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  1. rez0r

    REZR - Dev Diary #2

    Thank you, yes, I'm writing my game in ASM, I'm currently using DASM, Visual Studio Code and Stella.
  2. rez0r

    REZR - Dev Diary #2

    Working on my homebrew Atari 2600 game is forcing me to think again in analog. It's important as a developer to always go back to the roots of any technology or you might lose a sense of historical context and progression.
  3. rez0r

    REZR - Dev Diary #1

    I'm currently going back to the origins of video game industry and making my own Atari 2600 homebrew game. If I had a time machine, I will immediately jump back at the beginning of my favorite decade, which is, of course, the 80's and go work for Atari. If you want to understand the true origins of the game industry's unique production culture, you must study the early years of Atari. All the current industry "patterns" emerged from those original gamedev gurus. By making my own Atari 2600 game from scratch, it's giving me the chance to at least experience how video games were originally made and maybe give me some new insights.
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  5. Great code, I'm learning a lot
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