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  1. Yup. To that end, emulation is the only thing I still use my original Xbox for.
  2. Backwards compatibility as in backwards compatibility. IE: Xbox 360 on Xbox One or PSX on PS2, etc... Something I have long lambasted, as I have never gotten rid of any old console. But again, I'm finding reality sometimes interferes with my ability to access them. So I guess {dry heave} BC has it's place.
  3. ​Meh. Emulation. ​I've been dabbling with emulation since the early 90's. Generally speaking, emulation has gotten better across the board. It still doesn't quite replace the real thing. I always prefer to use the real thing. But as time goes on, and I move around, and stuff in my life changes, I find that less and less of my systems are hooked up and playable. Sooooooo, it's becoming more useful to me as time goes by. Dare I say it, I've even reluctantly come to accept that backwards compatibility may have it's place too.
  4. Shame this seems to be dead now. It's sad when you don't follow/update something for years, then go check it out again expecting to see an update, and you still have the current version.
  5. I also concure. Quotes belong at the top, and one's reply to said quote belongs at the bottom.
  6. Don't feel bad. Same thing used to happen to me when I was in my mid-late 20's everytime I'd try to buy beer or wine, and I had a beard. Take it as a compliment. In another couple of year's they will stop asking, then you'll know you're old.
  7. Artlover

    It's me, Artlover

    Fly penguins, fly!
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