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  1. I am looking for extra lives in the game Drelbs and was wondering if anybody could help me getting them with Altirra.
  2. Hi i have just typed in Get it Right from Atari User http://www.page6.org/atariuser/archive/archive.htm Vol 01 No 08 - December 1985 on Altirra 3.90 And when i go to check it with Get it Right the numbers are 5 lower then they should be see below (checklist1 & checklist2). also i have include the basic listing of the GIR and the listed version called test. I was wondering if somebody could check this on a real Atari? I have tried Rev A, Rev B, Rev C and also tried Atari800Win but still get the same results. gir.bas test
  3. Could anybody point me in the right direction for a way to open a text file with ten names in the file to read by Atari Basic and then printed out, I have look at numerous books and cannot not find how to use OPEN # in atari basic, so any help in finding a book or article on this would br greatfull
  4. There were two from the UK magazine Atari User called Get It Right I have attached version 1 & 1.2 below gir.bas gir12.bas
  5. Just find an interesting article about Atari Basic, from Mike Walters where he goes in to detail about how he made the game Space Assault. https://wearethemutants.com/2016/09/06/adventures-in-atari-basic-lesson-one-programmer-kids-and-plotting-stars/
  6. Hi I am messing about with Atari Basic and trying to make a deal of no deal game. i have the contestants names in data statements, and i have got a random routine to pick the players names 11 on the left side and 11 on the right, my first problem is how do i get basic to pick the names and that name not appear again on the list. so for instance if the basic picks Luke it should not appear again till another run of the code. Also how can i do this with numbers so each contestant has a number next to them but random 1 to 22.
  7. Hi All I have started a you tube channel to show case Atari Games. The first Atari 8 Bit game that uploaded is me beating 180! Enjoy
  8. Just been looking at ebay and found this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atari-400-800-xl-xe-48k-TAPE-ATARI-USER-COMPILATION-Vol-1-No-9-86-VERY-RARE-/182179243009?hash=item2a6abaa401:g:xQUAAOSw~bFWF6bv
  9. More Typein's from Atari User Volume 1, Issue 1 This one is called Sounds Interesting, it is a typein for a small tutorial. Also same issue this is called Binary the article is called Bitwise Last bit least is called Reaction Timer. I know these are on the Atari User Issue disks, but i am going through them to see who ever typed them in as not added more lines as well as fixed the listing in any way, so i do not take credit for typing this in i just amended them if the list from the magazine is not the same as the one on the basic file. SOUNDS.BAS binary.bas REACTION.BAS
  10. I have them Atari User disks, but some of them do not have all the listings on, if the listing is there i am checking them before uploading them, if anybody wants them i can up load them here.
  11. Here is another from Atari User issue 1 1.Hexer - Hexadecimal Loader - Atari User Issue 1 hexer.bas
  12. Atari Frog - i know they are out there, but sometimes, people who typed them in had a little bit or take bits out of the program, so i use the listings and check them with the magazines, if i cannot find the listing that is when i type it.
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