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  1. Pong


  2. Time to go to Craigslist for a different TV! (meaning I don't actually have another one)
  3. Let's try naming all the other consoles, there's probably 20 of them, from the Odyssey to the N64, from the CD-i to the Intellivision.
  4. Tried it, webcam made huge file with horrible quality. I'll see if I can get it on VHS with a few other stuff I want to record and then export it when possible. But it's the weirdest thing ever, no documentation at all.
  5. Where do you rank Sega-16? Sega-16 failed to work on my computer once when I was browsing it, so I closed the tab and never went back. So, not a member.
  6. Pong

    Zellers 2600 Games

    Good luck with that! I have made several inquiries over the years (well above the individual store level) and nobody seemed to know what I was talking about. Remember that the vast majority of people do not care about old video games, and they are highly unlikely to remember a product last in the stores some 25 years ago. It would be very interesting to find out who the original manufacturer (or, at least, wholesaler) was, but that information is probably long gone to dust. Actually, I just want to play a joke on them, that's why. It would be hilarious to get a reaction of "what are you talking about" and then, if they actually do have it (horrendously unlikely), I'm going to buy them.
  7. No issues at all with the VCR or the Genesis, or unless they're way off on the channel settings. Trust me, I've tried changing that, still nothing. I disconnected it from the switchbox and the VCR straight to the TV, and guess what? It still rolls the screen. Also, it started fuzzing out a bit for a minute, but quickly changed back after I stopped my character, probably light connection.
  8. Well, all I want is a DRM-free Sims game that uses a method like Sims 1, but with cars, separate entities of AI, walking around the whole town, even to survive, and no Comic Sans font. Without any pay-for-pretty DLC, just expansion packs, and NO STUFF PACKS.
  9. Why not plug it in and test it out? (I swear I saw this exact same thread just 10 minutes ago on NA)
  10. Well, my TV only has the two forks/coax input, it's made of wood, and it doesn't support newer items (anything with the three RCA plugs) well. But, yeah, it's a rolling screen. So, this just happens and I have to live with it?
  11. I'm on AtariAge, NintendoAge, and SegaAge. In order of maturity, it's NA, then SA, then here. I'd love to have a board here.
  12. Looks really interesting, now all I need is $1.29... :3
  13. I go, I build, I set it on fire. Just like any other normal game that is made out of cubes with a 16x16 texture on each of its faces that eats up at least 1GB of RAM when played made by Markus Persson.
  14. Pong

    Zellers 2600 Games

    Checked that list, but Scuba Diver's not on there. What.
  15. Connected my Atari, finally, to my TV set-up. It's connected the TV in coax port of my Genesis switchbox, that switchbox is connected to my converter (modern RCA -> COAX, very useful), which is connected to my VHS, which is connected to the TV. It's a horrible method, yet it works. Anyway, I can play some games like Combat and Missile Command and even Mario Bros. fine on it, but once I choose something like Swordquest and move my character, the screen flickers like mad. I thought it might have been my channel signal selection, yet it changed nothing. My TV has no option on flickering, though, so I can't really do much. The other option was that it's a PAL cart, but I tried my duplicate and the same thing happened. If anyone wants, I can record myself trying it just so there's some idea on what's going on, but I think that data might be enough. Running on a Darth Vader. EDIT: Tried every channel combo possible, still nothing. I've tried a few puzzles like the nuclear waterfall, which flickers if you DON'T move, and the run-across-a-highway thing, which flickers whenever it wants.
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