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  1. when can we get our hands on this ? <!--QuoteBegin-r3n4ud+Fri Sep 2, 2005 12:06 PM --><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(r3n4ud @ Fri Sep 2, 2005 12:06 PM )</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteEBegin--> you rule! 923854[/snapback]
  2. i'm #5 on the first run and i haven't heard back yet... i was told that they would email us when the ship date was near, and i haven't heard anything for months... so does that mean they're only shipping #1 to 4 this week ? you'd think they would've learned after the disaster with haunted adventure !
  3. updates ??? ***anxiously awaiting to get copy in grubby little hands *** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Still working on it....All of the boxes are done for the first run, carts are stripped and cleaned, labels printed, manuals printed and cut, and stickers printed and cut. It's just a matter of putting everything together. Everyone here is in the middle of finals and graduation, so time has been short. We're almost there, though. I thank everyone for their patience. Best, Jarett 837732[/snapback]
  4. I know this has been discussed many times, but I've searched in vain and can't seem to bring up any threads... Looking for games my better half and I can play together on the 2600, but simultaneously, not turn by turn... Any points to a list or thread would be greatly appreciated Cheers ! Dave
  5. I traded mine last year on the basis of the earlier rarity rating I know a few people with them here in Toronto, who'd trade with me but I didn't care as it wasn't as rare back then apparently... Guess I'm going to have to get one from them now that it's a 9
  6. Last time I heard, my order was #23 and was (allegedly) sent out Wed Feb 2nd...
  7. Hey I can totally understand it if they have been overwhelmed, but I was told my order would be shipping on such and such a date, and I even factored in the usual US/CANADA customs nonsense... When I inquired about the delay, it turned out that my order hadn't even shipped yet ! And I had ordered just the carts, no special boxes etc... No notification...nothing. Don't get me wrong, Tony has been great ! But I have ordered stuff from the US after the packrat shipment, and that stuff has already arrived here...but still no packrat cart All they have to do is send out a blanket email stating something like " that due to overwhelming response we are backed up etc etc etc" That would at least let us customers know where we stand... Just my 2 cents... While I can't speak for Jarett personally, I have known him and his staff for over a year and I will say this... People, please keep in mind a few things: Like AtariAge, Packrat is not a business that is a primary source of income. Both Jarett and Albert have other employment. This is a hobby. I know Jarett has school as well. The Haunted Adventure Pak, etc. has been more successful than originally anticipated. The interest has been overwhelming. With another potential "blockbuster" game, Wolfenstein in a box, etc. on Haunted Adventure's heels, things may stay a bit behind for a while. Jarett is also finalizing things for the Wolfenstein package in order to get that game available to purchase soon, due to the overwhelming interest it has generated. I have helped Jarett on occasion, folding manuals, etc. and I can tell you that he accepts nothing but the highest quality product. He prints and builds the boxes for HA Pak one at a time. Remember, each box has a unique text message and # on the back of the box. This takes time to do. I assume Jarett is building them in order of when payment was received, hence why some completed orders have made it outside of the USA before others. It is worth the wait! The boxes look excellent, as do the game labels and the carts( I got clear cases for my order ). I'm sorry to hear some of you are still waiting, but I'll vouch for Jarett and company. If he makes a promise, he keeps it! My above comments are not to excuse Packrat for the delays, but I wanted to offer another perspective on the issue. Perhaps Jarett will see this thread and comment. He can verify or clarify what I've written. Weston
  8. Does Packrat usually take this long? I had been considering making a pretty significant order for some of their other boxed games in the future. Tell me about it I've decided that this is my last Packrat purchase. I was going to pick up Wolfenstein and a few others, but the service is quite unacceptable. Still waiting, and the funny thing is that each time the order is "delayed" (that is, if it's even shipped yet). Tsk TSK tSK
  9. wow..snapped up already... Shouldn't surprise anyone, but: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WD1V But it looks like US shipping only for this seller. I'm sure there will be others.
  10. i just dug out my supercade book and did a block by block copy of the arcade characters...took about 1/2 hr for all 3 the joystick too about a 1/2 hour as well... once you get used to the blocks and how they work, you can go really fast cheers ! d
  11. How can the stuff get to Europe before it gets to Canada ??? Still waiting for mine here in Toronto...
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