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      Shipping to me was $47.50...Damn!   Economy shipping,  My Ass!

  1. Sometimes I wish I could send "LOL" as the bid!
  2. I have a skunkboard just not having luck finding the rom on the web. But I'll keep looking.
  3. actually I just wanted to try it
  4. Is this still available somewhere?
  5. I'm waiting for the Commodore version with a keyboard that was promised a few years back. It was supposed to look like a Vic 20.
  6. Hope you feel better I'll take a leftover cart
  7. I'm just not excited about the MSRP everything else is fine.
  8. Dragon's Lair Starcom 1983 Laserdisc posted on Ebay.
  9. I'm still interested in getting one
  10. I've been on the list waiting a couple of years as well. I still want a Mega Cart thou.
  11. I requested mine in January 2014 still looking forward to it
  12. My last email from him was in October as well. He said he was running a bit behind.
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