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  1. Gran Turismo has a ton more licenses than just the soundtrack. 140 real-life vehicles, sponsors, upgrade parts for the vehicles, etc.
  2. Atariboy

    RetroN 77

    Decided I was being overcautious and hooked it all up. Works just fine.
  3. Atariboy

    RetroN 77

    Before I try this, is it likely safe to use one of these arcade sticks with one of these OTG cables, connected to my Retron '77? I've gathered from checking in this thread from time to time that going overboard with too many USB devices can cause issues with the stock power supply, with a powered USB hub I believe the recommendation if one wants multiple accessories connected like an AtariVox. Am I pretty safe with just a single USB controller, even if it's a big arcade stick that perhaps draws a bit more power than something simpler?
  4. And probably usually to folks that don't know it's not the expansion pack or have forgotten what the terminology refers to over the past 20 years and think they're buying an expansion pack. I can't see there being much of a market for this otherwise, given that the expansion pack is important for several of the significant releases from the system's last couple of years of major release activity.
  5. I doubt it's a bug. Since you're familiar with the game, I'll assume you've double checked all the false exits on Star Road. So the next likely candidate is in the Forest of Illusion. Double check the Forest Ghost House and make sure that you've indeed taken exit #2. This double backs to Forest of Illusion 1 and is easily missed if there's already an open path between the two if you had previously taken the secret exit in Forest of Illusion 1. If that doesn't do it, do the same thing with Forest of Illusion 1 and double check that you took the secret exit. Similar to above, the path between the two levels could be open since you did the secret exit in the Ghost House, but you may have forgotten to do the secret exit in Forest of Illusion 1. You can't tell if both secret exits have been taken just by looking at the map since the map is only altered by the first of the two secret exits and isn't changed when you take the second. So it makes it an easy one even for a veteran player to miss when scanning the map for that last exit.
  6. After a long period of not buying any movies, I've bought 11 on Blu-Ray in recent days. A pack of all four classic Peanuts movies on Blu-Ray (Already had standalones for the first two, but double dipping was the only way to get 'Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown' and 'Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown') and I've just ordered seven discontinued Blu-Ray's from Kino Lorber. A Bill of Divorcement aka Never to Love (1940) Driftwood Foreign Intrigue Intermezzo aka Intermezzo: A Love Story Nothing Sacred (Special Restored Edition) Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came? The Woman in the Window All are blind buys I believe except for Nothing Sacred, but because their shipping fees are crazy, the trick is to buy at least $50 worth of movies to qualify for free shipping. Otherwise I'd of had to pay the better part of $20 just to ship one movie. Mostly black & white films from the 1940's (Although 'Nothing Sacred' is in Technicolor) except for 'Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came'. I believe that one is late 1960's or very early 1970's.
  7. I bought a TurboGrafx-16 Mini last year when they reappeared after going out of stock for a few weeks earlier that summer. Very well done little system with few issues. I even bought some additional controllers for it over the course of 2021 (The Euro CoreGrafx style 8BitDo wireless controller and Hori's wired PC Engine Mini controller). I won't be of any help though identifying chipsets or anything, but if it doesn't involve opening the system up, I'd be happy to provide any information you might want for your site. A Union Pacific Big Boy returning to steam was a fantasy of mine ever since I was a young child. Was supposed to be impractical and even the head of Union Pacific's steam program dismissed it during his long tenure from the mid 1980's until the late 2000's (Late summer of 1959 btw was when the last active Big Boys saw revenue service before a recession and a growing fleet of diesels and gas turbines idled them). The day the better part of a decade ago when Union Pacific announced the project to return one of the 8 preserved survivors to steam (Out of a class of 25 locomotives in total) is one of the most memorable days I've had in recent years. That they followed it through to conclusion in 2019 remains amazing to me. I just hope to be able to get to see it in steam one of these days. I've only seen the static example preserved at Steamtown in Scranton.
  8. I can only venture a guess on why Rutubo Games went that route with Outrun, but some have noted how it negatively affected the game's sense of speed. Along with perhaps the feeling that an arcade accurate representation should be the default setup, I can see why they made 60 fps mode an option rather than the default. As for why it's not available in plain sight in the options and is instead hidden behind a button code, I really don't know. Many a developer through the years though has locked and hidden away useful features that should be readily available by default, so they've got a lot of company at least. Here's some quotes from M2's interview for their Sega 3D Classics port of arcade Outrun to the 3DS to back up my statements with, dealing with the classic Saturn release since that was the previous best home version of Outrun before M2 took on the challenge. "When you played the Sega Saturn version normally, it would run just like the arcade version at 30 FPS, but by putting in a cheat code, you could run the game at 60 FPS." "We didn’t have the Saturn source code available to us, so we weren’t able to thoroughly investigate how Rutubo went about handling it, but the Saturn version’s 60 Frame Mode had this aspect where everything ran really smoothly, but it also lost its sense of speed. 3D Out Run does not suffer from that." M2 had the right idea on the 3DS and Switch ports. 60 fps is the default mode and 30 fps arcade mode is hidden away but quickly unlocked by anyone that spends any amount of time with those ports (I believe the criteria is simply to reach all five goals). Everyone is catered to, the game defaults to what's arguably the superior presentation, and the arcade accurate 30 fps original style is easily and quickly opened up as an option for the minority that prefer it.
  9. The North American Sega Ages collection still has the hidden 60 fps mode. All that's missing as I recall are the remixes.
  10. Dale the chipmunk has been back lately. Just had some peanuts about 10 minutes ago. But yesterday one of my backyard gray squirrels really wanted to take peanuts from my hand out under my apple trees. He got within a foot of the peanut in my fingers about a half dozen times before chickening out each time. That particular squirrel was a no show when I was outside just now, but I'm optimistic that I may soon get the rare privilege of hand feeding a wild squirrel (Chipmunks are much easier).
  11. Someone on YouTube that did a review of the latest SNES gamepad from 8BitDo, actually found a good use for the original SN30. He had the clever idea to make use of the shell of the original, swapping in the innards of the new 2.4g controller. He ended up with the best of both worlds. A working d-pad, low lag 2.4g wireless, and a very nice looking SNES gamepad shell that looks 1st party at a glance (From before 8BitDo decided that they perhaps were risking attention from Nintendo's legal department by copying the aesthetics too closely). The shell shown above (And the Super Famicom/Euro style counterpart) were the only thing people seemed to like about the original SN30's. At least the Bluetooth Retro Receiver from those 1st generation controllers has a good use these days as well. One can connect 8BitDo's nice arcade stick to those, unlike the 'controller-locked' 2.4g receivers that only work with the controller type that they were sold with. But since the original SN30 is Bluetooth and all of 8BitDo's Bluetooth controllers can connect to any 8BitDo Bluetooth receiver, the new 8BitDo arcade stick can connect to it when set to Bluetooth mode (Albeit with a tad of input lag that may or may not be noticeable depending on one's setup and sensitivity).
  12. Since this thread has been bumped, I thought I'd offer up my limited 8BitDo experience. I first bought the M30 2.4g controller for the Sega Genesis and loved it. It's now one of my favorite controllers to use and I intend to buy a second soon. This next time it will be the one sold with the USB receiver (Which you can't buy separately) so I can enjoy this great controller on other platforms like the PC and Sega Genesis Mini (And a future MiSTer and Switch when I make the jump). My second and most recent purchase was their TurboGrafx-16 Mini controller, which I bought back in I think January. My TG16 Mini was unhooked so I quickly tested it out with the Stella emulator on my PC when I received it and thought everything was okay. Fast forward a few months later when I got the itch to play some TG16 games, where I quickly discovered that the average rightward press of the d-pad was triggering a right/down diagonal input. Apparently I must've chosen poorly what 2600 game I had tested it with (Must've been one with just left and right movement...), since the d-pad was absolutely useless for anything like shooters. And of course I was past the return window, so I bought another in the hope it had a decent d-pad. Luckily it did and I was able to return the dud in its place. With the latter experience still fresh in my mind, I'm not convinced they're quite there to perfecting every new controller that they put out. But I do know I love their M30 2.4g model and highly recommend it, and I'm overall pleased enough where I intend to acquire more of their controllers. In fact when I buy a Switch, it will likely only be used with 8BitDo accessories (I want to buy their arcade stick and their latest Pro 2 gamepad in lieu of the 1st party Pro Controller when I get a Switch).
  13. Most of what the Super Nt jailbreak doesn't support that people tend to care about are the SA-1 (Super Mario RPG and Kirby's Super Star are two notables) and Super FX chips (Star Fox and Yoshi's Island are the leading examples). Many of the other enhancement chips like the popular DSP-1 (Super Mario Kart & Pilotwings) and Mega Man X2/X3's CX-4 chip are implemented.
  14. Chip doesn't seem to want anything to do with me now. As he seemingly lost interest, Dale got extremely friendly and got to the point where he'd be climbing into my pocket for peanuts. But I burned some cardboard boxes a few days ago in-between Dale visits and had a pretty good size fire going when Dale stopped back by for another load of peanuts. He just sat on the deck railing, stared at the flames, and then took off and didn't return that afternoon. 5 or so days later and he's yet to come back for his peanuts. I hope the fire wasn't too off-putting for him. I liked having chipmunks hanging out and climbing on me for peanuts.
  15. I've not kept up with the community updates, but is there now a way to correctly play 3:4 vertically oriented arcade games? When I load up such roms right now off my SD card (With early firmware), everything is stretched to 4:3. And since my television doesn't let me compensate to narrow the picture to approximate the correct look, it obviously presents a problem for an individual like myself that can't stand their games being stretched.
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