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  1. Nice lineup. Has M2 been confirmed yet as handling the software? Wish it had Final Soldier, Galaga '88, Gate of Thunder, Prince of Persia CD, and 1941: Counter Attack for the SuperGrafx. And I'd of swapped out Space Harrier for the impressive Outrun port. Hard for me to find any real complaints though since it was never going to cover everything I'd of wanted to see. But it comes impressively close for me and hopefully it will be hacker friendly to fill the few holes.
  2. I saw that N64 HDMI adapter in a news article a week or two ago. I'm not sure what they're thinking with it. Even if it works for the Super Nintendo and GameCube, what's the point? For $30 or so more, you can buy a Super NT with a far superior picture for SNES games than upscaled S-Video. And for just half the price, you can buy the CARBY HDMI dongle for the GameCube and enjoy the system's native digital 480p picture on your HDTV rather than upscaled S-Video. If they could make it work for $50, it would've been different. But they're basically equaling the cost of a self-installation of Ultra HDMI here. For me if I was going to spend $150, I'd save the little bit more that hiring an Ultra HDMI installer runs and get a noticeably superior picture out of the system. They're going to have trouble selling these past the retro gaming YouTube channels that will be wanting one just to review.
  3. I definitely noticed this years ago on the Xbox Live Arcade release of Ms. Pac-Man when getting deeper into the game, which was the last time I put much effort into the game. So like Flojo, I believe this is supposed to be this way.
  4. Some of the excuses I've read from translated interviews for why certain games got passed over are odd, too. Like Outrun supposedly was excluded since it's so close to the arcade version that's available on the Switch and 3DS. Not only is it quite far from arcade perfection (And many don't own a 3DS or Switch), but they still included games here like Sonic 1 that are on every device of the past 20 years pretty much. Or that they wanted to include Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II, but that it was impossible to locate the right group to license a dead racecar driver's name and likeness from. I guess M2/Sega doesn't realize that the Senna brand is huge and that it doesn't take much detective work on the internet to find out who controls it (And plenty of companies, including videogame publishers/developers like Codemasters, manage to find it). Plus, I don't know about Japan, but it was Super Monaco GP 1 without the driver licensing that was huge in North America and Europe, not the lesser known sequel. They end up just sounding like weak excuses, much like the one that the developers of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection tried to push for why the combined Sonic 3 & Knuckles game wasn't present. It wasn't because they were selling both games digitally with the combined game unlocking if you owned both. Rather, they claimed they'd have to cut a half dozen games if they had decided to undertake the development to get lock-on technology working. lol
  5. I assume no support for legacy Super Mario Maker level uploads (That would've been newsworthy), but did anything ever happen about creating custom games in Super Mario Maker 2? I haven't followed closely since the initial unveiling. What I'm talking about is the ability for a content creator to do more than just upload single levels at a time. I was hoping to be able to see full 8 world games with four levels to each world. Part of me wonders if Nintendo is worried about overwhelming newcomers that feel obligated to make 32 levels instead of one good one. But they already have a solution in how they allot the number of upload slots. Just keep the feature locked until they earn a certain number of reputation points from single level uploads. They could even roll it out gradually after the feature was unlocked, such as initially only allowing the upload of a single game with just 1 world/4 levels and then gradually ramping up the size if the creator's feedback is positive enough.
  6. That stinks. I wish the makers of these cheap scalers would realize that the majority of the material that people are sending through them is in 4:3, and that many of the users want to view their content in their original aspect ratio. The ability to narrow down a 720p or 1080p widescreen picture being input to their tv to down to pillarboxed 4:3 proportions is far from being a standard feature in 2019 on HDTV's. That means many people such as myself are unable to fix this at the television end. In fact this display I'm primarily using these days (that I believe is a 2018 model) is my first that even allows me to do anything to the aspect ratio of a HD source. My previous sets would display 720p, 1080i, and 1080p as is with no ability for me to customize proportions. But despite various options such as zoom or cinema on my tv, not a single one allows me to compress a 16:9 picture down to 4:3 proportions.
  7. Does that box have an aspect ratio switch? My display doesn't let me pillarbox signals that are in high-definition. So if this box stretches everything to 16:9, I'd be stuck playing classic games that were distorted to widescreen.
  8. I don't know anything about it, but if forum postings are to be believed, apparently M2 has Mega Man: The Wily Wars running on this via an emulated Sega TeraDrive configuration (A combination Mega Drive/IBM PC that the Japanese market received). So it's supposed to run here with less slowdown and possibly some other advantages compared to straight Mega Drive/Genesis hardware. I'm curious if there's actually anything to all of this. Sites like this one seem to suggest there's no such thing as Sega TeraDrive enhanced Mega Drive cartridges.
  9. The entire color palette is off for some reason. The suspension bridge for instance goes from being red to instead looking like the Golden Gate. Digital Foundry Retro covered this in their Virtua Racing feature a while back. https://youtu.be/uEbmTfSxt9Q?t=6m55s I was hoping M2 would patch it, but I suppose it would've happened by now in Japan if they were going to. Thankfully it's not a major problem, but it is a surprising one for a company with M2's reputation. I suspect it has to be a deliberate design choice that was made for reasons we're not privy to.
  10. I'm not interested in CD quality music, but I hope to see some hacks for those games that had optional music tracks at the expense of sound effects. I believe there are several dozen such games in the Genesis library such as the Lotus games from Gremlin Interactive. Being able to have the original music and full sound effects simultaneously would be nice in such games. And I'd love to see Outrun hacked. While music and sound effects aren't mutually exclusive there, Sega did have to sacrifice engine sounds from your Ferrari in order to do justice to Outrun's music. If well implemented, it would be nice to see the music tracks offloaded to recordings played back by the flash cartridge hardware with the freed resources of the Genesis put to use to for engine sounds.
  11. Judging by posts, the Castlevania Collection patch has been released on at least one platform. The Japanese roms are now selectable, button remapping has been implemented, and it sounds like the rom revision for the original Castlevania possibly has been changed.
  12. Will this require an external power source? Seems like it must be pretty powerful to be able to handle Sega CD.
  13. Yeah, that would be an issue. Hopefully if it ever came to pass and they managed to shoehorn everything in, they'd also support an optional USB keyboard and mouse at least (Microsoft has made it an option and I think Sony has been allowing it since the PS2 days, albeit rarely taken advantage of).
  14. Yes, they're not PS4 titles. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter and Racer Revenge are only happening because they're part of Sony's PS2 Classics line on the PS4. I was excited when I first saw it, thinking that X-Wing and TIE Fighter were coming to a console.
  15. Since past history indicates that M2 is likely handling development chores and since Konami controls most of the library, it should stand a good chance at being a top notch product. Certainly looking forward to learning more about this.
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