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  2. fleaBay... I like that. :-) I agree that their customer service is not the best--that a lot of their reps don't seem to know what they are doing. I had to call multiple times and really defend myself to get my neg removed. Fortunately, I did have the time to do that. I'm really sorry you are having problems with them. Wish there was something I could do to help.
  3. Oh-kay! Sounds like JOHNSGIRL2 may have had their internal bits taken out. Maybe if more people complain to eBay? I don't know. Just grasping at straws for all of you because I do a lot of buying and selling on eBay and know that there are a lot of jerks there. I did have a neg removed once so maybe if eBay gets enough complaints and it is pointed out to them that many people are complaining, they will take action?
  4. Has anyone reported JOHNSGIRL2 to eBay? They might be willing to remove negative feedback and take other action against the person if multiple people file complaints.
  5. Sold him some 2600 carts and controllers. He paid quickly and communicated well. I woukld definitely do business with him again.
  6. Sold him a Genesis case and manual. Nice person. Very easy to deal with. Paid immediately. Would gladly do business with him again.
  7. How do I know if I have a Gen 1 or Gen 2 Genesis? Need to know for the RF and power cables. Thanks! ETA: If necessary, I will try to post a pic sometime this week.
  8. Thanks, both of you. I appreciate the advice. I think I will break up the lot into components. I am going to have to go with eBay, though, because I'm disabled and can't drive to meet someone locally, and won't allow a pickup where I live--too dangerous. I'm doing a lot of eBay selling right now and have my own postal scale. I just ride my electric scooter down to the mailboxes to give the mail carrier my packages. So even with the fees, eBay is the lesser of 2 evils right now.
  9. Finally got to test this today. Everything except the 2 player joystick works. I've been looking at eBay though and am thinking I may do better to sell it in parts like I've been doing with some of my other systems. Am I right about that?
  10. Sold a power supply to him. Friendly guy and great communication. Would gladly do business with him again.
  11. Thanks! I am going to make it $110.00 OBO. I'm open to some haggling, especially since I don't have to ship it. It will just be my usual of "No low ball offers."
  12. Paid promptly and is very friendly. Would gladly do business with him again. Thanks!
  13. Hooked up the system and checked everything. Everything works fine except River Raid. I did everything but open it up to try to get it to work, and at best I get a bunch of ASCII characters. Bummer since it has a box and manual. I think I will still include it, though, because of the box and manual. I'll just have to note that the cart doesn't work. Q*Bert was fussy at first, but once I cleaned it, it worked fine. And I discovered that Frogger has 1 overlay. Next step is to clean everything and take pics, which I hope to do tomorrow. Then I can list it on CL.
  14. Sold him the infamous Pac Man playing cards. He communicated well, was very friendly, and was patient with my slight shipping delay. Would gladly do business with him again.
  15. Thanks! Naturally, I like that figure better. Am hoping to get it hooked up and start testing tonight. If everything is working, then I will probably start at $110.00 on CL and see if I can get a buyer. I checked my local CL yesterday and there were only a handful of 5200s listed, so am hopeful that mine will sell.
  16. I have a working 4 switch woody. PM me if you are still needing one.
  17. I PM'd you and haven't heard whether you want the ones I offered.
  18. AtariBrian, thank you. The controllers are refurbished with tiny pieces of aluminum foil in each button. Everything was working perfectly the last time I tried them, but they need to be tested again. Boxpressed, thanks for the figure. I was guesstimating $75 if everything is working, so I'm glad to know I was close. Just checked my database, and I have 10 games listed in it that are all R1-R2. I know I have another handful of games that aren't in my database that I'm pretty sure are commons too. How much more valuable does having them in boxes make them? Two of the games have boxes. Will be testing everything hopefully tomorrow. EDITED: Okay, my curiosity was piqued, so I pulled out my games. They all still need to be tested, but here is what I have... Centipede R1 Frogger R2 1 Overlay Jungle Hunt R1 Kangaroo R1 Moon Patrol R2 Box, Manual, Warranty Card Pac-Man R1 Pole Position R1 2 Copies Q*Bert R2 River Raid R2 Box, Manual Soccer R? (Not Realsports Soccer and there is no just Soccer in the AtariAge database) 2 Overlays Space Invaders R1 Super Breakout R1 Also have an introductory type catalog for the 5200.
  19. Wondering what a fair asking price for this would be. I don't want to ship it because it's so big and heavy, so am thinking about listing it on Craigslist. Was going to sell it to the video game store, but they only pay about $15.00 for it and that seemed low to me. I also have 10-15 games for it, which I may list online, but can price check those on eBay. I did price check the console on eBay and everyone's prices there seemed high. Someone wanted $65.00 for a non-working one. TIA for serious responses.
  20. Sold everything to my local video game store today, except for NFL 2K3. That one I have available for sale here if anyone is interested. It is working and complete. PM me with an offer if you are interested.
  21. Oh, that is beautiful! I'm almost crying tears of envy.
  22. LOL! I'm glad they are going to someone who appreciates them. Though I think a lot of people here would appreciate them. It's cool that you have a gaming program and that you are going to use them as prizes.
  23. I like the vintage stuff too. I have an 80's Pac Man mug that is awesome.
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