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  1. I didn't pay close attention, but Family Dollar has a Namco Blast unit here locally and I'm sure they're a bit cheaper (But don't remember the price). It may have been last year's model, but they were together with Flashback X's and Legends Flashback 2's, so perhaps it's the new one with emulated arcade games.
  2. These classic Doom ports are going to start receiving free add-ons, with Sigil confirmed as first. They've also announced 60 fps, aspect ratio options, and the free addition of Final Doom to Doom 1 and 2 (And Doom 2 is getting No Rest for the Living). Updates will also appear on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, with them apparently due soon. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-12-10-bethesdas-doom-1-and-2-console-ports-adding-final-doom-sigil-for-free Nice to see a lot of free added content and improvements.
  3. Would be interesting to see if they work on the Flashback 10. Perhaps the issue is that even when it's being used as a joystick controller, the built-in paddle functionality is breaking things for the Flashback 9 (which of course isn't compatible with unmodified original Atari paddles)?
  4. I actually believe it was more than 2 IR lights. It was a full fledged array of IR lights, but I've forgotten the exact total that's incorporated into the official sensor bar.
  5. Television size actually didn't affect the Wii remote. The Wii's sensor bar was one size fits all, which is all that the Wii remote looked at when it was utilized as a pointer. The only adjustment was in the Wii's settings where you could indicate if it was located under or above your tv. That's the sum of the Wii's knowledge of the specifics of your television, although certain Wii titles like Ghost Squad did have a calibration routine that could simulate awareness of your television's size.
  6. I haven't yet cracked open Skyward Sword (Although I've owned it now for 4 or 5 years), but I hope I enjoy it.
  7. Yes, game codes are sold at both online and brick and mortar retailers. For an illustration, the GameStop store page for Forza Horizon 4 shows three options. New (Which is the physical edition), Pre-Owned, and Digital. Digital would result in you being sent a redemption code through your e-mail that is then redeemed at the Xbox store for the digital download version. If you want something physical to give, brick and mortar retailers have actual paper cards that you buy with the code hidden at the rear. You scratch off the code like a lottery ticket to reveal it and then enter the code at the Xbox store to redeem it. They look like this image I just pulled off Google Images. And if they lack a particular game card that you have in mind (They mostly only sell newish AAA games in card form at places like Walmart), you can always buy a gift card that is redeemed for store credit to gift to your brother-in-law, which he can redeem for content of his own choosing. Here's another image of a $25 Xbox gift card to illustrate the option.
  8. I don't rank it as a top Zelda title in my mind, but it's a very solid B+ to A- effort for sure. It has a lot of minor flaws (Several of which were massaged and largely rectified for the remaster), but there are easily a half dozen Zelda games I'd rank above this one if I were forced to try to list them in order.
  9. I think the opinion on Wind Waker changed almost immediately for many people. A lot of people like myself that had loved Ocarina of Time and had been impressed with Nintendo's Zelda tech demo for the GameCube were expecting something very different than this. Heck, I even kept telling myself I had only preordered from Electronics Boutique just for the demo disc. I seriously considered not driving the half hour to pick it up at release in I think March or so of 2003, figuring the $15 or whatever I put down was a fair exchange for the Ocarina of Time disc. The grainy screenshots and low resolution 15-20 second videos of the day did little to dissuade me and many other doubters, but when we all finally got to see it in person, I think many of us changed our tune very quickly. It ended up looking like a great classic 2D game realized in 3D. Visually my only complaint was that I never warmed up to how Link looked. I think I had changed my mind before ever departing Link's island at the start of the game. It certainly didn't take me 10 years to change from being a hater to a big fan.
  10. You can flip the world in Twilight Princess HD by selecting Hero Mode, which also ups the difficulty level. Was a nice touch to see the way the world was represented in the Wii version be an option on the Wii U HD remaster. As a Wii U owner that was quite happy with the two Zelda remasters, I'm personally hoping to see Skyward Sword HD, A Link Between Worlds HD, and a double pack of HD ports of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask from the 3DS (With hopefully even further visual refinements to get them looking better on a tv). That said, I'd triple dip on Wind Waker if we got a HD remaster or the GameCube game emulated in HD, as long as it had the original lighting. I wasn't so crazy about the new bloom lighting on the Wii U remaster and much preferred the bright saturated colors of the GameCube original.
  11. That's one strange looking controller, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. The box art you've posted says it's compatible with original Atari 2600 systems and the Flashback 10 supports original wired joysticks and paddles.
  12. Judging by AtariAge posts, there are two versions. One doesn't seem to be working with the SD card and the other is working out of the box with the person's SD card from last year's Legends Flashback. Other than that, there's been no information that I've seen. No explanation from AtGames on why one allows games to be added and the other seemingly doesn't, no word on if SNES and Colecovision roms can be added, and no information on if all the stuff that rmr_md accomplished to enhance the 2018 system also applies to here. Hopefully as we close in on Christmas and these become more available, we'll start hearing some details. Until then, you're probably best off sticking with the 2018 version.
  13. The North American Wii doesn't do RGB SCART. You need North American YPbPr component cables. When you get the right cable, don't forget to enable 480p in the system settings (And widescreen if you intend to stretch anamorphic widescreen titles to 16:9). The vast majority of Wii games you're likely to want to play can support progressive scan (and 16:9 widescreen), which can be fed to the OSSC and changed to a digital 480p signal output via HDMI. I'm not sure if any of the line doubling modes of the OSSC work for a 480p input (I believe they don't, unless a firmware revision now allows it), but most HDTV's do a good enough job these days of upscaling 480p so the main advantage of using the OSSC for the Wii is just the conversion of the analog component signal to HDMI for a display that lacks component inputs. I'm not a OSSC owner just yet, but I've done a fair bit of research and I'm reasonably confident you'll prefer that picture over feeding the OSSC a 480i signal that it then line doubles and applies its "bob deinterlacing" algorithm to.
  14. Did no reprint ever happen for the Switch collection? I was going to buy it and put it away for the future when I buy a Switch since appeared to be $20 at GameStop, but I had forgotten that GameStop lists products and prices even when they have none to sell and this was out of stock. I was under the impression a rerelease and wide release outside of GameStop had been confirmed for this and Atari Flashback Classics Volume 3 a long time ago.
  15. While I take no objection to declaring a platform as discontinued when new consoles are no longer manufactured or widely available, I personally don't view a platform as discontinued until its mainstream commercial life, however limited it may be, ceases. And I believe I read that the officially licensed Just Dance 2020 for the Wii from one of the world's largest videogame publishers was the 2nd best selling platform at launch for that new release a few days ago, so the platform's commercial life (And licensing revenue for Nintendo) is certainly continuing at least at this point in time. It will all be a moot point very soon. No other publisher is going to be jumping back into the ring in 2020. Ubisoft is just providing us with an interesting historical footnote here with their extended support for the Wii, years after gamers viewed the platform as dead and buried.
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