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  1. I tried it on CoolCV for immediate testing, and it worked perfectly. I don’t know about ColEm.
  2. I confirm that the dumped rom is working perfectly on my AtariMax Ultimate SD Cart.
  3. Yes, I pressed reset many times, interspersed with reseating the cartridge. I have no capacitor mod at C3. Never knew about this particular mod until now. Good to know that it works with the AtariMax!
  4. Thought about doing that. I will do this today if time permits. Of course, your issue was different than mine and Ikrananka’s. I’m curious to see if this works however.
  5. I received my nicely packaged box this weekend! I am not sure what day it arrived because the mail delivery person tends to hide the packages behind a pot. But that made for a nice Easter egg! Excellent surprise this year. Thank you Collectorvision Team for all your hard work, the improvements, and your love of providing a pleasant surprise for the fans! You really are keeping that wonder of summer 1982 alive! So far, I cannot get the “purple text” game to work on my F18a modded Adam (this is my main machine right now). Everything is scrambled. I will pull out the SGM to see if that changes anything. I will also try it on a stock RF Colecovision.
  6. @Under4MHZ another phenomenal and cute little game! I love the twist on Tetris... very unique and challenging! I use a two-button clicky-stick "Atari 2600/7800 Competition Pro shaped 3D Printed Joystick Sanwa clone stick" (purchased from eBay user: oghugo) split off from my Champ joystick adapter. Super fun!
  7. Super cute and fun game! A little boulder dash, a little of Pixelboys epic Boxxle! Thanks @Under4MHZ for your amazing work!
  8. @AnalogKid This development is phenomenal! It's as if it came from AtariSoft themselves. Thanks a million for sharing your work and the fun! Still trying to figure out how to get my middle base to fire.
  9. This is incredible. @Ryan Witmer does it again! A couple of observations and suggestions: I would start off the game menu with "Trigger" as the default (and I'll tell you why). Because I (and I presume many of us) have neigh but an old 5200 controller floating about, which I use paired with my Makopad PC via my bohoki adapter. Them number pad key membranes dry out after a while! Yes, eventually I'll get the rev 9s and all that. After I plugged in my TrakBall (and using its functioning keypad), I noticed my TB provided very slow character movement on the playfield. Could just be me, admittedly. I had to take my MakoPad off of "turbo" mode, then the trigger worked phenomenally well The MakoPad does kick butt for this game! Thank you Ryan for your awesome contributions to this community! This game is phenomenal, and I believe the first idiosyncratic title that's seen a port between the two systems. I'm diggin it!
  10. Nope, not at all such things. This was Collectorvision’s first response to the demand for cart-only releases. I would have to look up the email to find the exact date, but there’s a thread here as well. Right when Collectorvision started to ramp up their production of boxed releases, many people began asking for re-releases of older carts, but at a more affordable price, and without the box. In order to differentiate these from the original boxed releases, they chose white, semi-translucent shells. I have a set.
  11. Absolutely no doubt that we would all love to see these come out. And your statement speaks volumes considering you are the protos master general around here!
  12. I just popped this in to my Atarimax, and it’s looking amazing. Nice job with the screen demos!
  13. I would love to learn how to use TDOS to change partitions and load ROMs directly from that interface. I would like to investigate the SD card options as well. I’ve briefly checked them out on Facebook. How do the SD card hardware options compare to the IDE card rig? It would be nice to have TDOS function as the overall OS to control the system. I do not like using the EOS selection menu. It could use some improvements toward better overall functionality. @NIAD what software do you use to parse the Adam partitions and software from within Windows?
  14. Thanks a million, Jim! I used HDDRawCopy to "burn" the .img onto my CF card #2, and it worked magically. All these ADAM games and wares are fun and/or interesting! On CopyCart #1, I noticed AquaAttack (selection #5) was not loading properly in my previous (2014) image. I burned the new image; now it's loading, but it freezes. Is anyone else experiencing this? From memory, it seems like CopyCart images have always had buggy ROM copies in them. Can others confirm this? Whatever the case, thanks Jim, for fixing some of the ROMS you noted in this most recent build.
  15. Thank you for confirming this issue. This is wild, but I just pulled out my Adam today for full-time use as a ColecoVision. It needed a tweak to the audio-out. It is fully upgraded with the F18a and all the MicroFox cards. I was testing a retail copy of Donkey Kong Super Game, which loaded fine, but I noticed major lags in the gameplay during DDP load times. I did a search, and stumbled upon this thread, which only started yesterday! Anyway, as soon as I pulled the IDE card and drives, DDP load times are now normal.
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