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  1. Dale is taking peanuts from me now. But while he's willing to take a peanut that I'm holding, he's not yet ready to be touched. Maybe tomorrow.
  2. Sounds interesting. I'd love to know what it was. I'm now friends with one of my backyard chipmunks. Blue Jays especially seem to love dry cat food.
  3. We can strike Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water from the list. Has been announced today as a multiplatform release for all the big platforms, including the Nintendo Switch (Which hopefully means Koei Tecmo has regained full control and ownership of the franchise; Nintendo of America didn't do the Fatal Frame franchise any favors after Nintendo became a partner during the Wii era). For the the lineup of 1st/2nd party Wii U releases and major exclusives yet to reappear on the Switch, the list is getting pretty slim. Still a few significant candidates left though that would appear to be viable, including two Zelda remasters, Paper Mario: Color Splash, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and the underrated Yoshi's Woolly World (Which while no longer a Wii U exclusive, has only seen a late 3DS release).
  4. They finally announced a console release date. Will release on Xbox Series X/S on the 27th of July. No news about the Xbox One version that was initially promised, then started sounding like it wasn't going to happen, but then in recent weeks again sounded like it still might be in the works. Perhaps it's for the best if it doesn't happen given the technical requirements of the title. A severely compromised port is worse than no port at all.
  5. Yeah, I leave him snacks up there (And snacks for the chipmunks, squirrels, birds, and for a few months last summer a family of raccoons and an opossum were nightly visitors to my shed roof). And after disturbing a little mouse in my shed yesterday, I'm considering copying this guy. And after playing more Vanguard on my PS4, the audio mix does seem off. While it's not bad, the music does seem rather quiet compared to the sound effects. But it doesn't surprise me since Digital Eclipse 2.0 doesn't have a great eye for little details. Close seems good enough for them, which is why I prefer to see emulation projects tackled by Hamster, Code Mystics, or M2.
  6. It's not that way on the PS4, but the PS4 version does have some problems. I have had the NES emulator crash on me and the rotary stick games like Ikari Warriors have an annoying tendency of the right stick getting stuck in position.
  7. They're still working hard on it upgrading the environmental data and structures. And a big update just hit that streamlined the install size of the game significantly. All quiet on the Xbox front. Presumably it's still coming to at least Series S/X, but they're not saying much.
  8. While I'm wary of recommending this collection or suggesting that you skip it (It's an interesting arcade collection, but much more niche than say Midway Arcade Treasures for another example), I suppose it doesn't hurt to mention perhaps the most substantial issue that it has. All the LS-30 rotary stick games suffer from a peculiar issue on PS4 (And I believe NS and XB1) where your aim occasionally gets stuck in position with the right analog stick. It can be worked around (As I recall, I believe I release the analog back to neutral and it starts working again), but definitely an annoying quirk that drags it down. If the overhead run and guns are a big part of the appeal of this, you may prefer to buy Hamster's Arcade Archives releases of the Ikari Warriors trilogy, TNK III, and Guerrilla War. While they're digital downloads, they don't suffer from any such annoyance with the mapping of the rotary aiming functionality of the LS-30 arcade stick to the right analog stick on the PS4 or Switch controllers.
  9. I'll save that for someone else to offer you a recommendation one way or another (I will say that it's an interesting collection, but it definitely does have some flaws). I just wanted to chime in that you're not restricted to Japan for importing if you want a physical copy. The PS4 and Switch release both saw a European release and you can import from that region without issue if you see one for a reasonable price. The one possible hitch is if it's the Switch version that you're after, since the Switch cartridge didn't include every game. Several additional games came out a while after release via a patch and two of the bloodier games were distributed as free DLC via the eShop. I'm not sure if the North American patch and DLC will be interoperable so you may need to create a free European account in order to get the game fully updated with all the content. Not a roadblock and you'll be able to then play the game with your regular Nintendo account, but it's definitely an added nuisance.
  10. Just on the small chance that someone may stumble across this thread when experiencing a similar issue to mine (This collection and another Digital Eclipse release were heavily windowboxed for me on the PS4), it's user error. I simply had never set the safe area in the PS4's display settings. It was at default which leaves a ton of overscan area. Digital Eclipse apparently are one of the few developers that actually respect this display setting since no other PS4 games I've ever played were windowboxed like this.
  11. How about steering wheel support for Night Driver? While a niche accessory, there's also no shortage of people out there with wheel and pedal setups for their PC. Not sure what the complexity would be like with driver support, but any effort to implement it can also be brought forward to other arcade racing games that used a conventional non free spinning wheel that you may release one day like Jaleco's Cisco Heat (Hint, hint ). There's even a fair number of H pattern shifters out there that would be cool to put to use for Night Driver's 4 speed shifter, although that implies fancier equipment than a basic wheel and pedal setup. And past me, I'm not sure how much overlap there is between fairly serious sim racers and fans of 1970's arcade games. But if it happens to actually be easy to implement, why not even if we're only talking about a few dozen people that may ever take advantage? Also, here's video of how Night Driver should look. Like I said earlier, the car overlay really needs to be present. And if we can use say a Xbox gamepad on here with an analog stick, I hope World Rally on the Gaelco collection (and any future overhead arcade racers that you may release) provide the option to steer the car in whatever direction you're pointing the analog stick towards. For instance, if you want to drive towards the bottom of the screen, you'd simply point the analog stick downwards. Developer Code Mystics first came up with this clever idea of how to map the arcade steering wheel to an analog stick and it did wonders to make the several overhead racing games that were included in their Atari Flashback Classics collections actually playable (Classics like Super Bug, Fire Truck, etc.). If we're simply rotating a virtual 360 degree free-spinning wheel by moving the directional controls left or right, World Rally isn't going to be any fun to play (See Super Sprint in older Midway arcade compilations for an example of how it wrecks a fine game).
  12. While I have doubts that it will play well at all with the controller, I hope they don't forget the car overlay in Night Driver. There's no car present in the trailer footage, lol. I wish they'd treat the Atari catalog like they're doing with the Intellivision catalog. Most of their choices here aren't going to be very playable. I'd rather see one strong Atari arcade cartridge with choices selected with the Evercade controls in mind, rather than several cartridges that are weakened by the inclusion of classics that don't stand a chance with the Evercade controls.
  13. Vanguard actually is on the Switch with all the music intact. It's on a compilation called SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (Physical and digital). Has a lot of what came out on the Minis line, a few additional arcade classics, and SNK's NES lineup. Also came out on PS4 (I own the physical release) and XB1 (The latter is a digital exclusive with NES Baseball Stars added). It's only missing a handful of the Minis (Off the top of my head, it's missing Vanguard 2, The Next Space, Marvin's Maze, HAL 21, and the football game). And all the rotary stick games like the Ikari Warriors trilogy are actually playable on it. These rotary stick arcade games (You'd twist the stick to aim in the arcade) have aiming mapped to the right stick and essentially play like they're twin stick shooters like Smash TV. Much much better than the rotate left and rotate right buttons that the Minis (And SNK Arcade Classics Volume 0) used. Hamster has overlapped this lineup quite a bit, so perhaps Vanguard will also be joining the Arcade Archives line eventually if you're only interested in that one.
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