get another silver one.
  4. Hello everyone. I've got a question, Recently went to go find my odyssey 2 system that was accidentally stored away from the move only to find I'm missing a joystick. I do have an "original release" system if that makes any difference on the jack input. A sega controller does plug into it still, so I'm thinking it's the same from what I've read. But my real question is, will a WICO command control joystick plug in and work with my Odyssey 2 console? I was thinking about replacing the missing one with a new/used odyssey controller off ebay, but I remembered these awesome joystick and would rather get one of these than an original joystick. I'm not sure what the joysticks plug in looks like as I can't find a close enough picture of it anywhere, or and specs for that matter. Please help.
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