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  1. I’m guessing Toymailman hasn’t been around. I would love to see the list updated.
  2. I had this exact thing happen with my Fatal Run cart that I purchased off of eBay last year... It just wouldn’t load. I was certain that I’d purchased a known-good NTSC cart, but I began having my doubts about it either being known-bad or PAL. 😂 After several good, thorough cleanings with isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips, voila the game loaded. It could be something idiosyncratic about this particular run of carts, or it just might be good old-fashioned corrosion.
  3. Great review! Thanks for spending the time to really test this gamepad out, and for being thorough with your results! There are 5200 games that just don’t play well with a thumb stick (or fixed resistance), but there are many games that are massively improved! I would love to see other contributions for the plastics so that there would be a choice in pad style.
  4. Hypertronics is a completely reputable seller in my book. He/they have come through for me! I purchased 7 NIB games last spring. There was an initial problem with shipping (possibly due to some of the political issues), so the package was rerouted back to Venezuela after a few weeks. This had me worried, but he went the extra mile for me, shipped the package to a relative in Europe, and then the package was re-shipped to my doorstep. Everything was utterly golden! I have made 3 purchases from Venezuelan sellers now, and they have all been successful. The first two packages came directly to my doorstep with no delays in about 2 weeks.
  5. True, but this precludes some information. Not exactly. Incorrect! I just picked up this beauty today to help round out my Atari, Inc. pre-1985 collection. I’d been looking for concrete proof of a 1984 Gremlins release for some time!
  6. Interesting! I’m quite certain the spelling is Exatron (unless they were dba something else in Canada). Regardless, I was under the impression that the stringy floppy and our favorite *wafer* nomenclature were one in the same. 😎
  7. I don’t think J-F was disputing anyone, but I do sense a slight communication breakdown. I also am aware that Exatron renamed the company to Entrepo, and I’ve seen a few of the “stringy floppy” drives on eBay over the years. I never bothered to purchase one, but I believe that their products were commissioned for Apple and Tandy. I recall seeing a drive with interfaces for at least one of these. Exatron article.
  8. Received!! Super excited and always pleased with the Opcode products and packaging. Thank you Team Opcode, and happy new year!
  9. I use a 4-foot 9-pin cable extension. Works perfectly! I just bundle the excess cable with some Velcro.
  10. The Retrotink is the best! See my write up here, and also see others’ terrific input at that thread.
  11. I guess you’ve never seen this? https://www.atari7800.org/museum/PressDoc1s.htm ...or this? ...or this? It’s discouraging to see misinformation passed along with all the available resources we have.
  12. I just have to bump this thread! I recently got a Cuttle Cart (CC2) and am now fortunate enough to play a great, previously-undiscovered variety of games. Pac-Man 320 is one of these! I had no idea what the *320* meant, but now I understand that it's a graphical mode. WOW! The screen is LARGE and scrolls up when you need to visit the upper half. I love having the choice of playing all of these Pac-Man varieties! Pac-Man 320 is a near-perfect arcade port, and I'm think this release deserves more love. See Trebor's video for inspiration! Are those colorful carts still available?
  13. I’m glad theVNAguy had the nerve to say something. The game mechanics are poor. The scanned in screenshots are oddly placed. I love CollectorVision and what they’re doing, so I will say no more. I will continue to support them, but I would request that “polish” in the form of an updated ROM (similar to how Mario Bros. Rev. B was re-released). I’m still stoked about the product and the club, so please don’t take this the wrong way.
  14. Thank you for releasing this. I copied it to my SD card today for a throwback 1982-like Thanksgiving experience. What a phenomenal game! Incredible graphics, wonderful arcade sound effects, great title screen, terrific gameplay... this is a contender for best release of 2019!
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