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  1. Looks very cool. I like the font graphics and the 3D shading effects. I’m interested in a new or updated musical track, and power-ups would really enhance the game.
  2. I think two of those mentioned were made available as ROM files. If you own the games, you’re welcome to rip these for personal use. There are multiple ways to do that. This in no way infers piracy.
  3. phattyboombatty


  4. Great suggestions above; I second those. In addition to those: Pitfall Arcade Gulkave TwinBee Cabbage Patch Kids (Opcode) MECHA-8 Boxxle Joust The Goonies Lode Runner Zanac Elevator Action Light Grid Racing Dragon’s Lair (Team Pixelboy Cartridge Ed.)
  5. Put a paper bag-style sleeve over it and call it Monkey King Special Edition.
  6. This is awesome! I really want a pair of these. Ive seen the PCBs on eBay, and I recall that SMbaker mentioned making some extras.
  7. I tried the Kanex Pro and wanted to post my results for anyone wishing to play their S-video modded Atari (7800 in my case). I ordered (tried) the following: - Tendak 3RCA AV CVBS Composite & S-Video R/L Audio to HDMI Converter Adapter - Portta PETCSHP S-Video and R/L Audio to HDMI Converter - Kanex Composite/ S-video to 4K HDMI® Converter (Kanex Pro, model CON-AV-HD4K) Tendak: video looked crisp and clear, but would only display black-and-white on my Samsung 55 1080p HDTV. Returned it. Portta: giving a second go with the cheaper converters, this unit displayed color just fine, but the video was plainly awful. Graphics appeared blocky and fragmented. Returned it. Kanex: going with an upper-tier $100 item was a definite win. Color and graphics were brilliant. Adapter unit itself was very nice looking. But there was a significant lag (maybe 500 ms) that I found to be intolerable. Returned it. After trying all 3 of these, I feel I made a valiant effort with my attempts. The Kanex Pro was the definitive winner for color, resolution, and clarity. Having returned every device, I turned to the homebrew scene and purchased the: RETROTINK by Mike Chi, available from RetroRGB (https://www.retrorgb.com/retrotink2x.html). This device was engineered by a professional and video game hobbyist/enthusiast. I was pleased to find that the website recently advertised that parts were in stock, and that theyd be shipping orders within 2 weeks. I got mine in about 1 week. The Retrotink is a remarkable feat of engineering, and produces ZERO lag. It is powered by a microUSB connection and uses mini HDMI out. I hooked up my S-video Atari 7800 and it produced PHENOMENALLY crisp video on 4:3 or 16:9. There is no lag at all, and I can now play my favorite video games with the family on the main OLED flat panel TV. I wanted to give a shout out to Mike Chi and RetroRGB for their great service and winning architecture. The Retrotink simply takes the cake!
  8. Else, good to have you back! Not long ago, several people kicked the old thread up a notch or two and were hoping to track you down. Thanks very much for coming back with a bang! Guess Jim will have to eat his words now... Thank you for your hard work. I just tested all 3 ROMs on the classic "Mugrat" emulator for macOS, and all three work perfectly. I love what you've done with Horse Racing '83. The perspective change is totally awesome, and I look forward to advanced developments. So glad it's fully playable and I just think it's great! Horse Racing '82 is terrific also, and really drives home the idea that we all got from the O.G. Coleco screenshots. Awesome! Skiing is of course also amazing. Again, I love the perspective changes. I'm sure you've already heard from Collectorvision about publishing these, so I look forward to seeing these in some old skool Coleco packaging soon!
  9. I had to quote you here since you echoed my sentiments so precisely! Just received my Seagull 78 adapters yesterday, and they, along with the 8bitdo Bluetooth adapters and Bluetooth controllers, make for a perfect modern Atari rig using original platform hardware. I was thrilled to learn about the initial results from gorfcadet. Had to buy these components to try... Its just AWESOME. I found this to be the perfect setup for my kids and wife to learn and play on the big screen TV in the family room. My 7800 has been transformed into a legitimate, central gaming platform, right where my PS3 used to be (it got the YLOD).
  10. Jinks: sidescrolling, slow pinball that is lame with pink backgrounds. But the reproduction sound of arcade Atari Gauntlet quarter-insertion is cool!
  11. I vouch for Larry's amazing controller! He provided one for me to play-test, and the sticks provide excellent, smooth control with an analog feel. Some key takeaways: The controller has a nice weight to it. You can set it down and use the sticks almost effortlessly. I do like the solid construction. Love the texture on top of the casing. Promotes a solid grip, slip free! The analog-style joysticks are extremely responsive and really move nicely with a 360° architecture Springiness of the buttons gives this a true-arcade feel Nine-pin cables have a good length overall (several inches longer than the 7800 ProPads) and have a retro appeal Where the joystick truly shines is with Robotron 2084!! There have been a few solutions for dual-stick control on the Atari 7800, but this one might be the best. I can use both sticks for Robotron, and play it as it was meant to be played! Plug in the Minivex, and use the left stick to control your man, and the right stick for firing. In the 80s, dual-sticks were an awesome advancement in arcade gameplay, and I've been sorely missing this. I know arcade enthusiasts (like myself) love this feature to this day, and others will be absolutely blown away to use the Minivex for Robotron. 2600 games I can think of (but have yet to try) are Raiders of the Lost Ark and I hear Stargate works with dual-sticks. There's a thread started here that may not contain a complete list. Can anyone suggest other 7800 or 2600 games that would rock with the Minivex?
  12. I was thinking about RK Games, as he happened to purchase an eBay item from me a few months ago. I didn't use the opportunity to ask him about this, as I didn't feel that was the right platform. I can at least tell you that (as of maybe 4 months ago), he is still around and into classic Atari-era games!
  13. Dear sirs, I received the package I ordered from you today. With one surprise release of 2019‘s Rikki & Vikki, you have effectively transformed my Atari 7800 into an advanced gaming machine. You have retroactively bridged the generational gap between mid-to-late 1980s platforms. Thanks to you, the retrogaming public can now behold the awesome capabilities of this amazing machine (and have terrific fun at that)! Words can’t express the ingeniousness of you engineering feat. Sincere regards and many thank-yous as I “game-on” one of my favorite rock-solid consoles, Phattyboombatty
  14. Paid! Looking forward to the evolution of my 7800, right before my very eyes!
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