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  1. Plus why would they shrinkwrap the tab on the case that's meant for hanging it in a rack?
  2. They've made no significant changes to the d-pad, so save your money. It's still essentially the same poor design it originally launched with. The system overall was a decent first effort with some flaws and a lot of promise, but has stagnated since then similar to how the Atari Flashback 4-7 were essentially just rereleases of the Flashback 3 with a new name. Hopefully we'll see the handheld get overhauled sooner rather than later since there's lots of room for improvement and it's long over due at this point. After years of just rebranding the Atari Flashback 3 with slight game list changes until 2017, they've shown us that they're capable of making something very good. So I suggest waiting on a true Atari Flashback Portable 2 when they decide to redesign that part of their product portfolio like they've been doing on the console side. Hopefully it will feature a better screen, a far better d-pad, improved buttons (Mine work fine, but they do feel a bit cheap), the inclusion of a recent build of the Stella emulator, and with the retention of SD rom loading like the previous Atari Flashback Portables had. AtGames overall is doing much higher quality work than just 5 years ago, so when they do get around to finally refreshing this in a significant way, I believe it will be worth purchasing as a replacement for our original Atari Flashback Portable handhelds.
  3. While I'm unsure if I'm 100% following your post, I believe I have the gist of it and suspect you're possibly mixed up by the default game modes for these two games. The first two games in Video Olympics/Pong Sport are single player games, so you need to move to at least game 3 if you want to get some reaction out of the second paddle controller. And if you have two pairs of paddle controllers plugged in for a 3 or 4 person game, you need to move to a 3 or 4 person game mode in order to get a reaction from the second set of paddles in controller port 2 (Game 5 is one such mode that offers 4 person multiplayer). And while Street Racer has no AI, game 1 is actually a single player mode with you racing the clock. Move to game 2 for a 2 player mode where the set of paddles you've plugged into the left controller port will both be active. It also has 3 and 4 person game modes if you have two pairs of controllers, with Game 4 the first one that offers full 4 person multiplayer. Check the AtariAge rarity database for scanned manuals if you'd like further details on the game modes, what the difficulty switches do, etc. The various game options in many 2600 games are frequently not obvious when going in blind or if you've been away for a few years, so looking up the manual is often a helpful thing to do. https://atariage.com/software_search.php?SystemID=2600 And even when you're familiar with a game, the options chart in many of Atari's manuals is helpful to pinpoint the mode you want in some of the earlier releases that can have dozens of game variations like Asteroids and Missile Command.
  4. Had it kept the track-ball and spinner and gotten rid of the controls for player #2, I'd be really interested in the Legends Gamer arcade stick.
  5. We probably won't see the NES/SNES Castlevania games appear, considering the collection they released last year that they're selling on the Switch. Most you can likely hope for to appear in this service anytime soon would be Dracula X since it was passed over for inclusion in the Castlevania Anniversary Collection and wouldn't be taking a bite out of Konami's sales of that compilation.
  6. Thanks very much for doing some investigating for me. Appears to be a genuine bug then with the Sega Master System core.
  7. Has anyone ever fired up Desert Strike for the Sega Master System on their Mega Sg? I'm having an issue with multiple roms of it with the latest jailbreak software. When I hit the start/pause button to bring up my status screen and map, the game locks up and makes an unpleasant static noise. If I press it almost immediately after lifting off the destroyer's helicopter deck it will work and bring me to that screen. But if more than 4 or 5 seconds have passed, it doesn't work. I don't have the European cartridge to check with, but I have tried changing the region to Europe, loading up various PAL bios files, and forcing 3 button mode with no success. And you were right about my Colecovision Choplifter issue, SegaSnatcher. An alternate rom is working just fine for me now (I was under the impression these annual 'No Intro' sets had the bad dumps weeded out of them, but apparently some still exist). So thanks for the help there.
  8. Glad I lack a Sega 8-bit cartridge collection and was satisfied with the jailbreak functionality... I just hope I'm able to get an Analogue Pocket and I don't miss the five minute window of opportunity later on to buy the necessary dock to use the system in the manner I'm buying it for (While I'll surely take advantage of it as a handheld here and there, it's the tv-out feature I'm primarily interested in). And hopefully the dock won't have a 12 month wait like mere cartridge adapters did. Analogue has really done a lackluster job with these cartridge adapters. Taking a year from the release of the Mega Sg for them to actually arrive, prices are inflated from what we were initially told to expect, no option to buy them individually (I could see many customers skipping the SG-1000 adapter), and shipping fees are outrageous for tiny lightweight cartridge adapters. I hope they up their game with the Pocket where the handling of the accessories is concerned. Edit: Glad to see them not only doing the right thing in regard to preorders, but actually letting us know about it in advance.
  9. Scaling hasn't been an issue since commercial emulation products entered the HD age. There's plenty of resolution even at just 720p to do justice to a vertically oriented arcade classic from the 1970's and 1980's without significant scaling issues from uneven pixel scaling. And it wasn't a show stopper even before, as evidenced by dozens of vertically oriented arcade classics that were emulated and released in console compilations during the latter half of the 1990's and throughout the PS2 era, pillarboxed for the 4:3 televisions of the era to preserve their original aspect ratio and presented in resolutions ranging from 240p to 480p. And I can assure you AtGames isn't going to bother with a rotation option with their products aimed at the casual audience and even if they did, offering an optional TATE mode is hardly a technical hurdle. And potential frame rate issues have absolutely nothing to do with an arcade game's monitor orientation.
  10. There's no issue with releasing vertically oriented arcade classics for home use.
  11. Does Colecovision Choplifter work okay for other people on their Mega Sg? I'm getting graphically corruption with the latest No Intro rom on the standard Colecovision bios. My shots are a pair of vertical lines, the helicopter when I land to rescue troops becomes 4 or 5 vertical lines, etc.
  12. I just figured you were envisioning a series of large scale compilation discs when the Wii Shop went away. If you meant one game per disc, they would've had to have released 427 individual discs just to fully cover the North American Virtual Console content alone. While I'm also a physical media fan and not out to be a killjoy, that's equally unrealistic to have hoped for. It would've been nice though to have seen a few more Kirby's Dream Collection style releases, and I remain a bit puzzled why some big anniversaries for franchises like Metroid and Zelda came and went without similar collections back during the slow months leading up to the Wii U. At the end of the day though, I'm also sad to see support concluding. And while I feel the Virtual Console's demise isn't a big deal, it's particularly unfortunate that Nintendo and 3rd parties didn't take a cue from Microsoft's range of Xbox Live Arcade compilations on the Xbox 360 and do a bit more with small scale compilations of the better received WiiWare content like Konami's 'Rebirth' line. But at least for Wii fans, modding the console is simple and all the DLC is within easy reach online. So you can take matters into your own hands and retrieve your digital content and easily restore it to a new system in the event of a hardware failure.
  13. Hopefully if such a thing were to happen, it would have button remapping options that ideally could be made game specific, saved, and automatically reloaded each time that particular file was loaded up. Too many good Colecovision games ended up unplayable with the Mega Sg's Colecovision core despite the Sega Genesis gamepad having plenty of buttons for most games. Trying to utilize the various button combinations to work the keypad buttons in an arcade game like Mouse Trap for instance is an exercise in frustration. If we could just map Mouse Trap's four keypad buttons to four of the six action buttons on a Genesis six button controller, it would be fully playable. Since I assume there's a physical barrier to directly supporting such controllers on the Mega Sg despite sharing the same style of controller port (Which presumably would also apply to original Sega Genesis hardware), I wish someone would just make a controller adapter for Colecovision or Colecovision Flashback controllers to be used on the Analogue Mega Sg (and potentially down the road on real Sega Genesis hardware if your hopes came to fruition).
  14. Online stores obviously aren't eternal, so I'm surprised you ever believed that claim. And there's no business case for cramming thousands of dollars worth of DLC to a single disc and then selling them for pennies on the dollar just because Wii Shop support was ending, so that wasn't a realistic hope. In practical terms, I'm not entirely sure what the problem is anyways. Other than losing the ability to make additional purchases, nothing has changed now that most Wii Shop functionality has ceased (You're still able to redownload purchases that you may have deleted in the past, with no announced date for the cessation of that final aspect of the Wii Shop). Your games still reside on your Wii (Or Wii U) and will continue to work for the life of that particular system, as has been the case since day 1 of the Wii Shop. You were never able to log onto another Nintendo Wii and redownload your digital purchases to a replacement Wii in the event of a hardware failure. And Nintendo themselves obviously weren't going to be repairing systems for decades. They were always the sole official avenue for restoring DLC to a replacement Wii if the repair process necessitated sending a different Wii in return, and that support obviously was always going to go away eventually. I just don't see what really has changed here. Existing Wii Shop purchases weren't nuked and remain playable if your system is still operational. And I can understand if someone was disappointed in missing out on a few more purchases and is perhaps angered by the Wii Shop going away, but the shop was online for many years and the dates for the cessation of adding credit to one's Wii Shop balance and then later on the ability to spend that credit for purchases was well publicized (and notices were even posted in the Wii Shop itself). So it's not Nintendo's fault if someone missed out on a final game or two. It's just bad luck that the news managed to fly under their radar since Nintendo certainly fulfilled their responsibilities in letting the Wii community know ahead of time what was happening.
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