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  1. So I got my box 'o' stuff today. Really excited to find a Micro Machines 2 for the Mega Drive tucked into a PGA Golf genny case. Every gme box had a radom game and manual in it! Odd finds: A book, P's & Q's...Just odd. Some odd legos and matchbox cars. Some happy meal toys. An Xbox sport title stuffed into a 3DO box...Bummer. A stripped atari cord, Part of a Game Boy charger. A no lable 2600 game....Maybe it is REALLY rare!
  2. Bump for a great seller. Fast shipping and great packing!
  3. 8 game Ebay lot. All games include the case, half are complete with manuals. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 180944328834
  4. OK, I am in for # 7. Let's see how many Genesis gems you can dig up.
  5. Usually locked in the bedroom closet is the the special DVDs not a gamers paradise. Who needs that kind of storage today with the awesomeness of the interwebs.
  6. With 4 kids a closet is the only safe place to keep most of my stash. The 3 youngest don't even know what's in it. It is has a bolt lock high up on the door to keep out prying eyes. I allow all the kids access to the 360, WII, Xbox, and PS2 games. The 2600, 5200, 7800, NES, SNES, N64, and all loose carts are kept in drawers in the game room, but the kids pay no attention to them.
  7. Here is an update. No more room available, but I stuffed as many items in as possible.
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