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  1. All you have to do when using Famicom cartridges on an AVS is keep the cartridge door open. Not what I'd personally consider awkward.
  2. Again, there's no risk. The hardware is in the public domain and isn't Nintendo or Konami property in 2020. They can hardly say you can't include the SD slot and a software feature when the hardware being recreated in FPGA isn't even theirs's in 2020. Analogue doesn't advertise it since it's not kosher for a business to advertise a feature that is going to predominantly be taken advantage of to play rom files downloaded from the internet. But the only thing questionable legally is the end user downloading those copyrighted rom files, not the incorporation by Analogue of the feature that allows the playing of both legal and illegal roms. What you're arguing is akin to claiming that a computer CD/DVD drive is potentially illegal since it can be used for illegal purposes. And if that doesn't convince you, think about this. If Analogue thought at all like you do, would they have quietly looked the other way while their systems were quietly jailbroken (One of which was done completely openly by their own FPGA programmer)? If they at all thought this was treading into potentially volatile territory where legality is concerned, they'd of been idiots to have taken the risk. Particularly when a substantial slice of their customers interested in the feature already had SD multicarts like Everdrives on hand for their NES/SNES/Genesis systems that enabled it day 1 without a jailbreak. Our firmware fairy wasn't risking his livelihood just to save us the price of an Everdrive cartridge. Clearly, the view internally was that there's no risk and hopefully that continues to hold true.
  3. These systems are in the public domain. There's nothing an outfit like Nintendo can do. Patents are expired and no copyrights are being violated.
  4. I don't think this will stir the level of interest to support those prices on Ebay. It's not getting the hype that the NES Classic Edition did.
  5. Yeah, it's too bad. I never liked the console storefront. I bought a batch of Japanese downloads this week for my PS3 before the end comes for the browser storefront. Will be prioritizing my last few North American PS3/PSP downloads on my wishlist in the months ahead, since I also don't see it surviving much longer. With changes like this and some past changes that have amounted to cordoning off the PS3/PSP/Vita from the PS4 and the future PS5, it just might prove though to have the opposite effect. If legacy PSN support isn't hindering their current and next gen platforms and is still turning a profit, it just may surprise us and stick around for a few more years yet.
  6. I edited my post to specifically reference the Noir, in order to explain that I haven't been referring to it (Although it certainly is still applicable). I have no complaints about how it has been handled. It's a high end product and anyone that's been sitting on the sidelines wishing they hadn't missed out on the Nt Mini and were serious about buying one if it were made available again, had plenty of time to place a preorder. And I don't know what to tell you. If you think suppliers are telling Analogue how long they can sell a product for and ultimately how many they can sell by the time they finally discontinue it, I can't help you. Everyone understands that there are shortages, delays, and so on in 2020 due to this pandemic. While supply chain difficulties potentially could mean that Analogue can only have X amounts of units available at launch despite demand for let's say twice that amount, it doesn't excuse what you allege that it does. Nobody is forcing Analogue to make this newly announced system a limited time item. It's an Analogue decision to only ever produce a certain amount of them and make preorders available once (And likely a couple of brief "last chance" opportunities afterwards). It's not a Chinese factory's decision.
  7. I don't hold the Nt Mini Noir against them. Preorders were open at least a week before they closed for the primary first round. My only problem was jealously that I couldn't justify the $500 asking price. Otherwise, I'm not sure how you can think any other way with their scarcity. The COVID Gods didn't look down at Analogue and say that you can only produce X amount of these and open preorders once. It's an Analogue decision to make these limited time items and not attempt to fully meet demand over time. Presumably they believe that the rush of people trying to secure their order by implementing artificial scarcity is wiser financially for them despite less overall sales and alienating customers, than it is trying to sell greater numbers over a more extended period of time, paying inventory taxes as they relatively slowly sell a production batch after the initial release day rush, and so on as seen with the Super Nt and Mega Sg.
  8. lol Sure they are, they're not being forced into limited runs. They've decided to do it this way.
  9. I'm sympathetic to the issue of SSD longevity, but let's not forget that virtually every component in a console outside of the rubber feet is a life limiting one. While disappointing that the internal SSD isn't user replaceable, it's far from being unique where the system's components are concerned. There easily could be a multitude of components inside the PS5 that prove over time to have a tendency to break and render the console inoperative before the internal SSD on average does, yet we don't go into home consoles expecting user replaceable motherboards and such. An option if money is no object is to buy an additional SSD drive and an external HDD drive to offload most of the storage work away from the built-in SSD drive. The PS5 comes with a NVMe SSD slot to expand the internal SSD storage and if you're going to play a lot of PS4 games on here, perhaps a nice external HDD for backwards compatible PS4 games to reserve your SSD space for the games that best take advantage of it. PS5 supports standard hard drives for BC games and we likely won't see transformative changes with PS4 load times if Digital Foundry's tests with BC games on the Series X with a similarly high tech SSD drive are any indication. One could easily take away ~95% of the wear and tear off the internal drive, but a comparable SSD drive is going to cost you (And apparently hasn't quite hit the marketplace just yet). So perhaps just compromise with a reasonably priced external HDD if you foresee doing a lot of PS4 gaming on your PS5.
  10. Shadow Complex was well received. One of the most popular Xbox Live Arcade releases. Popular enough to be remastered and rereleased on this generation of consoles. So while I don't personally care, some will be slightly sad about this one. I think We Sing is popular too, albeit with the Just Dance crowd and such (i.e., not people like ourselves). I do want to buy TT Isle of Man 2 though, but was going to buy the Xbox One version anyways. Amazing circuit that they race on there in real life and apparently it's very faithfully reproduced here. Not normally playing motorcycle racers, but want to give this one a try someday. I doubt many will be missing it though. But even if all 10 were huge hits, let's face it, the list is a total of 10 games long. So much better than what folks were worried about when Sony came out in March and said that almost all of the PS4's top 100 hits would be playable at launch. Not only did they do that, but virtually everything else will also be here (Which people reading between the lines in that March statement feared wouldn't be the case). Long running consoles have gotten system revisions with worse compatibility with their own library than this system will have right out the gate with PS4 games.
  11. Here's the list of incompatible Playstation 4 games at launch. DWVR Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One TT Isle of Man - Ride on the Edge 2 Just Deal With It! Shadow Complex Remastered Robinson: The Journey We Sing Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Shadwen Joe's Diner Much better then feared at one time. And while they've already said this before, I know there was some doubt about it; They've reaffirmed that specialty controllers like PS4 racing wheels and arcade sticks will be PS4 and PS5 compatible (Unlike our Dual Shock 4's that will only be usable on PS5 with PS4 games).
  12. I believe Bill has said there is. They oddly don't release information before product releases most of the time, so we'll have to wait and see for actual details when this pops up at retail shortly. I sadly imagine it's a safe bet that it's a rerun of last year's model without an up to date build of Stella and without the return of the external SD slot of the Atari Flashback 9. Going further than what they sold last year primarily only benefits classic gamers and not their core casual audience, so sadly the incentive probably isn't there to implement further improvements. Especially with how their plug and play line seems to be secondary to their arcade cabinets now, I doubt much attention was directed towards the Flashback XI. But hopefully they will have at least improved their attention to the specs of HDMI for 2020's product lineup. They've always had tv compatibility problems, audio difficulties, etc. I'm no expert and don't know why there are issues there, but it does affect their customers and I've also had some minor experiences there as well (Several of their HDMI products will occasionally boot up without audio for me, but it always works as it should upon restarting). And like most people, I don't encounter problems with other HD sources connected via HDMI, so it's something specifically off with what AtGames does. So hopefully that's fixed. I suspect it doesn't even necessarily demand that they retool their hardware. I bet just some more attention to their firmware programming and the HDMI specifications is all it would take to eradicate these annoyances.
  13. There are good options now for using Xbox 360 accessories, although they appear to be out of stock at the moment. https://www.chimericsystems.com/product/ogx360-board/ https://www.chimericsystems.com/product/full-ogx360-set/ While primarily for using wireless Xbox 360 accessories on the original Xbox, it's my understanding it also enables wired 360 controller support such as for USB arcade sticks. And via some sort of 8BitDo USB receiver, people even utilize their wireless XB1 controller through this adapter.
  14. It's closing in on a year since the last update, so there's probably not much point.
  15. I'm somewhat more sympathetic this time since even as one that's knowledgeable about modern console gaming, I can clearly see that the Xbox Series X name is awfully similar at first glance to Xbox One X. Not hard to see how someone rushing to secure their preorder could screw it up. Especially someone less informed such as a parent buying an expensive Christmas present.
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