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  1. Yup. To that end, emulation is the only thing I still use my original Xbox for.
  2. Backwards compatibility as in backwards compatibility. IE: Xbox 360 on Xbox One or PSX on PS2, etc... Something I have long lambasted, as I have never gotten rid of any old console. But again, I'm finding reality sometimes interferes with my ability to access them. So I guess {dry heave} BC has it's place.
  3. ​Meh. Emulation. ​I've been dabbling with emulation since the early 90's. Generally speaking, emulation has gotten better across the board. It still doesn't quite replace the real thing. I always prefer to use the real thing. But as time goes on, and I move around, and stuff in my life changes, I find that less and less of my systems are hooked up and playable. Sooooooo, it's becoming more useful to me as time goes by. Dare I say it, I've even reluctantly come to accept that backwards compatibility may have it's place too.
  4. Shame this seems to be dead now. It's sad when you don't follow/update something for years, then go check it out again expecting to see an update, and you still have the current version.
  5. "Look around you" is great. I was glad Adult Swim showed it for a while. One of the best things I've seen on TV in a long time. I'd love to get the DVD set one of these days.
  6. 7 sheets and Dan was very happy.
  7. Currently playing: Tales of Vesperia. Thinking about getting: Blue Dragon.
  8. I've got the same problem. Fallout2 is a tad better, but still f--ked up. Those games just don't like anything even remotely considered a modern computer and glitch out really bad.
  9. Oddly, I never had this problem. I too am from the old school where buttons are on the left and the stick is on the right. Most consoles were that way, so were most arcade machines. At first, I thought having joypads with them reversed would be hard to play (just like arcade machines are hard to play when they are reversed (like DK)). But honestly, I found it easy to deal with and quite natural. So when it comes to joypads, I have no problem. But I do have a problem with stick makers now a days that insist on copying the joypad's reversed layout. Sorry, I'm right handed and simply do not have the left armed/handed dexterity needed. I can press buttons/pads with my left hand well enough, but move a stick, no. <sigh> I don't think I've seen a propper normal right handed joystick in over a decade..... Anywho....NES. I dunno. I guess I could also say I never really loved the NES. I had a few games, like the Mario's and stuff. They were good and fun. Tho one thing that always got me was because of the tile style graphics, a LOT of the games all had a simmilar look & feel to them. It didn't seem like that many games broke out of that and used tiles in groups rather then individual units. Even in emulation I don't play it much beyond the big games; Mario, Zelda, Dragon's Warrior, etc.. Most of the rest just seemed...mediocre. It's funny, NES had the same problem the 2600 did; a few good games amung an ocean of crap, yet they managed to pull it off.
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