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  1. I’m glad theVNAguy had the nerve to say something. The game mechanics are poor. The scanned in screenshots are oddly placed. I love CollectorVision and what they’re doing, so I will say no more. I will continue to support them, but I would request that “polish” in the form of an updated ROM (similar to how Mario Bros. Rev. B was re-released). I’m still stoked about the product and the club, so please don’t take this the wrong way.
  2. Thank you for releasing this. I copied it to my SD card today for a throwback 1982-like Thanksgiving experience. What a phenomenal game! Incredible graphics, wonderful arcade sound effects, great title screen, terrific gameplay... this is a contender for best release of 2019!
  3. Just finished my MBA. Whew!

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      congrats!  Finishing up the first semester of mine!

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      Thanks everyone!

  4. I’ve been meaning to post mine for a long time. I have 6 or 7 units now, and I’ve restored and resold a few over the years. I’ll get those posted at some point. This one, I received a few years ago in a CL pickup in my area. It currently boots up to a black screen, but it’s slated for a RAM replacement soon! Other than that, it’s in fine cosmetic condition. Serial 0004611, made sometime between August 30 to September 5, 1982.
  5. I’m glad you started this thread, as I just got ahold of a CC2 myself! It is truly astonishing how this tech is still so relevant, and it works great! I’ve been busily playing games that I’ve patiently waited for years to enjoy on real hardware... Apple Snaffle, Worm, Wasp, all the Bob D. games, all the hacks... the CC2 is one of the few true answers to unleash the awesome power of your Atari 7800 ProSystem. And there’s one other great reason why: the hacks! Donkey Kong Jr. Mario Bros. Double Dragon. Pole Position II. All of these games have been improved and are so much more fun to play! Then there’s the development capacity... I look forward to being a contributor to game development too! I was thinking of starting a CC2 support thread, where we could collaboratively improve the menu system and banking files. If these components were streamlined, the tech would be much easier to keep current with today’s game development (I know there’s the CC2 Discussion Thread too; very helpful)! The 7800 is a totally awesome and underrated gaming machine. There were few games released in its heyday to bring out the best on the system, but thanks to all the incredible minds here at AA, there are some stellar, high quality productions that I think everyone should enjoy!
  6. Received mine today, and I am very happily surprised! Had no idea, and it makes so much sense. I love the packaging and LOVE the journalism. You guys did a spectacular job on this one. Once again thank you for believing in this fan-base and pulling together such incredible projects to completion! You get what you pay for (and I haven’t paid for a CV Phoenix 😭). The club idea is a fun thing that links all the away back from Little Orphan Annie to our favorite days of the 1983 Atari Club exclusives... Beyond that, I’m pretty certain that it goes back for centuries. I want to thank the CollectorVision team for creating a unique and functional enterprise, and for catering to our hearts!
  7. Got my copy of Challenger today! Thank you CollectorVision Team for producing such great products for the fans!
  8. Got my Vanguard cart today, yippee! 37 years in the making! I love the improvements to packaging, label, and manual. This is high-quality all around! Thank you CollectorVision for working hard to meet the demand for craft video games, being timely, and DELIVERING! Great stuff!
  9. I picked up my copy at the AtariAge booth at PRGE 2019 a few days ago. This is one of the finest Atari 2600 works ever to be produced! All the arcade sounds and gameplay are properly represented here. No flicker on my LED tv screen. Phenomenal title screen. Superb use of the AtariVox. I’ve been more into the 7800 lately, but this really knocks it out of the park for the 2600, and it will be stuck in the cartridge slot for a good long while! This is a great game, and I just wanted to say thank you Mr. Champeau, Mr. Strum, and the entire team for engineering and producing this incredible port that preserves a true arcade classic for all to experience. Excellent work!
  10. Sweet! Glad you connected with so many Atari programmers and enthusiasts! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you. I got Baby, Wiz, and went back for a $40 PMC ftw. Long time need! Now my wife and kids can enjoy a variety of Pac-Man goodness on the 7800. I didn’t find any thrilling throwback pickups at this expo. A couple of vendors had some nice looking boxed 5200 and 2600 games, but they were all budget items. I smiled at the giant cardboard pits of “junk” that some vendors had. These included dozens of common Atari carts and many, many controllers. I think they’d sell better if a little cleaning and organizing went into those, but I’m sure this type of arrangement appeals to pickers. Next time I’ll remember to bring my purple nitrile gloves!
  11. Superb! What a thrilling Monday morning, right after PRGE! Was so sad that the expo was over, but this makes me very happy! Thank you Dutchman2000 and Mr. Jentzsch!
  12. That guy was a great bagpipist! He cruised by later wearing a Darth Vader mask, a black cape, and a kilt!
  13. Well, it was a fantastic time at my first PRGE! I have been to CGE a few times over the years, and it was nice to get acquainted or reacquainted with the likes of Ianoid, cmart604, Albert, April, Rev, swlovinist, and all the great artists and content creators that help bring us together! I didn’t take spectacular photos this time, I mostly took video. I’ll edit some and put it on my YouTube account. My family accompanied me on this trip, and my little boy got hit with a bad cold. We had to limit our time on Sunday, but all-in-all, he trudged though. I also had to finish some homework for my MBA program, which is still pending! I will fly back to my hometown tomorrow… back in to the sunny sunshine. I will miss the soggy, coffee-and-beer soaked atmosphere of Portland, which is an excellent departure from the dry warmth we’ve had for many months now. Hope you all enjoy!
  14. Must have passed that up over the last two days… I will see if I can find that tomorrow!
  15. Here! Today was great! The free-play arcade was such a total throwback... everything from (clean) old school video games to rock n’ heavy metal music. Also, arcade food like pretzels, ice cream and sodas. I noticed that the home console area had nice, fully functional Atari 2600s, Magnavox Odyssey, N64, and other units. I’ll have to check tomorrow for the 5200s. My kids are young, so we had limited time, but we were able to do two rounds today. Tomorrow at the AA booth should be awesome!
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