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  1. Those sound like good options. Attached is a ZIP containing various ATR images transferred from the Genesee Atari Group library. They consist of collections of public domain, freeware, shareware (or commercial software later released to public domain) that were from either BBS systems or obtained through swaps with other Atari groups in the 1980's. I'm certain much of it may be available elsewhere but there may be a lot of stuff that didn't make it to the various Atari archives. Mostly games but there are some utilities. All images are bootable - BASIC required in most cases. If using emulator boot with BASIC ROM/cartridge enabled, if on actual Atari use built-in BASIC or BASIC cartridge. If anyone seeing this thread has access to post these on Atarimania, feel free to do so. I will also pursue the suggested routes to try finding a permanent home for them. thanks -Kevin Genesee_Atari_Group-8bit-disks.zip
  2. Curios how long it took to get the 50 images...i have 1600 disks's from another user group.. I used SIO2PC cable and software to transfer the images from a 1050 drive to PC. Each transfer took about 3 minutes - which includes loading a blank ATR disk image, executing the duplicate disk command, waiting for duplicate operation to complete, then running the command to write image to disk. During the course of doing this I would go back and forth to do other things but I'm guessing it was about 2 hours total. -Kevin
  3. Hi all, I have managed to transfer about 50 8-bit disk images from the 1980's Genesee Atari group library to ATR format, as well as have a number of self-designed BASIC games I wrote in the late 80's that am cleaning up and transferring to ATR format. All disk images are public domain, freeware, or shareware. Since I went through the trouble of converting these to ATR, I would like to upload them to an 8-bit FTP archive so others may enjoy them. However, I went through several FTP sites on the XL Search archive and couldn't find any that allow public FTP upload anymore. I even sent email to a few contacts listed for the FTP sites and the responses I received indicated that the FTP sites were only available in read only mode or the person was no longer doing any active work with them. Does anyone know if there are any Atari 8 bit FTP archive sites left that allow public uploads? If not any suggestions on other ways I could put these disk images on the 'Net for public consumption? thanks! -Kevin
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