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  1. I just happened to notice this, as I'm about to order more from retroprotection.com this evening. So, are these Epyx (2600) boxes the same dimensions as the Epyx (ColecoVision) boxes? I have two Epyx titles for my CV: Gateway to Apshai and Jumpan Junior. They are an odd size. I measure 5-13/16" x 8-13/16" x 1-1/8". This eBay seller might have deliberately omitted the dimensions. I certainly don't see them in the listing.
  2. I believe they are 32k and 128k, respectively. I can check tonight.
  3. Bob, thanks for all you do! I'm just lovin' this game, and I say it is THE best version of Pac-Man for any 8-bit system! Since the above change was made, I'm unable to get my CC2 to recognize anything besides Yamaha sound. Of course, the CC2 has no Yamaha capabilities, so it now plays without sound. The previous versions would identify the TIA and default to TIA sound (which I agree is AMAZING)! I've tried almost all of the 128 kB banking files to no avail. I know it's basically old and unsupported, but is there any chance of compiling a version where the BIN recognizes TIA for loading from the CC2?
  4. I see both sides. It’s easy to castigate someone because they are not using their brain. It is a pity. I’m sure he’s talented. When people start to do that and play the victim, it is simply a passive aggressive way to try to get their needs met. If he could just stop for a moment and ask himself “what is it that I want?” He could then carry on doing what he likes best (contributing here). Those who play the victim are stunted by their own psychological hangups. He has trouble getting along with others, so he uses tactics. Sorry to geek-side-rail, but this problem is so frequent here. We all need to grow up sometimes.
  5. I am really glad that you persistently asked this because I have an F18A enhancement in my ColecoVision, but no Phoenix. That’s a bummer to find out. Wonder what changed in the coding?
  6. @TwentySixHundred I finally got around to testing this game on my CC2 today. What a truly phenomenal effort I see unfolding! Great graphics, cool screen-by-screen horizontal gameplay, and fun, unique characters! I was able to get it to load using the following text in my MENU.TXT file: 7800: Captain Comic CAPTCOMC7512 78QUICK I hope to see more development with this one, as it has huge potential! Another platformer like this is needed for our Atari 7800 that we love so much. Thank you for sharing!
  7. Thank you once again @mksmith! This is a phenomenal reboot of the amazing work that you've shared with us all. We are grateful for your abilities! I was able to enjoy the heck out of this game on my CC2 using the following entry: 7800: Arkanoid REBOOT ARKANEW 7128R32P78BIOS Yes, I called my ROM "ArkaNew"! It wasn't working using the same banking scheme as your previous release(s). I took a careful look at the numerous banking files that were provided by @Mitch, and I chanced upon just the right one the very first time. 7128R32P loaded the software just beautifully, and the POKEY audio is simply amazing. In case it helps anyone, the 7128R32P banking file has the following description: 7128R32P 128K SuperCart, 32K Banked RAM ($4000-$7FFF), POKEY at $0450 Thank you again for your incredible motivation to redo this masterpiece game!
  8. @RevEng Thank you for providing this fixed ROM! It makes way more sense now. I like watching the competition between Bird and Dr. J rather than watching a lonely Bird shoot hoops. When loading this on my CC2, I'm noticing missing button functionality. Neither button begins game play, nor do the buttons engage action(s) during game play. The buttons DO work to select from the menu however. I've tried both 7800BIOS and 78QUICK startup files. I'm using the standard 7800_48K banking file (the same one used when loading the original ROM).
  9. Thank you Bob! This game is phenomenal. Just tried it out on my CC2 using the following entry in my MENU.TXT file (use spaces instead of tabs for MENU.CC2 file): 7800: UniWarS (RC1) UNIWARS 7800_32K78QUICK And it works beautifully! I don't recall playing this game in any arcade BITD, but I may have dropped a quarter into it. Whatever the case, I think this is loads better than 7800 Galaga, and indeed more fascinating! Thanks again Bob for bringing these rare classics to our beloved console in true arcade glory!
  10. Don’t fret. CPK is one of the all-time greats; a true predecessor to Super Mario Bros. A fun and challenging game with horizontal screen-by-screen play-through (like Pitfall!), and a great musical score. By all means, pick up a copy. If you learn to get past “the dreaded screen 23”, then you will have become a true champion. 😉
  11. You are welcome! I am super happy with my ColecoVision box protector. It fits perfectly snug! Now my CV display unit looks shiny and it's well-protected. The 7800 shells are AMAZING! I ordered 1 each of the red, green, and blue. And the major bonus is, they fit my 7800 Double Dragon/Rampage PCB PERFECTLY (made by Panos Santos in 2015). I will cross-post in the 7800 forum.
  12. Please add me to the list! Thank you for bringing good things to life!
  13. I concur! I verified a fully working Popeye.bin on my CC2 after the latest beta release. EEEEEExcellent!!! 🤩
  14. Sorry about the delay. This thread and this game deserve way more attention! Unfortunately, I see no change with this BIN. Starting the game (by pressing "punch") takes me straight to "Game Over". 😢
  15. I’m still very interested in this game seeing a release. I was captivated by the awesome graphics and entertaining game play. It would be cool if—in the case of it not being finished—extra levels could be integrated. This is wishful thinking, but I envision this would make an incredible long-play action-adventure game with challenging screens and levels.
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