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  1. colwyn

    Atari 2600 JR.

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Well, along with my 2600 JR came some games, and the most notable are these label variations of MArio Bros. and Realsports Baseball. I apologize in advance for the out of focus pics. Anyway - The Realsports Baseball has a copyright date of 1987, and less text on the bottom as you can kind of see (again - sorry!) The Mario Bros., however, is much different than the normal Mario Bros. It has the red line at the top and other differences as you can see. Anyone seen these variations before? My guess is that it's just like the Homerun cart I posted pics of before with a date of 1987 and a sticker label for the joystick text - later marketed versions of the same game. Also - the top of these carts are different. Any info??? Thanks!
  3. colwyn

    Atari 2600 JR.

    Well, as luck would have it, I was hooked up again at my local flea market. I found an Atari 2600 JR and some games for $15 (I also found a Sega Master System, games, controllers, and light gun for $15). The 2600 JR works great. It is the revision A model with the wide rainbow. How rare are these, and which version is more rare - the original or the revision A model? I also found a few games with different labels than the ones posted here at Atari Age and I'll post the pics on the next topic.
  4. LOL I remember being jealous of my friend because he played the lead boy in our church version of this. Just as a side note, I was in a local thrift store yesterday and I came across the inner booklet for this record. All I could think was 'Thanks for the memories - no, really. thanks a lot.'
  5. My area has been extremely fertile in the last few years for wild finds. I have come across somewhere around 400 carts in 2 years (some duplicates, but suprisingly not very many - I think I only have 8 copies of Combat and 10 copies of Pac-Man) and some extremely rare ones like "X-Man". I have picked up probably 7 or 8 working systems (including 5200, 7800, and a couple of non-working heavy-sixers), 20 or so joysticks, paddles, pads, controllers, etc. I have found almost all of these at thrift stores and a few at flea markets.
  6. Luck hit me the other day, as I normally hunt for 2600 carts in the wild - I came upon a 2-port 5200 with 4 games (commons like Centipede and Qix) and one controller for $3. Sadly, the power pack was not included. I have an old Indus GT disk drive that I used for my XL/XE when I had it so I used that to power up the 5200. It worked great - but I am concerned that it might eventually fry the 5200. The specs on the Indus power supply are: INPUT: 120V, 60 Hz, 33W - OUTPUT: 11.5V, 1.95 AMP. If anyone knows if this will be OK in the long run please let me know. Thanks!
  7. Unfortunately, if what you paid for on Ebay is what CPUWIZ posted pics of, it has absolutely nothing to do with Atari as best as I can remember. What CPUWIZ posted pics of is a Christian music album that I remember my church doing a musical of when I was 7 or 8 years old (which does put it in the 70's). Could you post a pic of it? Or does it match what CPUWIZ posted?
  8. I must agree with the sku - the ergonomic Wico controller is BY FAR the most comfortable and well designed of any controller. In my opinion, it beats ANY single button controller hands down.
  9. I remember the Wico one. Who can forget the red and black? I was never much into the trackballs because I was never a big Centipede fan, but I did love missile command, however money dictated to me at the time that the Atari joystick worked just fine. How rare is the Accuball?
  10. Sweet. Thanks for the info. I wish this had a box with it because it is going in my archive, but I'm not picky when it comes to Atari. Now to find that elusive 5200 trackball at my local thrift store for $1 ..... right.
  11. Well, I tested it out. It works GREAT! I played REACTOR with it and it was better than using a joystick. I even played Popeye and it worked fine. Centipede was a BLAST! It does not function as a paddle (I tried Night Driver just to see). I still have never heard of it. I'm pretty sure that 2600 trackballs are rare. I wish I still had my 130XE to try it out there, but it would probably work.
  12. Ok, maybe it's not. Here's the pic
  13. sorry about the 'no pic'. it is on the other post.
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