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  1. Forgive me if this was fixed with the latest firmware (My Mega Sg is temporarily disconnected at the moment and I haven't had the chance to apply the latest update to see if the Z80 fix corrects my issue). But I thought I'd mention how Desert Strike for the Master System is broken on the Mega Sg with firmware v4.7/JB7.7 and lower, just in case Kevtris didn't know. The problem is that pressing the Master System's pause button (i.e., the start button on the Genesis controller) to bring up the map/status screen in Desert Strike locks up the game. Affects both the original cartridge via the SMS cartridge adapter and the rom file via the jailbreak. Timing seems to affect it as well. If you hit the button as soon as you can after lifting off from the destroyer's deck at the start of the game, you'll successfully reach the map screen. But when hitting the pause button to exit the map, the game will lock up and static will be audible. And if you wait even a few seconds after liftoff, you'll get the lock up and static immediately upon hitting pause to view the map.
  2. Even if it doesn't ever do those officially, I imagine 3rd party developers taking advantage of the more open nature of the Pocket will provide popular options such as those two cores. If I were to wager a guess, barring Analogue themselves officially supporting NES out of the box (Or the jailbreak firmware that hopefully will follow within hours of the release date including the Kevtris NES core), a 3rd party NES core quite possibly will be the first 3rd party offering we see.
  3. I don't know why you quoted me for in regard to your reply, since I said nothing of the sort about them not following through by releasing this system.
  4. At that time, I was under the impression that it wasn't expected to see multiple runs. The language coming from Analogue had many of us fearing that and although tempered by the lack of logic in leaving many potential sales by the wayside, I thought I potentially had missed out when I encountered similar troubles to what many others did when attempting to preorder (After rearranging my schedule to be home at my PC, which didn't help my mood). I'm glad to see that nonsense didn't come to pass.
  5. I also doubt that they'd miss me. Just ignore me, since I'm still annoyed at missing out (Or so I thought) when the initial preorders were taken and I had difficulty getting past the shipping calculation screen. It's good news that this product won't be limited and I wish them the best of luck. Just maybe they've heard the many complaints and like their press release reads, have worked to improve upon their weak areas.
  6. Lots of changes to their excuses from the first round of Pocket preorders, but it's too late for them to keep at least one customer.
  7. Not a surprise that Skyward Sword will be standalone. Kind of fell through the cracks the first time around for many people and Nintendo doesn't hesitate to price remasters at full price. Rumor though has it that Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are on the way, so maybe we'll see a double pack of those given their previous appearance on the Wii U. Will be curious if that happens to discover if they're Wii U ports or emulation. I wouldn't mind seeing Wind Waker be emulated just on the basis of seeing many beautiful Dolphin screenshots of it and not being a fan of the Wii U's overhauled lighting system in Wind Waker HD, but Twilight Princess really benefited on Wii U from the graphical overhaul. For remastered Zelda content though, what I want to see are HD remasters of their 3DS entries. I'm happy with my two Wii U discs and I've yet to even open my copy of Skyward Sword, but would double dip in a heartbeat if A Link Between Worlds HD and a double pack of Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask 3D were to appear. A bit more problematic though than Wii U ports perhaps, since the 3DS was reasonably successful and many gamers played these semi recently.
  8. That sounds odd, you'll have to update us if you figure out how he managed it. I'm glad my former neighbor kitty moved in 13 months ago. Her old "family" has yet to even miss her, but she's happy and perfectly content to be an indoor cat and gets along well with 2 of my 3 other cats (The third one named Gracie took an immediate dislike to her so they're not on friendly terms; But at least she fights back). She'll greet me at the front door, but just to greet me. She makes no effort to try to slip by. And I always thought the name of the dog on Petticoat Junction was silly (His name was Dog), but somehow Kitten just seems to fit her (The name I'd refer to her as when we were still neighbors). I worry once in a while that I stole her, but she sought out this relationship, she decided to spend cold nights on her heated cat bed on my front porch when I discovered that she was sleeping in my cold shed instead of going home (I found out two summers ago that she was terrified of the neighbor's then new German Shepard), and ultimately it was her that decided to go inside the front door and make herself at home and not leave. And despite the neighbor husband (Or perhaps boyfriend in today's world) knowing about the friendship since I asked in the late summer or early fall of 2019 to confirm that she belonged to them (We had gotten close and I was worried about winter being around the corner), he's never once asked if I knew anything about what happened to her. They didn't even miss her, but she has a family now.
  9. My Catholic elementary school was almost all Apple II's.
  10. If you're talking about the Intellivision Flashback from AtGames that Dollar General carried back when it came out in late 2014, it's an Intellivision Flashback from AtGames. AtGames doesn't remix the controller pinout to break compatibility between different SKU's sold at different retailers. The variations as I recall with the Intellivision Flashback were a retailer specific game or two and I think some exclusive overlays. Dollar General's exclusive with the Intellivision Flashback for instance was the inclusion of Baseball. I bought it on Black Friday that year from Dollar General along with a Colecovision Flashback (The exclusive there was Antarctic Adventure).
  11. Anyone have experience with the d-pad feel when using one of 8BitDo's conversion kits for original SNES controllers or SNES Classic Edition (SNES Mini) controllers? The internal board itself is 8BitDo, but the rest is the original 1st party controller. So I'm curious if the hybrid works better, but have only ever seen YouTube videos from channels that received review kits and which possibly didn't fully put the end result through its paces before declaring it a success (Never a post from say someone here at AtariAge that has had 1st hand experience with the end result and has put extensive time on the converted controller). I bought a second SNES Classic Edition on sale when they were still available a couple of years ago in part to have an extra controller to convert it with the 8BitDo kit to a wireless controller, but never did. I had concerns if the d-pad would be any better so had hoped to see more reports on the quality of the kit, the cost of the conversion kit was a fair bit more than the new 2.4g controller with receiver would cost (I'd of had to buy a standalone receiver if I bought the conversion kit), and last I looked they still only offered the kit in Bluetooth form rather than their lower lag 2.4 technology.
  12. The 3DS may not have turned in the sales performance of its predecessor, but with 76 million units sold, I doubt we have to worry anytime soon about operating 3DS units in reasonable shape becoming prohibitively expensive. Perhaps more concerning than the potential expense of a replacement unit in say 20 years time, may be the long-term longevity of the built-in battery. But with all the amazing items being produced for retro gaming today, it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that we'll see a cottage industry popping up one of these days to supply quality replacement batteries for popular devices like the GBA SP/DS/3DS family, Dual Shock 2 and 3's, PSP's, etc. If anything, I'm somewhat surprised it hasn't happened already. I'm glad though that I picked up a new New 2DS XL late last summer while I still could (Unfortunately with my eyesight, I can't enjoy the 3D capabilities of the platform). While I waited slightly longer than I should've since Wal-Mart had them for as low as $100 at one point in 2020, I still only ended up paying MSRP for it. It's nice to have a fresh one to supplement my well used 3DS XL.
  13. What would your opinion be on an external SSD drive? I've just been using a USB flash drive, but considered that just a temporary solution. The Wii U likely won't load installed games quicker, but it strikes me as perhaps the best option for longevity and periods of inactivity (Hard drives have moving parts that likely benefit from being exercised regularly, but like many Wii U owners, my system has gone through periods of idleness before being reawakened and heavily played again).
  14. This NintendoLife article is saying 3-6 hours for Bowser's Fury. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/01/early_playthrough_suggests_bowsers_fury_takes_roughly_3_hours_to_beat
  15. Sadly, I think the handful of levels with gamepad features still has them in a way. Without the Wii U gamepad though, I'd personally rather see the level or two with platforms that move based on touch commands be traditionalized. And it sounds like the platforms that you blow on the mic to make them move upwards are still there in a couple of levels. On Switch, you'll just be using the Joycon as a pointer now to activate them (And presumably, it works the same way with a Pro Controller). Since there was so little of this in the entire game and their solution sounds like too much of a compromise to me, I'd rather of seen those few levels modified so that these platforms move in a conventional manner.
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